College football bowl game betting guide

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Welcome fellow degenerates! OTH gambling has decided to release this college football bowl game betting guide. It is just some “rules of the road” we follow to betting bowls. So many games and so many options, it can be a daunting and sometimes infuriating process! Here are some rules to make the process easier and hopefully profitable for you!

Rule #1: Know the team you are betting on!

Seems very simple but we all know when the only game is on, you feel like you need that action! I’m not going to say that’s a good thing or a bad thing. All I will say is if your going to lay a few bucks on every game, then do your research!

Rule #2: Coaching Changes

This rule is tricky because sometimes the team comes out and looks to show they didn’t “need” that coach and sometimes they go in the tank cause they aren’t prepared. Watch to see if someone inside the program is taking over as an interim or if it’s someone completely new.

Rule #3: Team and Coaches Bowl history

This rule is so underrated, some coaches can get their teams ready and some just can’t figure it out. Some extreme examples this year.

  • Butch Davis FIU 8-1 ATS
  • Doc Holliday Marshall 6-0 ATS
  • Rod Carey Temple 0-6 ATS
  • Brian Kelly Notre Dame 3-8 ATS

Rule #4: Motivation

Who really wants to be there? Do you think Alabama really wants to be in a bowl game that doesn’t have national title implications? On the other hand a team that has never been to a bowl or the first one in a long time, might have something to prove.

Rule #5: Impact Players

The new playoff system has really had an effect on the bowls and this is a big one. Draft eligible players may sit out of the lower tier bowls to focus on the NFL. However you may have some that want to boost their draft stock and play against an upper level squad. Watch for the players sitting out!

Rule #6: Style Matchups

Yes the teams haven’t faced each other on the year, but go look for opponents with similar styles and see how they faired. This is what makes college football great! Some school struggle with mobile QBs, some struggle with the power running game, some haven’t seen a triple option team.

Well there you have our college football bowl betting guide. Hopefully these help make your trip down the bowl betting rabbit hole a lot more enjoyable and profitable!

Thank you all for reading. As always, feel free to follow along with my everyday picks and content on twitter @SteelCurtainPEH

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