My Journey In The Sports Betting World 12/17/19


Betting World : Boy did I have a rough weekend. College basketball has been hard to predict in 2019 to say the least. Sunday wasn’t as bad but it was hard to recover from Saturday. Monday was pretty good but I cannot stress enough how bad Saturday was.

I have made money on every weekday and I have lost money on every Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I should find a different hobby for the weekends? Seems like an easy fix right? The slate is so thin on the weekdays so when I see a full weekend, I tend to get too excited. I love football and basketball but they have been unkind at times. I should definitely stay away from sports I don’t know such as the NHL and UFC.

I have been very successful on prop bets so far but that’s a complete dart throw sometimes. You can’t predict a team’s gameplan, let alone an injury. I’m still so new to this so before I can start giving good advice, maybe I can start on with the lessons I’ve learned.

Lessons Learned

Don’t bet too much money on an overwhelming favorite where the risk is far greater than the reward. Don’t chase one bet after losing another bet. That was where I went wrong. I figure by losing a $5 dollar bet, I could make it all back with a $10 bet. Loss. Okay, $20 would win it all back. Loss. Well if I can get this $40 bet right, I could get all my money back. Loss. Do NOT do what I did. Hitting one out of four could seem easy. Each bet is still 50/50, and if you end up with the “wrong 50”, you can quickly find yourself in a hole.

I’ve used strategies that have worked and some that haven’t. One thing that I do know is to do your research and make your own decisions. It’s hard to be mad when you listened to your own advice and got it wrong. What is tough is when you take the advice from an expert and the pick is wrong. We all have to understand that we are all going to be wrong on occasion, if not often. The experts have made a living on gambling but if you end up getting on only some of their picks, there’s no guarantee that you will make a profit.

As I continue to learn my lessons, none are greater than take a small loss before you chase that loss with bets big enough to win your money back. Unless you are in Forbes magazine, you likely have a limited bank roll that will eventually run out if you aren’t careful.

Don’t Give Up, Don’t Ever Give Up

It’s even harder when you have a winning percentage greater than 65% and you’ve actually lost money due to your own lack of self control. I should be up big, instead, I’m barely breaking even.

With that being said, I am far from giving up. I am still only getting started. To all my fellow sports fans and gambling degenerates, here’s to a good week for each and every one of us!

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