NXT UK Review: 12/5/19


Another Thursday, and another NXT UK episode is here!

We open up with Toni Storm! Yes!!!

Toni Storm opens up NXT UK

She will take on Killer Kelly and here we go! Bell rings and Kelly starts fast and aggressively!

Kelly goes for a huge knee strike, but it is caught by Toni, and she is trying to end it with Storm Zero but,

A counter by Killer who rolls her up for a two count! Kelly with some kicks but counter kick by Storm.

Storm Zero gets the pin and this one is over!

Post Match & comments

Toni grabs the mic and before she can say a word, Kay Lee Ray comes from behind.

She starts attacking her, but Nevin is now here and she makes the save.

Very quick match to start NXT UK, but just glad to see that Toni Storm is back.

I have a feeling Storm might turn heel and go after Nevin, and wow.

She just pushed Piper! They are both talking to each other aggressively, but no blows!

Kay Lee Ray’s title reign has not been every exciting, so Nevin winning it and facing Storm could make sense.

We are shown a backstage segment of Piper and Storm still discussing, my prediction can happen!

The Hunt on NXT UK

Wow, the Hunt is here! Haven’t seen them in the ring for a while! They are set to take on the Outliers.

This looks like a squash match, but let’s see how it goes.

Moss and Wild Boar are in the ring, and the Outlier with a huge shoulder tackle!

Mack tags in, and he tackles Boar as well.

The Outliers have been very cocky throughout the match, but they have been backing it up.

More trash talking by Mack, who picks up Boar and drops him with a back breaker!

He then locks in a huge bear hug, and he is just throwing Boar around like a drag doll.

The NXT UK cheers Boar up, who is able to get out of the submission, but gets a choke slam backbreaker from Mack.

Moss is beating up Boar, and the ref has to interfere, this allows a tag to Primate!

He is coming in with rights and lefts! Back body drop on Moss! Clothesline on Mack!

Boar is now in and an exploder suplex on Moss! Primate is on the top rope, driving head butt!

Wild Boar connects with a head butt and Primate with a third!

Both go back to the top rope and double headbutt, and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Wow, I was not expecting that at all!

What an interesting match, with a great story! The Americans being super cocky and dominant and,

The Hunt being the underdogs, fighting back and hitting several headbutts from the top to win.

This was fun, I think the Outliers can be a great tag team on NXT UK.

They create a lot of heat with their cockiness and trash talking.

Good win for The Hunt!

The Top Sports Entertainer of All Time is Here!

Jordan Devlin is here on NXT UK, and after his informative powerpoint presentation,

He is set to take on the up and coming A-Kid.

Match starts with a lot of back and forth, submission attempts, takedowns and counters.

This actually starts taking toll on Devlin, however he re-groups and starts to focus on the left knee of A-kid.

But here comes Tyler Bate! He is on the outside taking a closer look at the match.

Devlin is still targeting the knee, but he keeps getting distracted showing off to Bate.

This allows A-Kid to do a huge springboard DDT on Devlin! He goes to the top rope and,

A cross-body, and he follows up with a northern lights suplex for a two count!

A-Kid tries to stay on the attack, but he goes off the ropes and his knee slows him down.

The knee allows Devlin to hit a huge cutter for a two count! The Irish Ace keeps talking trash to Bate.

He goes for the Devil Inside but gets countered into a panama slam.

NXT UK Chants!

A-Kid goes to the top rope and moonsault! He lands hard on his knee, and that allows Devlin to take advantage.

Multiple kicks to the face and the Devil Inside, and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

This was a great and fun match. Devlin is one of the best on NXT UK.

A-Kid is also a super good young talent, he has a bright future.

The Irish Ace almost stared at Bate the entire time he was on the outside.

Well told story! I really can’t wait for their match. That could be a MOTY candidate.

Triple Threat Match

Here we go, I hope they give a lot of time to this match!

Travis Banks vs Ligero vs Joseph Connors!

Match starts and both Ligero and Banks go after Connors!

Multiple Chop and kick parade by both Ligero and Banks, and they super kick Connors out of the ring.

Back to some back and forth, multiple roll-ups and counters by Banks and Ligero!

Same story as last time, but Connors comes in and almost steals a double pin!

Ligero starts connecting with a lot of offense, even a huge enziguri and a double stunner!

He goes for the pin, but Connors counters with a springboard DDT! Banks goes for a kick but,

Connors catches it, drops him and connects with a double neck snap! He then starts striking away,

At Banks in the corner, and sets him up on the top rope. Superplex attempt, but Travis,

Drops Connors, and the Ligero goes to the top rope and throws Banks on to Joseph!

All three superstars are down!

Banks gets up first and goes to the top rope and Slice of Heaven on Connors!

He goes for the kiwi crusher, but Ligero comes in with a splash! He goes for the C4L and he connects.

Connors is back up and he hits the Don’t look down, 1, 2, and a double stump by Travis to break it up!

What a match!

Chop exchange by Ligero and Banks, Travis goes for the Slice of Heaven, but Connors interferes.

Banks comes from behind, goes for the Kiwi Crusher but a counter by Joseph, Don’t look Down!

And this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

That was amazing! What a match! I hope this feud keeps going.

All three superstars can definitely steal a Takeover show if they are given the opportunity.

I knew Connors would win, as he seems to be getting a push, but man, was it close.

This match was so fun, if you did not match the show, you should go back and look at this match.

The chemistry between all three superstars is incredible.

By far, this has been the best match of the entire week!

NXT UK Negotiation table

Joe Coffey and Walter head down to the ring for an NXT UK negotiation table of power.


“We are not sitting, we are going to negotiate terms right now!”

“If you want to continue walking down this path, you and your boys are going to get hurt!”


“Stop talking, what are your terms?”


“I want the WWE NXT UK Championship!”


“Well, big surprise, I don’t step back from any challenge, but nothing is for free.”

“What do I get in return?”

“I want Wolfgang and your brother, to defend their title…..”




“I am not done, I want Ilja and Wolfe in a fight, in a no DQ match as well!”

“No Ilja, no deal!”

Ilja Dragunov is now coming to the ring

Dragunov: “Make.. The..Agreement!”

It is official, next week on NXT UK, Gallus will defend the titles vs Imperium.

In a future date, Alexander Wolfe will take on Ilja Dragunov in a No DQ Match.

And, at NXT UK Blackpool II, Joe Coffey will take on Walter, for the NXT UK Championship.


“Ilja Dragunov, you should made a really bad decision, maybe the…

From under the ring, it’s Alexander Wolfe, and now Imperium is here!

They are all taking out Dragunov!

Wolfe sets him up and power bombs him through the table!

Post Match & Comments

Three huge matches have been announced for the next upcoming weeks!

Joe Coffey vs Walter at Takeover will definitely be one of the highlights of that show!

I am very excited about the three matches, who will end up being the superior faction?

It all starts next week!

Gallus vs Imperium, for the NXT UK Tag Titles!

Bring it on!

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