NXT Review: 12/11/19


We are live tonight for another episode of NXT, and we open up with the cruiserweight title match.

NXT Cruiserweight Title Match

Lio Rush will defend his title against Angel Garza.

This is their third meeting, and Lio leads 0-2.

The announcers are not even finished, and Lio goes after Garza! They are really going after one another!

Garza is thinking about it, he wants to take his pants off, but Lio attacks him!

What a fast pace match to start things off! Lots of back and forth, counters, reversals!

Lio goes for the second rope stunner early, but misses, and gets a superkick to the jaw for a two count.

Strikes, chops and slaps exchanges! With more reversals and counters!

The match and the crowd are super hot, and for some reason, we cut to break.

Commercial Break

Back from break and Lio is putting on a Lucha clinic and he sends Garza to the outside.

Rush with an inside to outside the ring moonsault!

Both competitors are back in the ring, Rush goes for the stunner, but Garza counters with, the same move! 1, 2, noo!

Angel with a step-up enziguri, he is going to the top rope with Lio and SPANISH FLY!!


Both competitors are back on their feet, roundhouse kick by Lio, superkick counter by Garza,

And both of them are down!


Garza is back on his feet first, but the champ counters and connects with the Wing Clipper!

1, 2, noooo! Garza almost lost to his own move! What a match!

Lio is calling for the stunner, but Garza counters with an electric chair.

Rush lands on the second rope and hits the stunner!! 1, 2, noooo!

To the top rope! Final Hour! Garza is able to roll to the outside.

The NXT champion goes to the top rope and tries a Final Hour on the outside.

Garza has his knees up, he goes back into the ring, Wing Clipper!

1, 2, we have a new cha… NO!!!

Garza snaps, and locks in a reverse full nelson! Looks like Lio has no way out!

And he taps!!

We have a new NXT Cruiserweight champion!

Post Match & Comments

Angel Garza becomes the first Mexican NXT Cruiserweight champion!

What an amazing match, the crowd was super hot, and both competitors entertained us throughout.

This was well worth a main event, but I hope it sets the tone up for the rest of the show.

AEW usually starts with a very high flying match, so I don’t know if this is a way to counter.

I feel sorry for Lio because he didn’t hold the belt for that long.

Garza has become a fan favorite, and he can be the next Mysterio!

He is already being compared to Eddie Guerrero, so the future is bright!

Welcome to the Era of el Campeon de Peso Ligero!

Raul Mendoza vs Cameron Grimes

We’ve had this match before, and it was a very good one, hope they can replicate it.

Bell rings, and Mendoza explodes in the corner and goes on the attack!

He even hits a springboard tornillo to the outside on Grimes!

Kushida makes his way to the ring, distracts Cameron, and Mendoza hits a reverse hurricarana!

1, 2, 3 and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

The NXT Universe is chanting for Kushida to take the hat, and he has it in his hands.

And he puts it on!

This was a very fast and short match, and I am just glad Raul Mendoza won.

Kushida taking the hat was hilarious and the right thing to do in this feud.

I would really appreciate if they could add Mendoza to this feud somehow.

NXT UK Makes Their Presence!

Travis Banks is here! The Kiwi Buzzsaw! Yes!

He is set to take on Jaxson Ryker, I hope this is not a squash match!

This can be a very fun match if given the time.

The NXT Universe needs to get familiar with Travis, he is an unbelievable athlete and wrestler!

Well, this is not looking good, match just started and Ryker is dominating.

Jaxson is really dominating, but finally, Banks is able to counter and lands several dropkicks!

He is going to the top rope, misses and is taken out with a huge double ax handle.

Another huge kick, but Banks counters with an enziguri, a dropkick and SLICE OF HEAVEN!

1, 2, 3, yesss!! Yes!! Travis Banks wins!

Post Match & Comments

This is crazy! How did Banks win! That was an awesome moment.

I did not expect for this to happen, I’m just glad it did.

Banks ended up with a bloody right eye, but worth the victory.

Jaxson dominated most of the match, so it was a good underdog story as well.

I am excited for the World’s Collide tournament, I really enjoyed that show last year.

Glad they are bringing it back!

Mia Yim Set to Take Retribution Against Dakota Kai

Dakota Kai’s new entrance is very cool! Super dark music, very hellish. I like it a lot!

Bell rings and Mia starts super-aggressive, really going after Kai!

The fight ends up on the outside, and Mia connects with a huge cannonball on the steel steps onto Kai!

We go to commercial break! (Impressively quick)

Commercial Break

Back from break and Mia is still dominating, but just as I typed that, Kai counters!

She hits the running around the ring kick! She then starts kicking Mia around the ring!

This gets Yim to pump up and she starts kicking away at Dakota, and then delivers a belly to belly for a two count!

Mia goes for the code blue and connects, 1, 2, nooo!

Yim sets up Kai in the corner, goes for a splash but misses and Dakota connects with a powerbomb!

1, 2, noo! Kai picks her up and starts kicking away, and goes for the running around the ring,

She kicks again but misses. Yim counters with a German suplex! She follows with “protect yo neck” but Kai rolls out of the ring!

Mia quickly follows and sends her back in.

This allows Dakota to go to the corner and grab Tegan’s knee brace, the ref steps in, and with the distraction, Kai takes the protection pad off the corner and slams Mia’s head on it.

She goes for the pin and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Mia Yim is not finished, and she is attacking Dakota! They are fighting in the crowd.

Yim is setting up some tables!

Climbs into the tech area! Sets Dakota up in the suplex position and


German Suplex onto the tables!


I was just about to type that this match was just okay, with not a lot of excitement and this happens!

How some tables and high impact moves can change someone’s mind so fast.

The feud is turning into something fun! I think we are going to get a good old street fight!

Overall, the match was just ok, I didn’t see a lot of chemistry, but maybe it was just me.

The commercial break took a lot away from the match like it always does.

The post-match story was what made the entire segment. Looking forward to seeing what is next.

Breezango is NXT

Breeze and Fandango come out as doctors and they are set to take on the Singh Brothers.

They are not wearing the 24/7 title, so I am guessing R-Truth got it back!

The NXT Universe is asking for a dance-off, but unfortunately, they don’t give it to us.

Breeze opens the match against Samir, but a blind tag allows the Singh Brothers to take control.

They connect with the Bollywood blast, but can only get a two count!

Breeze starts to counter, lands an enziguri and tags in Fandango!

He lands a dropkick on Sunil! Samir tries to surprise from the top rope.

Fandango goes after him and hits an Avalanche Falcon Arrow! He then goes after Sunil and connects with another Falcon Arrow!

The match spills to the outside and Fandango powerbombs Samir on the apron!

He goes to the top rope, leg drop, and this match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Wow, Fandango looked super impressive!

The fought very aggressively, a little heelish, could we see a turn?

I was expecting this to be a squash match, and it was just that.

For the exception of a few, I feel bad about most of the 205 wrestlers.

They are so talented, but most of them are jobbing now.

Anyway, a very meaningless match, with Fandango back on NXT TV and looking strong.

Kayden Carter vs The EST of NXT

Bianca Belair is set to take on Kayden Carter.

This is definitely a squash match.

The match starts with Kayden connecting a couple of dropkicks, but Bianca quickly counters.

She takes control of the match. Bianca sets up Kayden in a Canadian backbreaker submission hold.

Carter is able to counter, but Belair quickly drives her shoulders, picks her up and starts squatting!

Bianca then goes for a delayed suplex turned into a springboard suplex, a spear and the KOD,

This match is over!

Post Match & Comments

Bianca is one of the best women’s wrestlers in NXT, and she deserves to be at the top.

She has proven before that she can handle the main event and I hope she gets pushed again.

I know she has some pending business with Rhea, so she might be next in line.

However, we still can’t forget about Io, so we will see what happens.

NXT Triple Threat Main Event

Adam Cole makes his way to the ring to have a closer look at the match.

There are about 20-25 minutes left, so this can be a memorable match.

The winner of this match will become the number one contender for the NXT World Heavyweight title.

Ciampa vs Finn Balor vs Keith Lee!

Here we go! The NXT Universe is super hot! This will definitely be a good one.

Keith Lee seems to be dominating, he takes out Balor, sets up Ciampa in the corner!

Splash on Ciampa! Splash on Balor, but from behind Finn with a dropkick!

Ciampa then connects a big boot to Keith’s face and clotheslines him to the outside!

Balor and Ciampa are now in the ring!

Tomasso gets the advantage and lands a huge knee in the corner!

Lee tries to get back in, but he gets a knee as well and then Ciampa picks up Balor…


Ciampa has Balor set up for the air raid crash and hits it on top of Lee!

1, 2, nooo!

Tomasso is now going for the fairy tale ending on Lee, but Keith picks him up but Balor with a dropkick, a stomp on Ciampa and a stomp on Lee!

He is setting up Lee for the sling blade, but he counters with a pounce!

Lee then throws Balor onto Ciampa and then flips both of them over his shoulder!

He stacks them up and climbs to the top rope, but Ciampa is now up, and so is Balor.

They both take Lee down as we go to commercial break!

Commercial Break

We are back from break and Balor is on the top rope, but Ciampa attacks him and is going for the air raid crash.

Lee picks up Ciampa on the electric chair and MAMMA MIA!

He takes both of them down!

Lee takes Ciampa to the corner and is now climbing the top rope and Moonsault!

He misses, Ciampa goes for the Fairy Tale ending, but Jackhammer counter by Lee.

Balor interferes, Lee goes for the Jackhammer, but he gets rolled up, 1, 2, nooo.

Lee is now going for a powerbomb, but Balor counters with the coup de grace!

NXT Chants!

Balor then launches himself to the outside and takes out Lee!

He goes to the top rope and goes for the coup de grace on Ciampa but misses!

Lee comes in and takes him out, goes after Ciampa, but he counters with a chop block!

Ciampa picks up Lee and the air raid crash, 1, 2, nooooo!

Tommaso is now measuring Lee, but he counters and slams him down, and is headed to the top!

Moonsault!! 1, 2, we have a new number one conte… NO!!!!

Keith is going for a powerbomb, but out of nowhere, Balor hits the Coup de Grace!

1, 2, 3!! Balor wins!

Post Match & Comments

We have a new #1 contender for the NXT Heavyweight title and his name is Finn Balor!

What a match, and next week Adam Cole will defend his title against Finn.

Plus, Shayna will defend her NXT Title against Rhea

I am so ready for this!

An incredible ending, to a great show, NXT delivers once again!

The main event was incredible and I was not expecting Balor to win!

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