NFL Power Rankings Week 15 Edition


Teams are still playing hard and knocking off the big guys, looking at you 49ers. As we continue down the stretch, we have some shuffling going on at the top. Here comes the NFL power Rankings Week 15 Edition for your bantering pleasure.

Power Ten

1. Baltimore Ravens(12-2) – The Ravens continue to roll over the competition. FIVE more touchdown passes for Lamar Jackson to hit 33 on the year. He also broke the quarterback rushing record. MVP is locked all up. He needs to thank the Dolphins, Jets, and Bengals for that MVP trophy.

2. New Orleans Saints(11-3) – Drew Brees does Drew Brees things and throws touchdown number 541 to dethrone Peyton Manning as the all-time touchdown leader. He should make sure to thank the done and Sean Payton.

3. Seattle Seahawks(11-3) – Russell Wilson back to throwing touchdowns and the Seahawks win another one. As long as Wilson is playing great, the Seahawks have a chance. He is also very popular.

4. San Francisco 49ers(11-3) –  The Falcons? Really. At this point in the season, you never know what will happen. 49ers drop down to four with a last-minute loss to the Falcons.

5. Green Bay Packers(11-3) – Well, my upset pick of the day on Sunday was the Bears taking down the Pack. They didn’t. 

6. Minnesota Vikings(10-4) – Vikings take the ball from the Chargers SEVEN times. You don’t even need to play offense when you do that.

7. Buffalo Bills (10-4) – The Bills just keep winning and continue to get no respect. Ride that chip BillsmMafia.

8. Kansas City Chiefs(10-4) – The Chiefs blow out the Broncos and a rookie quarterback. They must be back after that and the Raiders win.

9. New England Patriots(11-3) – The Patriots keep (coughs)cheating winning we said winning and dropping, so not sure what is wrong with me. We will all pay for this number nine ranking when they win another damn Super Bowl.

10. Houston Texans(9-5) – The Texans just like to ride the Power Ten rollercoaster. The win over the Titans gets them back in.

The Rest

11. Tennessee Titans(8-6) – The Titans roll was slowed with a loss to the Texans Sunday. Tannehill has still been amazing along the way. But is it real?

12. Pittsburgh Steelers(8-6) – The Steelers lose to the Bills. Maybe they could use a Josh Allen? It seems like the same team with only that missing.

13. Los Angeles Rams(8-6) – The Rams were making a push then came the insanely talented and daunting…Cowboys? Oh, and that Jared Goff contract.

The NFC East is special

14. Philadelphia Eagles(7-7) – The Eagles keep pace by taking down the Redskins. How in the heck is this team 7-7?

15. Dallas Cowboys(7-7) – Jerry PLEASE!!!! Fire Jason Garrett before Dak and the rest of this team are in complete ruin. This will be on here until they fire Garrett or he wins a Super…sorry started laughing too hard. (It’s probably too late but I said it would stay)

On Life Support

16. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(7-7) – Arians is winning with Winston despite the insane rollercoaster he has been. The last two games 8 touchdowns and four interceptions. I guess that is the definition of go with what you got.

17. Chicago Bears(7-7) – The Bears fought and clawed and still failed to upset the Packers. No Super Bowl this year.

18. Oakland Raiders(6-8) – The Raiders look like the growing team they are, or John Gruden is still the mediocre coach he has been since winning the Super Bowl. Ahh, who cares…Vegas Baby.

19. Indianapolis Colts(6-8) – The Colts decided that they would do the opposite of last year and lose at the end. Bad choice.

20. Cleveland Browns(6-8) – The Browns went out and played as nothing mattered. Does this qualify as a horrible disaster?

Playing out the String

21. Atlanta Falcons(5-9) – Bye Dan Quinn and the rest of the coaching staff. Great win against the 49ers on your way out.

22. Denver Broncos(5-9) Drew Lock is awful again and they should draft a quarterback that can win.

23. Jacksonville Jaguars(5-9)Minshew magic, period.

24. Los Angeles Chargers(5-9) – SEVEN turnovers is all you need to know.

25. New York Jets(5-9) – The Jets had the joy of facing the best team in football. They lost. No one is surprised.

26. Carolina Panthers(5-9) – The Panthers are just getting this thing over with. This team has a lot of holes that need to be filled.

27. Arizona Cardinals(4-9-1) – Kliff Kingsbury outcoached Freddie Kitchens and Kenyon Drake was a superstar. Must mean the future is bright in Arizona.

NFL Power Rankings Race for Number One

NFL Power Rankings

28. Detroit Lions(3-10-1) – The Lions lost two quarterbacks this year so is it really Matt Patricia’s fault that the defense played terribly to end the year? read it again and you will understand.

29. Washington Redskins(3-11) – The Redskins have played better lately and have seen Dwayne Haskins grow over those same games. Obviously, they will screw that up somehow in the near future.

30. NY Giants(3-11) – Eli with his last throws in Giants stadium. On top of that, he screwed the Giants by winning. Is that a win-win?

31. Miami Dolphins(3-11) – The Dolphins have improved as the year went on then they lose to the Giants to find themselves one spot from the bottom. Boy, they really screwed this whole lose for the first pick thing up.

32. Cincinnati Bengals(1-13) – The Bengals continue to own the NFL Power Rankings number 1 pick poll position. Will they have the Heisman winner leading the way?

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