NXT UK Review: 12/12/19


We are back with another episode of NXT UK, and for our opening match we have:

Isla Dawn vs the NXT UK Women’s Champion

The match starts very technical, but Dawn counters a headlock into a mid-air cross-body for a two count.

Kay Lee Ray goes for the Gory bomb right after, but it is countered, into a roll-up for another two count.

The NXT UK crowd is super hot, and they are right behind Dawn!

This angers the champ, and she starts to attack Isla’s leg!

However, Isla is able to counter with a huge knee and climbs to the top rope.

She connects with a double knee stomp! 1, 2, nooo!

Isla picks up Lee Ray, trying to put her away, but the champ counters and kicks the injured leg.

She connects with the Gory Bomb, and this one is over!

Post Match & Comments

Kay Lee Ray grabs a mic and starts cutting a promo, but Piper Nevin comes out!

Before she can get into the ring, Toni Storm comes running in to attack Lee Ray.

She then gets pushed into Nevin and knocks her down, this turns into a discussion.

Lee Ray just leaves the ring smiling. However, before she is completely gone the NXT UK Assistant GM comes out, and makes a match for NXT Takeover Blackpool:

Piper Nevin vs Toni Storm vs Kay Lee Ray for the NXT UK Title!

What an announcement!

This could be a huge match! The odds are certainly against Lee Ray.

I cannot wait to see that match.

Comments on Match:

This was a very fast match, but the crowd was really into it.

They made the match seem more than it should have, really cheering for Isla’s every move.

When Dawn hit the double knee stomp, I thought it was over and so did the NXT UK crowd.

The triple threat is certainly a possible show-stealer for Takeover Blackpool.

Michael May vs Trent Seven

Before the match can even start, Eddie Dennis grabs Michael May and attacks him on the outside.

He slams him on the steel steps and puts him back into the ring, offering a “gift” to Trent.

It looks like we have a no contest.

Post Match & Comments

Very curious about what’s going on with Eddie Dennis, I hope this leads to a match at Takeover.

Backstage Segment:

Noam Dar goes to Johnny Saint’s office to ask about his match at NXT Takeover.

He said he plans on going on a vacation, but the NXT GM, tells him that next week, he will face…

Tyler Bate!

Jack Starz on NXT UK!

Well, hope we finally get to see Jack Starz win!

He keeps jobbing or getting attacked. Let’s see what happens.

Nevermind, he is facing Ridge Holland, this will be a squash match.

(Side Note, Ridge has a very cool theme song! I am a fan)

The match starts with Ridge throwing Jack around the ring.

Quick exploder suplex and multiple kicks, followed by a Belly to Belly and Holland is dominating.

Starz is finally able to fight back, but he gets tackled and flies across the ring.

Holland hits the northern grit and this is over.

Post Match & Comments

Not a lot of comments on my end for this match, typical squash match.

Trying to make Ridge look like a legit monster/beast.

It is unfortunate that once again it was all at the expense of Jack Starz.

NXT UK Tag Team Titles Match

Here we go! Main event time!

Imperium vs Gallus: Round one!

There are about 15-17 minutes left, this can be an epic night.

Both teams are eager to begin and they each land some cheap shots before the bell rings.

The match begins with Imperium dominating Mark Coffey, but he comes back takes out Aichner.

He tags in Wolfgang, who starts working on Aichner’s arm. He tags Mark back in.

They start connecting on multiple tandem moves, but with the ref distracted, Barthel comes in and rakes the eyes of Mark, and Imperium gets control of the match once again.

Barthel starts going crazy on Mark, with multiple strikes, headbutt’s and the ref has to step in.

He throws up the X sign, and we have the match stopped, as medical has to check on Coffey.

Medical Stoppage

It seems that Mark is ok, as he tells Barthel to bring it, throws a few strikes, but that only angers Marcel who just keeps stopping away at him!

Tag to Aichner, who throws Mark to the corner, but he takes out Barthel, and then throws Fabian to the outside!

He is about to make the tag! Aichner comes in, but he gets flipped and the tag is made!

Wolfgang is in, he starts clotheslining Barthel and knocks Aichner to the outside!

He military presses Marcel onto Aichner, suplexes him, but can only get a two count!

Tag to Coffey, they connect with the slingshot/Samoan drop combo, 1, 2, nooo!

Wolfgang is back in, but Aichner is able to fight back, but Marcel gets the blind tag.

He charges at Coffey, but gets thrown to the outside!

Wolfgang comes in and he gets slammed to the ground with a spine buster.

He gets a kick from Barthel for a two count! Perfect double team combo!

Aichner gets the tag, he is trying to go for the European bomb on Wolfgang but Coffey stops him.

This allows enough time for Wolfgang to fight back, but Marcel hits a flatliner, Aichner a suplex.

Coffey comes in and he takes out Aichner and goes on a strike exchange with Barthel!

Uppercut, enziguri, suplex combo by Barthel, he goes to the top rope but gets a right hand.

Aichner comes in with a rolling senton, and a moonsault, and then Wolfgang hits a spear!

Everyone is down and we get…


Here come the Grizzled Young Veterans, they are stealing the titles!

Andrews and Webster stop them, and they are now going at it on the outside.

Everyone is now in the ring! We have Chaos! The Ref has to call for the bell!

Post Match & Comments

As chaos continues, Johnny Saint’s music hits and he comes down to the ring with Sid Scala.


“This championships won’t be disrespected, as Mr. Saint has decided that the next time,

You see this championships, they will be suspended above the ring! At NXT UK Takeover Blackpool.

For the first time in NXT UK History, all of you will compete for the tag team championships, in a…



Wow, just when the match started getting interesting and fun, the GYV’s decided to come in, and ruin the fun!

However, this led to a huge match, one that can definitely steal the show.

It is a must-see, and I cannot wait to see it.

NXT Takeover Blackpool, January 12th, 2020! It’s going to be amazing!

Overall, it was an ok show, but a great ending, with a lot of momentum for Takeover.

Next week we get Tyler Bate vs Noam Dar, and the Irish Ace will definitely be involved!

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