Kitchens, Dorsey, and the Browns Lose Badly


Yesterday was an interesting day for the Cleveland Browns. They went out and put up a flat performance with a chance, albeit slim, to get to the playoffs. According to Ian Rappaport, the Browns will keep Freddie Kitchens as head coach in 2020. Then after the loss, Brownstwitter blew up with a load of Dorsey hate regarding, well, everything right now. Lets first address the performance from yesterday’s game in Arizona.


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The first thought that came to mind watching the game yesterday was the Browns look uninspired. They don’t look like they care about winning this game at all. That is the type of performance you expect from a 2-13 team, not one at 6-7 vying for the playoffs. It was embarrassing, to say the least, for the coaching staff and players. A 3-9-1 team ran through the defense like it wasn’t on the field, and the offense once again looked dazed and confused. If this is the future that Freddie Kitchens brings then another new regime is on the way.

The Defense

We start with the defense today because that was the worst performance of the season by far. Not only did the Browns continue to get beat handily in the run game, but they made Kenyan Drake look like an All-Pro back. Not only did they allow Drake to run for a season-high 131 yards, one week after letting Joe Mixon do the same, but he was also able to hit paydirt FOUR times.

The entire Cardinals roster of running backs and quarterback Kyle Murray all chimed in to help amass 226 yards rushing. Leading them to 445 yards of total offense on the day. Say what you want about the scheme and coaching that comes down to pure effort, and the Browns defense made none. This is the type of performance that should get a coaching staff fired the next day.

The Offense

Nick Chubb

Honestly, what more can be said about this offense? Nothing. We all know that Nick Chubb was out there fighting as he always does. He garnered 127 yards on 17 carries along with a touchdown. At this point, you can almost rubber-stamp a 100-yard performance for Chubb every game. He has been fantastic and professional all year. The only thing that Nick Chubb cares about is winning football games, and this team could use more players like him.

Jarvis Getting Heated with Kitchens

According to Jarvis, he went to Freddie to “ask for the ball,” but as anyone could see, it looked a bit more heated. I understand the passion and would want that on my football team, but you have to be smart about how you handle it. Heading to the sideline and yelling at the coach is not it, regardless of how much fans or the player may think he deserves it. This reaction is again indicative of the wrong environment set by the head coach.

Thoughts on Keeping Freddie Kitchens

As mentioned above, it looks as though the Browns’ front office intends on retaining Freddie for 2020 at least. A week ago I would have said I could be ok with that. That was a week ago. After watching a team that just gave up on the chance to be a playoff team, Kitchens must go. I know this team grew throughout the season and had a 4-1 stretch that will be pointed to as a reason to keep him; it is not. That performance yesterday showed what this team thinks of him.

We have all seen this before as Browns’ fans and to keep another lame-duck coach to prove something is not the answer. Freddie is one of the guys on my list to have a beer with at any time, but I no longer want him coaching my football team.

Random Thoughts

Well, it’s nice to know that OBJ won’t be asking to leave in the offseason, according to BFF Jarvis Landry.

It is incredible to see Nick Chubb inch closer and closer to the rushing title. He is everything a Cleveland Brown should be by the fact he doesn’t even talk about it.

If the Browns do retain Freddie, then they must require either an offensive coordinator or to have a clear-cut way of doing things offensively. Maybe stick with Wilks one more year.

Every team “in the hunt” that played lost yesterday. The Colts will face the Saints tonight. It Makes this one hurt just a bit more.

John Dorsey, the brilliant GM that is going to take the Browns back to prominence, is no more on Brownstwitter. Brown’s fans had him trending and were bashing him for a multitude of things, but the focus was on the hire of Kitchens. Welcome to the honeymoon being over Dorse.

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