My Journey In The Sports Betting World 12/13/19


My Journey: Since I was unable to capture my first week in the my journey, I’ll make sure to update everyone along the way from here on out.

Early in the day, I bet a total of $3.50 on European basketball. I hit on two of the three bets and turned that money into $5.57. Most wouldn’t see that as a big gain, but starting with a low amount of money, I try and look at everything in percentages and that was a 59% gain.

I made some more bets later in the evening for the night games. It wasn’t a very eventful slate, nonetheless, I wouldn’t to be involved in the Thursday Night football game and anything else I liked.

Dont bet against Lamar Jackson

I wasn’t successful on every bet but I still made money. I missed on the Jets at +17.5, a Ben Simmons prop bet and a Le’Veon Bell prop bet. However, I was successful on my other six bets. Some prop bets involving Kemba Walker, Joel Embiid, Lamar Jackson, Sam Darnold, and Mark Ingram were all winners. I also had the under on a Blazers/Nuggets basketball game.

As the night was nearing it’s end, I was happy. Despite being successful on the day, I still wanted to try and find a good game. Since the odds change after every play and you can bet during a game, I try and look for favorable over/unders. I was able to find three hockey matches and wagered small amounts. Hitting on two of the three, I was now ready to call it a night.

Its all about making money

I started the day with $123.24 and ended the day with $131.35. It wasn’t big money of course, but it was a 6.5% gain on the day. To many that doesn’t sound like much, but 6.5% can mean a lot of it’s constant. As a matter of fact, if I were to gain that same percentage every single day, nothing more and nothing less, I would have $19,000 at the start of March. It doesn’t end there. Exponential growth is a beautiful thing. At that same growth, I would have $6,235,685 on the first of June.

My thoughts starting out were along the lines of making a ton of money as fast as possible. I soon realized that could not be my method of thinking if I were going to succeed in the sports betting world. After all, the people whose jobs are to make the odds and win money for the sportsbook are all very smart. I had to think different. I had to bring a unique approach. I’m not looking for immediate rags to riches. I’m looking for a profit. No matter how small or slow, I realize that any profit is a win.

Im enjoying the journey

By no means am I all of a sudden a self-proclaimed “expert”. However, I would like to share some bets each day that I like. I think maybe if I can continue my streak of making a profit day in and day out, maybe someone will take my advice and succeed as well. I don’t want the success only for myself. I would share it with anyone I can if I could. If my picks or advice or tips when starting out helps any single person, I will be happy. I want to help people find and follow their passion, no matter what that is. I will post my best bet(s) in my articles so there will be transparency to my record.

Many bets I make are on the fly, as I am able to quickly calculate how many points a game is on pace to finish with. Being able to capitalize on some fast math and a generous over/under has been a success for me in its own right. So here goes another day in the sports betting world. I hope that myself and anyone else involved finds success. Let’s make some money!

Here are my favorite bets of the day:

Los Angeles Lakers -5.5 at -115 @ Miami Heat

Los Angeles Clippers -6.0 at -115 @ Minnesota Timberwolves

Indiana Pacers -6.0 at -115 @ Atlanta Hawks

My Parlay of the Day:

Lakers -5.5
76ers to win
Clippers -6.0
Pacers to win

Total Odds: +529 ($100 bet wins $529)

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