NXT Review: 12/4/19


We are back with another episode of NXT, and Mauro Ranallo is back on the commentary table.

Killian Dane vs Pete Dunne to open NXT

Someone is inside the ring, and it looks like it is Killian Dane, he is calling anyone out to face him.Here comes Pete Dunne, and we are going to have a match!

Match starts with both competitors going at each other, with Pete Dunne getting the advantage.

He is targeting the limbs of Dane, he is going for the fingers early on, but Killian counters,

With a huge cross-body and a senton to take command of the match.

After dishing out a lot of punishment and locking in several submission holds,

Pete finally counters, and connects with an enziguri! He goes to the top and lands a drop-kick!

Dane tries to counter with a pump kick, but Dunne ducks it and hits a German suplex for a two count.

Killian needs to re-group and he goes to the outside, Dunne goes after him, but lands hard on his knee.

This allows Dane to land a tope to the outside, as we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break

Back from break and both competitors are down! We are shown a replay of Dane focusing on Dunne’s knee!

The Cruiserweight goes to the top, and hits a tornado DDT, he stomps the fingers, kick to the head.

He goes for the pin! 1, 2, noo!

Dane once again goes to the outside to re-group, and Dunne is going to the top rope, and Moonsault!

We get some NXT Chants!

Dunne goes back in the ring to stop the count, and Killian counters with a huge drop onto the map!

He follows up with a senton, places Pete on the steel steps and a Belfast Blitz!

Back in the ring, Dane wants to finish this, he is going for the Vader Bomb!

Counter by Pete! Who locks in the Triangle and he has the fingers! Dane picks him up.

Lands a huge powerbomb! He is going back to the top for another Vader bomb attempt.

Dunne is back on his feet, he catches Dane on the top rope and locks in a sleeper, but Dane falls on top of him!

1, 2, 3! This match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Great match with a strange ending, but when those two get in the ring, it is a battle.

I still feel that the commercial breaks take away from the matches, but both of them did a good job!

Good back and forth, with a lot of high impact moves! Love the history they have together.

No Damien Priest!

Not happy with Dunne losing, but I guess if he is going to lose a match, it’s against Dane.

If Dane is going after Priest, who is Dunne’s next opponent?

Cole, Kyle and Strong are here!


“The Undisputed Era had a November to remember, we took over Raw and Smackdown!”

“The month is over, but the year of the prophecy has only just begun!”

“We are the iron men of NXT, and how do they repay us? They injure Bobby’s neck!”

“How about Keith Lee pouncing me into the crowd like I am a rag doll!”

“I am not a rag doll, I am your NXT Champion and I demand some respect!”

“Balor, I need answers, why did you turn your back on us? We demand you come out now!”

Bask in his Glory!

Keith Lee is coming to the ring!


“Undisputed Era, I am a moment maker, but I am also a game changer too!”

“While you are there with all the gold, I did turn your NXT Champion into one of the best GIFs on the internet!”

“I am also victorious against you at War Games, and I am deciding which championship I should take first.”


“I have an idea, how about we make a moment right here, right now!”

Keith Lee attacks Undisputed Era, and he is taking all of them out!

He just cleared the ring!

Cole is trying to escape, and here comes Ciampa, he takes him out, and the UE has to run away!

Looks like Cole forgot his NXT Championship, and now Ciampa is looking at Goldie!

Xia Li Challenges the NXT Women’s Champion

The match starts with Xia Li getting the best of Baszler, even going for a variation of the Coquina Clutch!

Li lands a tornado kick, that makes Shayna roll to the outside!

She grabs Xia’s arm and slams it on the ropes, and the tables have been turned!

The NXT Champ is focusing on the arm, and is in full control, but Li counters with a huge kick.

She goes on a fury of strikes and kicks, but this angers Baszler who picks her up and sets her on the top rope!

She is going for a gut-wrench power bomb, but that is countered.

Li lands a power bomb of her own! She goes for a super kick, but Shayna ducks and locks in the Coquina Clutch.

This one is over!

Post Match & Comments

Xia Li has been looking very impressive as of late, and you could tell in this match.

Obviously, she was no match for the Queen of Spades on this one.

Very quick match, with no Rhea Ripley showing up.

She does have a match against Dakota, so I guess that’s why there was no run-in action.

NXT is Forgotten

The Forgotten Sons are here and they will face EVOLVE wrestlers Adrian Alantis and Leon Ruff.

This looks like the makings of a squash match, let’s hope it’s not.

Cutler and Blake start dominating!

Psycho knee and a German suplex by Cutler, Blake tags in, tandem offense and this one is over!

Post Match & Comments

Well, that was fast! Just to add to the attack, Ryker lands a huge choke slam to the outside!

I understand what squash matches are about, but you are on NXT, no need for those.

I’d rather give those 5-8 extra minutes to this next match!

Rhea vs Kai

This is my brutality! Here comes Rhea and she has a mic:

“The way that you set us up at War Games is very clever, but the funny thing is:”

“Right now!”

Mia Yim’s music hits, this is a setup of their own!

Yim is now taking down Dakota Kai! They are going at it!

Yim has the advantage, and lands a huge boot to the face of Dakota, who drops to the outside!

Rhea picks her up and sends her back in! Mia is kicking away at Kai!

Dakota quickly rolls to the outside, Yim goes after her, and we have chaos!

She is using the guard rails and slamming Kai down! They are now going to the back!

Rhea is left smiling and…

Shayna’s music hits!

She is coming down with Shafir and Duke! Here we go!

All of them are attacking Rhea, but she is fighting them off!

However, the numbers game is too much, and Baszler locks in the Coquina Clutch!

Rhea is crawling to the ropes, she has Shayna on her back and gets out!

Shafir and Duke distract Rhea, and Baszler locks in the clutch once again!

Ripley is trying to fight out, but they all gang up on her, and she ends up passing out!

Shayna grabs the mic:

“On the December 18th, you wanted an NXT title match, well I do too, and you are getting it!”

The Wrestling Genius has come to NXT

Kassius Ohno is looking for a fight and wants to give us a preview of Worlds Collide!

Who will accept his challenge?


Here comes Matt Riddle! He is 3-0 against Ohno, let’s see what happens tonight!

A lot of back and forth, submission attempts and holds, to start the match!

Ohno has the advantage with a submission hold, but Riddle counters with a huge German suplex.

He starts following up with Bro kicks, and a huge knee to the face!

Commercial Break

Back from break and Riddle is hammering away at Ohno with Bro kicks!

Kassius counters with a huge kick! He starts firing away with strikes in the corner and locks in another submission hold.

The King of Bros tries to counter by locking in a leg scissor, but he gets slammed down!

Riddle tries to counter, and hits a huge knee, and is going for the chop combo fest!

Bro to sleep! Powerbomb, final flash and the floating Bro! 1, 2, nooo!

Out of nowhere, Ohno lands a huge right hand and follows up with a suplex!

We get a lot of backs and forth counters, but Riddle manages to hit a huge knee.

Follows up with the Broderek and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

If you haven’t seen a Kassius Ohno match, this is what you would expect.

A lot of submission moves and technical wrestling! Good match!

The match itself was very enjoyable, but Ohno has been on a very good streak on NXT UK.

It is unfortunate to see him come back to NXT and take a loss.

Besides, he had already lost three matches to Riddle, why add another?

On a side note, it is always very entertaining to see Matt Riddle in the ring.

Good props to both wrestlers, for a solid match.

Kushida: Welcome Back to NXT

On his return, Kushida is set to take on Raul Mendoza! This is going to be an exciting match!

However, out of nowhere, Cameron Grimes comes out and takes out Raul!

He just challenged Kushida, and it looks like this is going to happen!

Oh man…

The match starts and Kushida is not wasting any time, he is fired up! He knocks Grimes to the outside!

He goes to the top rope and flips onto Cameron!

Back in the ring, and Kushida locks in the octopus! However, Grimes is able to reach the ropes!

Off the ropes, handspring elbow attempt by Kushida but he is caught and a German suplex by Grimes.

Superman punch and he is going for another German, but it is countered into a pin attempt!

1, 2, 3 and Kushida wins his return match to NXT!

Post Match & Comments

To be honest, I would have rather seen Raul Mendoza vs Kushida!

This match was ok, Kushida looked great, his high flying, technical self.

I am still lost with what they want to do with Grimes, but he does have some talent.

Overall, it was a very fast match, but I am just glad Kushida is back!

Six-Man Tag Main Event

The Undisputed Era will take on the team of Keith Lee, Ciampa and Dijakovic.

There are about 15 to 18 minutes left, so this could be a good one!

The match starts with the faces in complete control Ciampa and Dijakovic having their way with UE.

Dominik is looking very impressive, he picks up Kyle with a powerslam and starts using him, as a weapon.

He takes out Strong and Cole, and we go to commercial break.

(Very bad timing by the way)

Commercial Break

Back from break and Strong is in control, however, we are shown a replay of a double chokeslam by Dijakovic that happened during the break.

Roderick is talking some trash, that allows Dominik to land a huge lariat and tag in Ciampa!

He is now taking everyone out! He is on fire! Belly to Belly suplex on Kyle.

Knee to the face to Strong, DDT to Cole and Project Ciampa on O’Riley!

1, 2, nooo! He is now going for the fairy tale ending, but Kyle hops over, and we get the blind tag.

Strong comes in with the jumping knee, and they hit the high-low. 1, 2, but Dijakovic makes the save!

Super smash tag-team combo on Dijakovic, and a huge double knee by Strong on Ciampa, but

He counters with a dropkick and both men are down, and both make the tag!

Cole and Lee are now in!

Keith Lee with a huge pounce and a clothesline to take out the NXT Champ!

All the Undisputed Era members are on the outside trying to re-group but Lee follows them and,

A double shoulder tackle, and out of nowhere, Dijakovic goes to the top and hits a


Kyle is now headed to the top rope, but Dijakovic stops him, he is thinking high risk.

Cole makes the save, and out of nowhere, IT’S FINN BALOR!

He kicks Cole into the referee, and is now going after Ciampa! 1960!

Balor is measuring up Cole! But Lee is behind him and grabs his throat!

Lee comes in and spirit bomb on Finn!

However, he forgot about Cole, who hits a superkick! He takes off his knee brace.

Last Shot!! But no! JackHammer by Lee! 1, 2, 3!

What a win!

Post Match & Comments

Keith Lee just pinned Adam Cole! What a moment! What a match.

This was a great main event, those commercials really steal a lot from the action.

I know you can watch the picture by picture, but it’s not the same.

Wow, William Regal just came out:

“Gentlemen, on December the 18th, Adam Cole will defend his NXT Championship!”

“Next week, we will determine his challenger: Balor vs Ciampa vs Lee in a triple threat match!”

Oh my! Things picked up very fast! What a match we are going to get next week!

Yes! Sign me up!

I was just going to say that this was the first NXT episode that I hadn’t been that excited about.

But my, how an announcement and some shenanigans can change your mind in a second.

Overall it was a more than okay show, I think the commercials took a lot away from the matches.

I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t the best! Until next week, thanks again for stopping by!

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