BREAKING: Strasburg in Washington, 7 Years and $245 Million

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Well, ladies and gentlemen, there is one MLB Free Agent that is off the table for a while. While many teams coveted Stephen Strasburg, he chose to stay with the Washington Nationals. The 2019 World Series MVP signed a seven-year contract for $245 million. He will earn, on average, $35 million a year.

This may seem surprising move to a lot of fans, considering Strasburg opted out of his contract after the postseason. Apparently, it was all smoke as he will be playing for the reigning World Series Champs for a few more years. Welcome news to Nationals fans who still hope to fight in their highly contested division. This contract is a record-setter for pitchers in the MLB but could be broken with Gerrit Cole on the market.

Closer Look at Strasburg

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2019 was quite a year for Strasburg, having one of the best years he has had since coming into the Bigs in 2009. He had an ERA of 3.32, a career-high 18 wins and only six losses, and a career-high 251 strikeouts. Not to mention, during the playoffs, he didn’t lose a single game, not even during the World Series. He had a 2.51 ERA through the World Series and 14 strikeouts. It is easy to see why he was coveted by teams in need of a solid pitcher.

With Strasburg off the board, there are plenty of players still to choose from the free-agent pool. Madison Bumgarner is still looking for a team to take him. Not to mention, Gerrit Cole is heavily sought after by the Angels and the Yankees. Anthony Rendon from the Nationals is a free agent this year also. It seems that now, after the Strasburg deal, it is unlikely he will be staying in Washington.

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