Nick Chubb: Everything the Browns Are Not


The Browns have a duo heading to the Pro Bowl in Nick Chubb and Jarvis Landry. Landry has come on big in the second half of the year and had a fine all-around season. He also has caused some headlines with his old pal OBJ and most recent sideline spat with his head coach. All of this being the norm this year from a drama-filled season in Cleveland. Then there is Nick Chubb.

Before the season began, I wrote about Nick Chubb being the forgotten man in the superstar laden roster that had been built by John Dorsey. His quiet demeanor set him apart then from the boisterous egos that permeated the Browns locker room. What sets him apart now is the fact he is the best player on this team and still carries himself with that same demeanor. Nick Chubb is exactly what all of the other stars on the Cleveland Browns are not. That is the type of star this team could use more of in the locker room. 

The Numbers

2019 Projection: Nick Chubb: 280 Atts 1356 Yards 4.8 avg 12 TDs 36 rec 278 Yards 7.72 Avg 4 TD

Those were the numbers that were extrapolated out for this season based on what he did as a rookie. These are his current numbers.

 270 Atts 1408 Yards 5.2 avg 8 TDs 35 rec 277 Yards 7.9 Avg 0 TD

He has eclipsed nearly everything in his phenomenal sophomore campaign, and he still has two games to go. He has continued to show the blend of power and speed that is rare. The proof is in the stats as Chubb leads the league in broken tackles with 32. He is also second to only Derrick Henry with 834 yards after contact. Want the speed side now? The only two NFL players with 11 rushes of 20+ yards are Nick Chubb and Lamar Jackson. Yes, likely MVP and electric Lamar Jackson. Obviously, Nick Chubb is an easy ProBowl choice, and it is great to see the fans know that also. All of the numbers are nice, but it is not what makes Nick Chubb special.

The Person

This is where Chubb takes his greatness to the next level. Joel Bitonio summed up exactly who Chubb is when he stated “You hear guys say, ‘All I want is the team to win. All I want is team success,’ and I’m willing to bet Nick truly does want just team success and he would trade wins and everything for yards and touchdowns and it’s a credit to him, man. You get a team of 53 Nick Chubbs, you’re going to be doing something right.” When another player is saying it for him you know what Nick’s about. Another great quote from Joel Bitonio, who works out at the same time as Chubb almost every day, was when he told the local media Chubb “hasn’t said a word” about the rushing title.

This falls right in line with the quiet persona that Chubb has shown since coming to Cleveland as the 35th pick last in 2018. Nick Chubb is not an attention-grabbing guy off the field. You will not find him yelling at coaches for more touches. I mean, he had 16 carries through his first six games as a rookie last year. The argument for this year is he is at the top of the NFL in carries, so why would he. The answer? Chubb has multiple halves or long stretches within games where he may get the ball once or twice. Not a word from Nick. Just patiently waits for them to hand him the ball again and rips off another 20+ yarder.

Nick is about the business of winning on the football field. There are no hype videos. Or watches. Visors. Or any other fashion statement that needs to be made on the field. He is about getting the ball in his hand and making the defense pay for trying to tackle him. He is about being the NFL’s leading rusher and still getting in front to lead block for Kareem Hunt. Nick Chubb is about the team and whatever the team needs. That is the player every coach wants.

Dear John Dorsey

Everyone was clamoring about the amount of talent you placed on this team before 2019. I know you stated this is another building year and that 2020 is the goal. All I ask for Christmas and beyond is that you find a few more Nick Chubbs for this locker room. These are the type of players that win championships. They are willing to sacrifice carries when the other superstar back comes back. The key is the sacrifice, and until you have more players ready to, you will never reach the height promised. Going forward, please bring us more players willing to sacrifice theirs for wins. You talk a big game now go out and get us the players to back it up.

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