Division Rivalry – Pats vs Bills


The New England Patriots are at home playing the Buffalo Bills this Sunday. This is a division rivalry and scary because game is going to be who wins in the AFC East. The Bills are 10-4 and the Patriots are 11-3. So for once there is a true divisional match up. I say this because in September the Patriots beat the Bills, but not by much. 16-10 was the score. It is possible that the Pats could lose to their division rivalry.

The Running Game

Paul Perillo apparently has no faith in New England running game because every preview I’ve seen by him, he gives the edge to the other team. I feel that James White and Sony Michel can get plenty of yards against the Bills.

In the passing game

Perillo gives this edge to Buffalo again but I have faith in Tom Brady. As long as the receivers can get open and the front line protects him long enough, Brady will follow through.

Flipping the coin

On the Bills running and passing for that matter, the Patriots D will destroy the Bills offense! Pass games have shown that the Pats’ D is good at stopping the run and intercepting the pass. Most likely they won’t be able to stop them all, but again I have confidence.

Special teams

Do I even have to go there! 😁 The Patriot special teams will dominate over the Bills. Hands down.

In conclusion…

This should be a blow out. Unless Brady is off his game, I predict the Patriots will be victorious!

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