Sacramento Kings: Small Improvements Over Last 5 Games


Summing it Up

The Sacramento Kings have a 2-3 record over their last five games. Despite their slow start to the season and their 2-3 record over the last five, the Kings are still tied for 9th place in the Western Conference and they are only one game out of 7th

The results of the last five outings were as follows:

12/2 Lost against Chicago 106 to 113

12/4 Lost in Portland 116 to 127

12/6 Lost in San Antonio 104 to 105 in overtime

12/8 Won in Dallas to 110 to 106

12/9 Won in Houston 119 to 118

During this stretch of games Buddy Hield led the way averaging 24.8 points per game in 37 minutes per night.  Buddy also made a game-tying three with under 10 seconds before at the end of the thrilling Rockets game (directly after this he allowed Russell Westbrook to blow by him for a go-ahead layup). 

Nemanja Bjelica has been great over these last five games as well, he is leading the team with a 7.2 net rating during this span.  Bjelica also knocked in the game-winning shot to seal the deal after giving the Rockets 17 points on quality efficiency. 

Richaun Holmes has continued to look like an energizer bunny on the offensive end.  He averaged 17.7 points per game on a team-leading 75.7 true shooting percentage.  He has provided great value as the team’s starting center. 

In Other News

Bogdon Bogdonavic did not have a good week.  He had a -5.1 net rating and a true shooting percentage of 49.3%, both significantly below league average.  However, despite the bad week, he might be the best available player on the trade-market.  Trade season typically begins on December 15th when most players who signed in the past summer are now eligible to be traded.  With the league being wide-open this year and many different teams seeing themselves as one piece away, the Kings could receive an off they can’t turn down.  They have already paid Hield who plays the same position; Bogy has already turned down a $50 million extension and could end up demanding closer to $100 million than $50.  If the Kings fall out of the playoff hunt and/or decide they are not interested in paying him this summer, they should definitely test the trade waters as trade season approaches.

Looking Forward

The Sacramento Kings have a chance to go on a run over their next five games; they will face off against the Thunder, Knicks, Warriors, Hornets, and Pacers.  Marvin Bagley is also expected to be back soon, he will provide some much needed depth.  The Pacers and Thunder will be tough games, but the other three games should not be too challenging.  I would expect them to be in the playoff picture after this five game stretch. 

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