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Welcome wrestling fans, to the first-ever OTH Wrestling Fans segment! A place where wrestling fans get to share their stories and fandom with all of us.

For our opening piece, we have the pleasure of meeting Steve Signore from Old Saybrook, Connecticut.

A proud owner of a 9 rounds kick-box fitness gym, which he ventured into because of his passion for wrestling.

“I had a fantasy that it could bring me closer to mimicking my favorite wrestlers while kicking and punching.”

Better known to his followers as WrestleSketcher, he has been a wrestling fan his entire life.

A terrific artist, he sketches wrestlers every single week in order to clear his mind and escape from the business world.

He had abandoned this talent for almost 25 years, but thankfully he went back on the right path.

He is also a contributor to a wrestling Podcast called AWIPOD, with his friends Erica and Brent.

If you haven’t listened to them yet, you are missing out.

How Steve Became a Wrestling Fan

Steve started to watch wrestling around 1984, his first memory was Hogan pinning the Iron Sheik.

“After that match, I was hooked, I became a Hulkamaniac on the spot!”

He remembers his mom bringing him to the New Haven Coliseum on many occasions to watch Hogan wrestle.

“The show that stuck out the most for me was the Piper’s Pit where Andre the Giant encountered Hogan!”

The main event that evening was Hulk Hogan Vs Hercules, so he did get to watch more of his favorite wrestler.

Steve did not have the best of communications with his father while growing up, but the one thing that they always bonded over was the WWF.

“We would watch the PPVs through the lines, only to watch the recorded copy weeks later!”

“I remember we watched Hogan slam Andre, sweaty palms and all!”

His dad however, was not the only member of the family that enjoyed the WWF with Steve, 

“My brother Marc and I were huge on the Hollywood Blondes, Austin and Pillman and,

When the Ringmaster debuted in the WWE we put our hands on the TV screen when Austin said to touch it!”

“To this day, I try to hold back the happy tears whenever Stone Cold gets a rare cameo pop!”

Yes, Stone Cold Steve Austin is his favorite wrestler of all time.

His Re-Connection with Wrestling

Unfortunately, wrestling faded for Steve for a few years, but it was thanks to his son, that they both fell back in love with the sport.

“We had a devastating hurricane that left us with no electricity, so we would perform Royal Rumbles with his figures all day!”

However, once C.M Punk left WWE, his son stopped paying attention, but not Steve, he was hooked!

Not because of what was happening on TV at the moment, but because of a wrestling group formed by his friend John Crigger.

“I met some of my best friends in that group, shoutout to Ben, Marky, Brent and John!”

Opinion on the Current State of Wrestling

Steve believes there is too much wrestling nowadays. (I disagree!!)

“The amount of programming WWE puts out each week is tough to digest. I’m a fan of a simple storyline!”

NXT and NWA Powerr have become his go to shows, he even had the opportunity to attend his first-ever Takeover at Bridgeport.

His current favorite wrestlers are:

  • Io Shirai – “She might be my favorite women wrestler, ever!”
  • Revival 
  • Aaron Stevens – “ I love the way he tells a story in the ring despite the comedy, he is brilliant!”
  • Killer Kross – “I am very intrigued by him overall!”
  • The Fiend – “What can you say about Bray Wyatt and the Firefly Fun House that hasn’t been said?”

And his favorite matches are:

  • Wrestlemania 3: Hogan vs Andre
  • Wrestlemania: Austin vs Bret Hart
  • MITB: CM Punk vs John Cena
  • Takeover: Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Takeover: Bayley vs Sasha Banks

He also shares with us going to one of the first pilot episodes of Smackdown in New Haven:

“Austin blew the roof of at the end of the show, it was incredible!” 

Seeing Shane McMahon diving onto the announcer table onto A.J. Styles on Smackdown.

“I think I’ve seen my good share of live events, but there is still one missing, and it is on my bucket list: WM!”

However, his favorite moment of all time was taking his son to his first ever wrestling event and getting to see Zack Ryder!

His Hobby and Passion

Sketching has become an addiction to him nowadays, and the support of the wrestling community has been a big boost to him.

“I had stopped for quite some time, and one day, I decided to post some old teenage drawings, my friends urged me to get back on it, so I did.”

Steve is very modest, and does not accept the fact that he is a great artist, very humble indeed!

“It took me a while to hit my stride, but I feel like my sketches get slightly better, every time I pick up a pencil.”

 He then shares with us one of the biggest thrills in his sketching career:

“I received a tweet by Stephanie McMahon, saying she couldn’t stop looking at my sketch of Triple H, I thought it was a dream!”

“I am very grateful to all my supporters and followers, thank you all!”

Wrestling Collectibles

Steve shares with us one of his good memories, it was his eighth birthday, and he remembers how it was filled with LJN wrestling figures.

“I loved those figures, but unfortunately my mom gave them all away, as soon as I moved out!”

Luckily for him, one of his friends donated his collection to him years later, and the rest is history:

“My wrestling collection has grown leaps and bounds thanks to friends emptying out their attics; I have built a man cave with them!”

As far as autograph goes, he has a Baby doll autograph, who was kind enough to show up for their AWIPOD show.

“We have had some cool guests on our show, including PCO, Richard Holliday, Sean Carr and Brian Pillman Jr.”

However, his favorite autograph was when he met Stone Cold Steve Austin:

“All he did, was shake my hand, stare me in the eye, and sign the picture, I was speechless!”

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed our new segment!

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