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Canucks Advent Day 13: Top 25 Players Of The 2010’s

With Christmas on the horizon and the decade coming to a close, it is the perfect time to rank the best Canucks of the 2010’s. This is the Canucks Advent Calendar.

Each day until Christmas I will rank one player until we have the top 25 of the 2010’s. Based on their statistics, impact on the city and overall play during their time with Vancouver, these players will be ranked. Rankings will be based on the player’s Vancouver tenure during the 2010’s only, prior seasons with the team will make little impact to the rankings.

13.Cory Schneider (2008 – 2013)

Former Canucks’ goaltender Cory Schneider (35) bracing for a shot | Photo Credit: canucksarmy.com

Statistics: 98 GP, 55 W, 26 L, 8 OTL, .927 SV %, 2.20 GAA

Cory Schneider was an absolute brick-wall while in blue and green during his short lived tenure. From 2008 – 2010 Schneider was able to get a few small playing opportunities in the NHL. Schneider was young at age 23 during this period and he didn’t hold up at an NHL level. In that small two-year window Schneider went 2-5-1. He averaged over three goals against at this time and sometimes looked out of his comfort zone.

Learning from his short-comings, Schneider would work hard and look to appear on Vancouver’s roster permanently in 2010-11. As a result, Schneider was able to crack the roster and became the backup of franchise goaltender, Roberto Luongo. This season Schneider prepared for the NHL high-level offence. This would be his breakout season.

Former Canucks’ goaltender Cory Schneider (35) eyeing the scoreboard | Photo Credit: CBS Sports

He started 22 games in his rookie season with a record of 16-4-2. This record paired with .927 SV% and a 2.23 GAA made for a great rookie showcase. Furthermore, Schneider’s performance would help earn Vancouver the President’s Trophy, awarded to the best team in the league. His SV% paired with Luongo’s also earned the tandem the William M. Jennings Award. For the first time in Vancouver franchise history, these awards were earned.

Schneider’s success had carried over into his sophomore season as accumulated a 20-8-1 record. His record wasn’t the only impressive thing about this season. He was a brick wall in net and made many big saves. The young backup had an incredible SV % (.937) and GAA (1.96). Out of his 20 wins, Schneider stole 3 shutouts and Vancouver was able to once again take the President’s Trophy. He started 3 games in the playoffs but unfortunately finished with a losing 1-2 record.

Former Canucks’ goaltender Cory Schneider (35) making a glove save | Photo Credit: Vancouver Sun

The 2012-13 would see Vancouver’s play decline as a team. However, Schneider would continue his stretch of strong seasons in Vancouver. Furthermore he was able to record 5 shutouts as a backup and was eyeing Luongo’s starting role. Vancouver secured a playoff spot, thanks in part to Schneider who was given the nod to start 30 games and posted an impressive .927 SV %. Vancouver was eliminated in the first round as Schneider fell in his 2 playoff starts . These would be Schneider’s last games as a Canuck.

Schneider was dealt to the New Jersey Devils for a first-round pick in the offseason. The Canucks had chosen Luongo over Schneider but his impact was still dealt in Vnacouver. At age 27 Schneider was proud of what he accomplished in Vancouver. With less than a hundred games played, he won 55 times and recorded 9 shutouts. With a Jennings Trophy and incredible stats, Cory Schneider is the 13th most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s.

Who’s Next?

I hope that you have enjoyed this installment of the Canucks Advent Calendar! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next player on the list!

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