Cale Makar for the Calder Trophy


Cale Makar has certainly made an impression on the National Hockey League thus far. Cale Makar is definitely in the Calder Trophy conversation. His play on the ice has been outstanding. His play on the ice is must see TV.

Performance in Stanley Cup Playoffs

Last year’s performance during the Stanley Cup Playoffs was prolific. He unofficially arrived in Denver. I would describe his overall demeanor as stoic. The pressure did not affect his game. He was inserted in the middle of the lineup during the Calgary series. Even while the 18,000+ fans were cheering at the Pepsi Center in Denver. He remained unshaken and stuck to his game. Makar scored a goal on his first game, in a pressure cooker situation. Presently Cale Makar is in the Calder Trophy conversation.

Cale Makar for Calder Trophy

The NHL has stood up and has taken notice of the bright new star of the Colorado Avalanche defense, and rightfully so. His play on the ice has been utterly spectacular for a rookie. Moreover he is as smooth as silk on the ice. His decision making on the ice is outstanding. He is seeing plays develop faster than anyone else on the ice and delivers the puck right directly onto the stick. Additionally, I have never seen a defenseman move through three zones like Cale can. His puck moving abilities are outstanding. His lead passes are on point right to his teammates’ sticks.

“A fantastic skater… an effortless stride and light feet…loses no speed in transitions and is difficult to lock down.” 2017

Cale Makar has Calder Trophy like Fangles

Moreover he is as smooth as silk on the ice. His dangle is dangerous. His goal scoring ability is off the charts.

This is set up beautifully. Andre Burakovsky set it up top, and then passes it over to Cale Makar, then he dangles. Boom, defenders falling down all over themselves. The goalie did not even know how to react. Makar finds space and lets it go. You can not teach that.

Passing Ability

The Calder Trophy is awarded to rookies that are very special. Cale Makar embodies very special characteristics. From how smooth he is on the Ice. He has 20 assists this season. As well as how he sets guys up for goals. He sees passing lanes that no one else can see. Cale Makar’s vision is ridiculous. He can see small passing windows. The total amount of points he has this season is 28 points in 29 games played this season. Additionally he has ten points in his last ten games. That’s ridiculous right. A point per game average for a rookie. He scores point in bunches. Makar is also on Pace to put up the most points by a rookie defensemen.

Advance stats

Diving deep into Cale Makar’s stats are interesting. His offensive Corsi value is outstanding. The fact is his value is at 50 percent. This is very good. This also means that the Colorado Avalanche controlled the puck when he is on the ice. As well as representing the Colorado Avalanche spend more time in the offensive zone than their opponent does. Specifically the Avalanche have an offensive zone percentage of 60 percent While Cale Makar is on the ice.


Cale Makar can play a little defense as well. I mean he is a defenseman by trade. He knows how to handle the puck in his own zone. More importantly he does not get beat and knows where to be on defense. Also what play to make to get the puck out of the zone. Makar’s plus minus is 10. He can breakup plays in his end and with his pure speed can breakout into the neutral zone. He can pass with great effecientcy and accurateness. So he will hit open teammates with head passes out of the Defensive zone. Wide open on a breakaway goal opportunity.

In conclusion Cale Makar is the real deal. NHL fans could see this from game three in the Stanley Cup playoffs. He scored a goal in his first taste of NHL action. His vision and skating is elite. His dangle is lethal. Defensively he is sound and can shut down opposing offensives. He is a Calder Trophy canidate. He is probably going to win it too.

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