Marcus Smart Confrontation with a Heckling Nuggets Fan

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On November 22nd, the Denver Nuggets hosted the Celtics at Pepsi Center, when a fan told Marcus Smart to “Get on your knees”.

What Happened?

Marcus Smart was diving for a loose ball in the game against the Nuggets. After he dove for the ball, he got his ankle stuck in a chair, so it took him a while to get up. While Smart was on the floor a fan yelled: “That’s right, stay on the ground, get on your knees.” 

Smart did not take kindly to the comment and responded with “Listen, just watch the game”. 

What did the Pepsi Center do for Marcus Smart?

Smart complained to the security guards on the court and pointed out the fan. He told the guards that the comment was inappropriate and broke the NBA’s Fan Code of Conduct. Smart said, “They just looked at him and didn’t even say anything”. Marcus Smart believes if he were a superstar, they would have done something about it. Smart believes that fans should not get away with acts like that, no matter what level of player it is.

What Smart Believes Should Happen

He says he wishes the player could “retaliate”, but he knows that will just make everything worse. The NBA should fix the issue of offensive fans. Smart warns “We’re going to end up protecting ourselves”. Smart is fed up with the way fans have been treating him, and how the league has dealt with it.


Fans should respect the players, they are putting on a show for us. They play the game to entertain the fans, not to be yelled at by them. If you are at a game just watch and don’t try to pick a fight with a player.

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