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Jose Aldo v Marlon Moraes Preview.

Fate or hunger? Jose Aldo tries to get back his championship legacy by moving down to Bantamweight. He’ll fight #1 Contender Marlon Moraes this weekend at UFC 245, as Moraes hopes to recover for the championship fight hangover he had last July against Henry Cejudo. Both fighters are coming off of losses and look to make noise in the Bantamweight division. This fight will either prove Jose Aldo still has what it takes to be a champion and if Marlon is ready to bounce back in a loud fashion.

Let’s dive into it:

Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo is one of the most successful MMA fighters of all time, with 7 title defenses in the UFC under his record. He is 2-1 since 2018, as he hopes to find new horizons in a new division. People often forget how great he is/was after a few bad losses, all fighters have their cold stint. Aldo has 44% striking accuracy in the UFC with 3.45 significant strikes landed per minute, this trumps Marlons 35% striking accuracy and 3.23 significant strikes landed per minute. Aldo is scary with his technique and power for a featherweight but how will that hold up going down in weight, Marlon is known for power as he has finished 45% of his fights by knockout.

We have seen fighters pay the price and have success moving down and Jose Aldo seems like one to do the latter. The only thing to worry about is weight cutting. Aldo had a hard time making 145 so an extra 10 pounds could be scary for the Brazilian. Jose is a hard fighter to put away and to take down, he is going to make Marlon work, with a 93% takedown defense percentage and been only finished 3 times in his career. This matchup is great and should cause a stir up in the already fast-growing, exciting, and young Bantamweight division. Aldo has to be wary of the dangers Marlon possesses but Aldo has the experience and has over 6 more minutes of average octagon time than Moraes.

Marlon Moraes

Marlon is 4-2 in the UFC and a former WSOF Bantamweight champion, he has 3 performances of the night under his belt and hopes to add to another one as he fights an ex-champion. This is one of his biggest tests, and he hopes to prove to people that he belongs at the top and that he deserves a crack at the title once more. Marlon out-struck his last opponent in Henry Cejudo, and has all the assets to put Aldo down.

The Bantamweight division became quietly one of the most interesting and entertaining divisions in the UFC. Old Champions such as Faber, Aldo, and Frankie Edgar joining the reigns. On the other side, there are the contenders Sterling, Moraes, and Sandhagen. So many great matchups to make and fun fights to see out of the 135ers, even with Cody and Dominick on the sidelines, the fights could become great ones. Needless to say, I do not see this fight going to distance so look for a good fight with two fighters who need this win desperately.

Be sure to tune in on December 15th as this will be fireworks.

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