Breaking: Terrell Suggs Released by Arizona


The Arizona Cardinals have released 37-year-old Terrell Suggs. Suggs was signed last offseason and has been productive for Arizona. He has 37 tackles and 5.5 sacks on the season so production is not the issue. The Cardinals, well out of the playoff race, are looking to evaluate younger players is now the priority.

Here is what Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury had to say “We’ve been having conversation as the season’s gone on, as his role has been reduced. We’ve kind of made the shift to playing some younger players. We’ve moved Haason (Reddick) out there,” Kingsbury added. “In fairness to him, to try and find a better fit right now, we released Terrell today. I just have so much respect for him and what he brought and just wanted to give him that opportunity (to find a new team). “He was phenomenal in our building. Work ethic, energy, the juice he brought every day; professionalism was through the roof.”

Based on Suggs production and the mention of having a chance to pick up with another club, it seems as though Suggs still wants to play. He should have plenty of playoff-bound teams calling for his services.

Possible Baltimore Reunion

Terrell Suggs
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The apparent team for Suggs to jump on board with is the one he spent most of his career with, the Baltimore Ravens. While he may not be needed, the Ravens are 11-2, Suggs was one of the greatest to play for the organization. At 37, this would make for a great story as the former great come back and help make a push to another Superbowl ring. If you are a betting individual this seems like the right bet.

Plenty of Suitors

If you are a team heading to the playoffs, then you are likely to make a call. Suggs 5.5 sacks are enough for organizations like Seattle, Green Bay, Houston, among others, to make a hard push to get him in the building. Getting to the quarterback is THE commodity in the NFL, and the 37-year-old can still bring it. Expect to hear some rumors flying soon about where the former Raven and Cardinal might land.

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