NFL Power Rankings: The Stretch Run

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The NFL and the NFL Power Rankings are hitting the stretch run. With that being the case we have no middle of the pack. If you are not trying to crash the party then you are on life support. Here is where we stand in the NFL Power Rankings after Week 14.

Power Ten

1. Baltimore Ravens(11-2) – The Ravens defense led the way Sunday. They are now the outright Super Bowl favorites. They are screwed. 

2. San Francisco 49ers(11-2) – In what could qualify as the game of the year, the 49ers hang on to spot number two with a last-second win against the Saints. The problem? They gave up a rushing touchdown to an ‘old-guy.’

3. New Orleans Saints(10-3) – Drew Bress scores rushing touchdown. Do you really need anything else to know the Saints vs. 49ers was a crazy game? Even with the loss, they move up a spot.

4. Seattle Seahawks(10-3) – The Seahawks lose to the Rams and take a step back in the Rankings. You can’t live on Russell Wilson alone. 

5. New England Patriots(10-3) – Welcome to the NFL every other team has been playing in for years. You know, the one where the refs screw up calls weekly.

6. Green Bay Packers(10-3) – The Packers let the Redskins back into the game but seal the win.

7. Buffalo Bills (9-4) – The Bills went toe to toe with the team considered the best in the NFL. They deserve some respect.

8. Minnesota Vikings(9-4) – The Vikings have turned around a season that looked like it was going off the rails at one point. Kirk Cousins continues to play better than ever. How do you like that!!

9. Kansas City Chiefs(9-4) – The Chiefs seem to be rounding in to form as the playoffs get closer. They still have Andy Reid as there head coach, so good luck in the playoffs

10. Tennessee Titans(8-5) – The hottest team and quarterback in the NFL outside Baltimore. I bet all you ‘experts’ expected that. Just don’t look at any of the old Power Rankings.

Trying to Crash the Party

11. Los Angeles Rams(8-5) – The Rams are out to prove they can still play with the big boys. Still can’t get over what they paid Jared Goff. I mean, do they really think he is good?

12. Pittsburgh Steelers(8-5) – How in the absolute hell this team is 8-5 is beyond me. Mike Tomlin may have just sealed 30 more years as coach of the Steelers. Freaking Devlin ‘Duck’ Hodges, just amazing.

13. Houston Texans(8-5) – The rollercoaster ride this team is on is crazy. Beat the Patriots then can’t get up for the Broncos? Bill O’Brien, everybody.

14. Chicago Bears(7-6) – The Bears are handling business down the stretch. Has Mitch recovered from his early-season woes? Nah, the teams they played just suck.

The NFC East is special

15. Philadelphia Eagles(6-7) – If it weren’t for those mighty Dolphins we would be in first. Good thing the Cowboys suck just as much.

16. Dallas Cowboys(6-7) – Jerry PLEASE!!!! Fire Jason Garrett before Dak and the rest of this team are in complete ruin. This will be on here until they fire Garrett or he wins a Super…sorry started laughing too hard. (It’s probably too late but I said it would stay)

On Life Support

17. Oakland Raiders(6-7)Reality bites and the Raiders have received a big dose over the last two weeks.

18. Cleveland Browns(6-7) – The Browns continue to give desperate Browns fan hope for the playoffs. Wouldnt that be something if the hottest offseason pick on the planet somehow miracles into the Playoffs. Maybe OBJ would actually be happy?

19. Indianapolis Colts(6-7) – The Colts have taken a tumble this year. They are still in the hunt but need help. Colts fans can now officially hate Andrew Luck again.

Playing out the String

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(6-7) – Jameis Winston is something to behold right now. Four touchdowns and three interceptions in one game and win the game, wow.

21. Denver Broncos(5-8) – Drew Lock is God’s gift to the quarterback position and will take it to new heights in the years to come. What? I thought you were supposed to overreact to great performances by rookie quarterbacks.

22. Los Angeles Chargers(5-8) – Philip Rivers is old and can’t be a great quarterback anymore. Is there anything else to talk about right now?

23. New York Jets(5-8) – Guess who became the first team to lose twice in a season to teams with 0-7 records or worse? Did I give it away? You still have Sam Darnold, NY.

24. Carolina Panthers(5-8) – The talk was Cam or Kyle for half the year. Now it could be neither and whole new coaching staff. Things have gone downhill fast in Carolina.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars(4-9) – Minshew mania resurfaced but the Jags get the same result. Will it all get blown up in Jacksonville?

26. Atlanta Falcons(4-9) – The Falcons pick up win number four in a lost season.

NFL Power Rankings Race for Number One

NFL Power Rankings

27. Arizona Cardinals(3-9-1) – Back to back terrible games by Kyler Murray must mean he is not as good as we thought. The Cardinals will be searching for another quarterback this offseason now. I think I am getting this whole overreaction thing down.

28. Detroit Lions(3-9-1) – The Lions have just been awful since losing Matt Stafford. Will one more offseason of Matt Patricia and a healthy Matt Stafford change the losing way next year?

29. Miami Dolphins(3-10) – The plan the Dolphins had have not gone to complete perfection, but they will still pick high and often. Coach Flores has done a fantastic job this season.

30. Washington Redskins(3-10) – Does anyone trust this group to make the right decisions going forward? While Dwayne Haskins has shown promise, he fell into their lap. NOTHING else this front office has done screams competent. The rumblings should be loud.

31. NY Giants(2-11) – This team is a royal mess, and it all must go. Can you really trust Dave Gettleman to hire another coach? Or does Daniel Jones playing well save Gettleman’s job?

32. Cincinnati Bengals(1-12) – The Bengals get back to their losing ways against the Browns. Continue to hold on to that number one pick and the NFL Power Rankings last spot.

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