Pacers “Unmasked” The Celtics

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Unmasked Pacers Star Victor Oladipo

Pacers Nation knew early on that “Thingamajig” was our very own Victor Oladipo. He proved he is just as talented off the court as he is on. He finally did get “unmasked”, but had a stellar outing. Victor Oladipo has started practicing and could be the missing piece on a strong Pacers team, who are off to a 16-9 fast start.

Pacers take down the Celtics 122-117

While on TV a recorded Masked Singer unmasked Victor Oladipo, he was in attendance while the Pacers took a massive W at home against the Celtics. Led by Kemba Walker’s 44 points, they gave the Pacers all they could handle, but not enough to take down the home team. On the week Domantas Sabonis has been the backbone of the team, in all 3 games, he’s recorded a double-double. Malcolm Brogdon put in 29 points with an astounding 15-15 from the stripe.

Paul George Returns

I am not sure who talks about the Pacers more. Pacers media or Paul George? It is just time to let it go, but there is always a comment when he leaves and it is time to put to the story to rest. Unfortunately, he is a phenomenal talent and dropped 36 and 9 on us. Clippers take the 99-110 victory.

Always Nice Beating the Knicks

No matter how bad the Knicks are, it is always nice beating the Knicks! Led by T.J. Warren putting in 25 points. This was the first game for the Knicks without Coach David Fizdale. He had a coaching record of 21-83 with the Knicks. I am not sure what coach could win with this lineup, but the Knicks management will see he is not the problem.

Big Week for the Pacers

Pacers having a big week on the court 2-1. While off the court getting some national press with the world finding out it was Victor Oladipo as “Thingamajig.” This team will only get better while the chemistry grows.

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