Are the Odell Beckham Jr. rumors true?


Here we will take a look at what has been going on with Odell Beckham Jr. and the rumors swirling about him the past few weeks. Most of the rumors are centering around his supposed unhappiness in Cleveland. Also, he has been dealing with multiple injuries. We will take a look at how the past, present, and future look for what has gone on.

The arrival of Odell to Cleveland

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John Dorsey was able to pull off the trade this past offseason that no one thought was possible. Most analysts thought it would be foolish of the Giants to trade Odell. He just signed a massive contract extension last season. The trade that went down involved four players in total. Cleveland received Odell and Olivier Vernon. The Giants got Kevin Zeitler and Jabrill Peppers. New York also took a large-cap hit for this trade in dead money. Trading a player that soon after signing them to an extension carries a lofty penalty.

Once Odell got to Cleveland, he was reunited with his long-time best friend, Jarvis Landry. Jarvis was acquired in trade the year before from the Dolphins for draft picks. The two best friends were now back on the same team. It was going to be just like they were back in college at LSU. What made this even better is that their wide receiver coach was already in place on the Cleveland staff. As a result of this trade, the Browns became the “IT” team of the offseason. Everyone was talking about them.

Getting into the season

odell baker jarvis
Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham Jr., and Baker Mayfield

Odell was taking a lot of questions in pre-season about not being at OTA’s after the trade happened. Coach Freddie Kitchens and GM John Dorsey were informed of what Odell’s plans were for the offseason and seemed to be okay with that. Most of us fans were hoping that Odell would get this early work with Baker Mayfield and start to build the chemistry that would be needed. This was not going to be the case.

The season did not start out like the Browns had wanted or what some media outlets were saying. The missed time during preseason and not playing any live snaps reared its head in the first game. Baker and Odell were not on the same page, and it was a struggle to get him the ball. The Titans came in a laid a whoppin’ on the young team. The local beat writers jump on this narrative right away in blaming the lack of playing time together. Odell was also battling some nagging leg injuries at the beginning of the season, as well. This was causing problems with practicing during the week.

Odell’s frustration begins to rise

With the exception of the game against the Jets, where he had his best game of the year, he has been rather quiet. The Browns offense has had problems most of the year with getting him the ball. Odell has suffered one of his worst years so far with a long stint without a 100-yard game.

Also, he had the longest stint of going scoreless in his career at seven games. He was able to break both of those streaks when the Browns played Dolphins. At this point, Odell had been battling a sore groin for weeks now.

OBJ leaving the field looking frustrated

After another lackluster game against the Pittsburgh Steelers just last week, frustration was coming back. During the week leading up to the Cincinnati Bengals game, reports were starting to surface that Odell was unhappy in Cleveland and wanted to leave. The beat writers jumped on this story, and when the players had media availability on Thursday, he was asked multiple questions regarding his future here. This was just the start of more craziness to come.

What came out on Sunday

OBJ before the game against the Bengals

While the pregame show on Fox was airing, there was a report by Jay Glazer saying he had reliable information that Odell is unhappy and has been talking to friends around the league. The Browns were going against the one win Bengals and one of the worst defenses in football. I’m sure Freddie and the offense were hoping to have a great day and get an easy win. This was far from the truth of what happened on the field. Odell had another rough day with only two catches for 39 yards. He was able to draw a crucial pass interference penalty that negated Baker from having his third pick of the game. But in the end, it was not the day that was expected.

After the game was over, the media all flocked to the locker of Odell Beckham Jr. He would only answer questions about the game and told them that he would not talk about the offseason. What also came out Sunday before the game was that Odell has been battling a sports hernia injury. He has supposedly had this injury since the preseason and has been playing through it. That could explain the lack of explosiveness that Beckham Jr. has seemed to have this year. We will see how this plays out in weeks to come.

What about the offseason?

There is not much that Odell can do. He is still under contract for at least two more years. The only way he would get out of Cleveland is if John Dorsey decided it was better to trade him. If the Browns went down this path, it could be more damage than help.

At the end of the day, Freddie Kitchens needs to figure out how to get more consistency in the passing game and get more explosive plays in the air. Winning can cure a lot of things in the NFL, but the best the Browns can finish this year is 9-7. That does not even guarantee the playoffs because they also need help from other teams.

1st press conference for OBJ as a Brown

We will ultimately have to wait and see what happens, but if the Browns can finish strong, that will help to head into the offseason. One thing is for certain. If Odell has a sports hernia, he will need to get that taken care of and get healthy for the 2020 season. Hopefully, the Browns will be back at full strength when Myles Garrett gets reinstated. Dorsey needs to sure up a couple of positions on both sides of the ball. If the Browns can do that, then 2020 can be the magical run we fans have been hoping for. As fans, we love Odell being a Brown and want it to continue that way.

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