New York Yankees Pitching Preview for the 2020 Season


Yankees’ baseball is not far away friends. It won’t be long that the boys in pinstripes will make their way down to Tampa, to prepare for the 162+ game season. This year there are some new faces, and there is one face on the pitching staff we are going to have for a while. In this article, we’re going to look at the state of the rotation and bullpen for the Yankees.

The Yankees’ Starting Five

cole to yanks
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The Yankees have a number one pitcher now. They hope that they have found the solution to their starting pitching woes by signing Gerrit Cole. Cole was one of the most coveted prospects in Free Agency this year and he got paid big time. The Yanks signed him to a nine-year, $324 million deal, with an opt-out clause in year five of the deal. Regardless, Cole is going to be a Yankee for a while and will hopefully be the missing piece the team has needed to win a World Series. As of now, the starting five looks like this: Gerrit Cole, Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, Luis Severino, and possibly J.A. Happ.

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding Happ at the moment, as the Yankees have been trying to ship him out. The 37-year-old pitcher has drawn a lot of attention from NL teams and the Yankees want to clear some space on the team’s salary. Domingo German and Jordan Montgomery would be candidates for that fifth spot should Happ leave.

The Bullpen for the Yankees

adam ottavino
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The Bullpen was one of the more solid aspects of the Yankees’ pitching until the end of the playoffs. Adam Ottavino is back for another year with the Yankees. He had a great year as a reliever last season with a 1.90 ERA and 88 strikeouts. Zach Britton, Chad Greene, and Aroldis Chapman will also be returning next season. One thing that seems for sure is that reliever Dellin Betances will not be coming back to the Yankees next season. Unfortunately, Betances was injured for most of last season and never really was able to contribute to the team last year. As far as the rest of free agency is concerned, the Yankees have popped up in attempting to get Closer Josh Hader from the Milwaukee Brewers. It seems unlikely that the Yankees are going to get him considering how much the Brewers want for him. 

How the Pitching Looks

aroldis chapman
Courtesy: Pinstripe Alley

It does hurt losing Betances, considering how much of a hard baller he was for the Yankees. However, the Yankees won the free agency with their pickup of Gerrit Cole from Houston. One of the biggest struggles this team has endured over the last couple of years has been the starting pitching., especially in the playoffs. Having a trio of Cole, Tanaka, and Paxton makes the possibility of winning it all much easier to foresee. The Bullpen is basically the same as last year and it was phenomenal. It helped the team stay in games and finish off what the starters started. This has the potential to be an elite pitching staff but only time will tell if this will be true.

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