Mission Control: Houston Rockets recap Dec.11-14


Every week I will bring you into Mission Control for the Houston Rockets as I recap the most recent games for the Rockets.

The Houston Rockets last three games have been a microcosm of there season so far. Wins over Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic was a good sign after the heartbreaking loss to the Sacramento Kings. Consistency has been an issue all year and it showed again in the loss to the Detroit Pistons.

James Harden has been spectacular all season and has raised his game to another level recently. Two straight games Harden scoring over 50 points in two wins. Even in a loss on the second night of a back to back he still finished with 39.

Houston Rockets vs Cleveland Cavaliers

Rockets win 116-110 over the Cavaliers

After the tough loss to the Kings the previous game the Rockets traveled to Cleveland to face the Cavs. The Rockets led for most of the game taking a and early 35-29 lead at the end of the first quarter. James Harden as per usual was leading the offense but Russell Westbrook was attacking the paint and finishing strong.

The Cavs kept the game as Kevin Love had a strong start to the game. The Rockets still led at the half 64-57. The third quarter was a big quarter for the Cavs as they went on a 24-0 run that extended into the fourth quarter. Rookie Kevin Porter got hot and the Cavs took the lead.

This is where Harden took over scoring 20 points in the fourth quarter on his way to a 55 point game with only five free throw attempts. Harden is only the second player in history to score 50 or more points with less than five free throws. The Rockets would go on to win the game going away 116-110 handing the Cavs there eight straight loss.

Leading scorers

James Harden 55 points

Kevin Porter 24 points

Houston Rockets vs Orlando Magic

Rockets win 130 to 107 over the Magic

The Rockets traveled to Orlando to take on the Magic. This game was all about number 13. Harden scored early and often. Making step back after step back and consistently getting to the basket.

Evan Fournier did his best to keep the Magic in the game finishing with 27 points. It wasn’t enough as Harden would finish with his second straight 50 point game with 54 points seven assist and five rebounds. Westbrook had another efficient game finishing with 23 points seven rebounds and six assists. The Rockets would go on to win 130-107.

Leading scorers

James Harden 54 points

Evan Fournier 27 points

Houston Rocket vs Detroit Pistons

Rockets lose 107 to 115 to the Pistons

Everyone probably should have seen this loss coming. The second night of a back to back, Westbrook, sitting out for rest purposes and the Pistons actually arriving in Houston before the Rockets. The Pistons were without Andre Drummond and later in the game Blake Griffin so they were not at full strength either.

The Rockets looked sluggish all game. Harden tried to carry the Rockets again finishing with 39 points seven assists and six rebounds.

Unfortunately, no one else showed up for the Rockets. The second-leading scorer was Chris Clemons off the bench with 17. The Rockets finished 13-45 from downtown as Harden teammates could not hit the ocean from the beach.

Derrick Rose continue his career resurgence as he took over late with mid-range jumper after jumper and it was obvious the Pistons were fresher and wanted the game more. The Rockets went on to lose 107-115.

Leading scorers

James Harden 39 points

Luke Kennard 22 points

The Rockets finished this stretch at 17-9 and currently sitting fifth in the Western Conference.

Upcoming week

The Rocket’s upcoming schedule is rematch week. The Rockets face off vs the San Antonio Spurs, LA Clippers and Phoenix Suns all teams they have played at least once in this early season.

Check back next week as I bring you another week in Mission Control for the Houston Rockets.

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