Cavaliers to Listen to Kevin Love Trade Offers


Amid some “coaching issues” and a rough start to the season, Cavalier fans may receive some more bad news. According to Adrian Wojnowarski, Cleveland is now listening to offers for their all-star forward, Kevin Love.

These rumors have swirled, basically since he arrived in Cleveland, but now it isn’t so much of a rumor. If they do move him, where will he end up?

There isn’t as much of a market for Kevin Love now, as there was years ago. The Cavs are likely looking to get expiring contracts, draft picks, and young players. There are a few teams that come to mind who may be good fits for a trade partner.

Trade Scenarios

1. Denver Nuggets

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The Denver Nuggets are a top team in the Western Conference, but could use a little more star power. A team with a ton of depth, they’re looking to take that next step and Kevin Love could be a good asset for them. The best player the Cavs could possibly get, would be a player they passed up on in the 2018 draft, in Michael Porter Jr. He’s a young player who may have superstar potential with his scoring ability and comparison to Kevin Durant. He might be a little too much to ask for, but the Nuggets haven’t utilized him much this season.

Cleveland will be looking for a guy like him and a protected first round pick in return for Kevin Love. But, if I had to guess, this is one of the lesser likely scenarios.

2. Phoenix Suns

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This may be the best fit for Kevin Love, but the question is how much Cleveland can get in return. I’ve heard Tyler Johnson‘s name flying around in these rumors as a salary match with Love’s contract. Johnson is nowhere near the player that Love is and it’s going to take a lot more than him to complete a trade. Koby Altman, Cavaliers GM, has proven that he likes to take on expiring contracts along with first round picks. If the Suns are willing to give an unprotected first with Tyler Johnson, there may just be a chance.

3. Portland Trail Blazers

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I’m sure that even if they don’t make a deal, the Blazers will offer a trade for Kevin Love. His hometown team is struggling right now and could use him dearly. Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum and Kevin Love would be a lethal trio. The Blazers are struggling with injuries holding them back this season. It could be a risk to trade for him considering his injury history, but it may be one they’re willing to take. The Blazers don’t have a ton to offer and with how good they’ve been in the past, their picks might not be worth much. There could be a third team involved in the trade if it were to happen.

4. Utah Jazz

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The Jazz have more solid players to offer the Cavaliers than most teams do. Three names circulating with them are Dante Exum, Bojan Bogdanovic and Ed Davis. The Jazz are another struggling team in the west, but could create a stellar starting lineup by adding Kevin Love to a team that already has three all star caliber players. If the Jazz were to add in a first round pick, or two, they might have a deal.

5. Brooklyn Nets

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This one might be a long shot, and a bit unrealistic, but there is a chance Love is reunited with a former teammate in Kyrie Irving. The Nets aren’t necessarily struggling, but they could use Love’s presence to surmount to wins while Kevin Durant remains out for the season. Already a very deep team, the Nets may not try too hard to make a deal, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t try. The Nets could be offering players like Jarrett Allen, DeAndre Jordan or Spencer Dinwiddie. We could also see a return of Joe Harris to Cleveland. I’m not too sure how willing Brooklyn will be to trade first round picks, though.

6. Boston Celtics

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The last rumored team to be willing to trade for Love is the Celtics. A team with many young players may be willing to give one away for an established veteran. I’ve seen Gordon Hayward‘s name being thrown around, but I honestly don’t think the Cavs will want anything to do with him unless they’re getting multiple first rounders. I don’t see the Celtics traded one of their core young guys like Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown, so I don’t know how likely this trade scenario will be.

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