Bill Belichick: Reunion in The Big Apple?

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The writing is on the wall, and it seems to perfect a story. Could Bill Belichick be back in New York in 2020?

In 2000, after resigning as head coach of the New York Jets — amid ownership flux — the Patriots swooped in and handed full control of the team to Bill Belichick. Even the ardent fan couldn’t envision what came next. The 199th overall pick in the 2000 NFL Draft, someone even Belichick passed on multiple times, became the best quarterback of all-time. Tom Brady and Belichick became the best head coach/quarterback duo ever. This also became the best run ever in NFL history.

Now, Belichick and Brady are both frustrated. Things aren’t going to end well in New England. Belichick may want to get the “can’t win without Brady” monkey off his back.

With all of this happening, some foresee a Brady retirement and Belichick wanting to continue in New England without Brady. However, there is one other place to go…the New York Giants.

Current Giants owner John Mara was 25 years old and not a part of the organization when Ray Perkins hired Belichick as an assistant. Still, he was certainly around the team when they won the two Super Bowls after Belichick became the defensive coordinator. With the Giants in a state of turmoil, this would be a perfect reunion, of sorts.

It seems to be perfect also in that they could be firing both their general manager and head coach at the end of the season. That would be the only way he goes to the Giants, with full control. Those combined with Daniel Jones could be just the reason to leave New England.

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