An Interview with Miranda “Danger” Granger

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27 year-old Miranda “Danger” Granger is on the rise and is ready to put the women’s Strawweight division on notice. She’s 7-0 as a pro fighter and makes her second UFC appearance this Saturday at UFC Busan, in South Korea. Granger fights out of Charlie’s Combat Club in Everett, Washington in the USA. 

I have personally watched Granger since she was an amateur fighter, and I knew she was destined for big things. She has tremendous height and reach on her opponents and isn’t afraid to stand and bang, or take you down and put you to sleep. Miranda was kind enough to answer a few questions ahead of her next UFC bout.

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Q: I know you fight out of Everett, Washington, and a lot of your other fights were so close to home. Whats it like going from fighting near your hometown to fighting so far away in Busan, South Korea? 

A: I have fought local for most of my career, but my last few fights have mostly been in the east coast. I love the hometown support, but I also love getting to travel the world and explore places I would probably never go otherwise. 

Q: With a lot of fighters, that belt is their main focus at all times, whereas some fighters take it fight by fight and try not to look too far ahead. Going into your second UFC bout, what is your mindset like? Are you looking into the future or focusing on what’s in front of you? 

A: Every girl that’s locked in the cage with me is someone standing in the way on my dream of becoming champion one day. I always focus on the opponent right in front of me and I never take anyone lightly, but I also know that my work isn’t done until I accomplish what I’ve set out to.

Q: I know you’ve been extremely loyal and always done your fight camps at Charlie’s Combat Club in Everett, Washington and I absolutely admire that. Staying close to your roots is extremely important. Have you ever considered a switch to a more notable camp? If not, what’s made you stay so loyal to them? 

A: Charlie has been my coach since I was 4 years old. Him, along with my teammates are much more then just a team, we’re family. Without all of them I wouldn’t have the success that I have today. I go into the fight alone, but my hand is raised because of the work of my team.

Q: What would be the ideal fight after this? I’ve seen you call for the Paige Van Zant fight in the past, are you looking to call someone out after each fight or are you willing to just take what’s available?

A:  I’m really open to fighting anyone. It’s all dependent on my performance on the 21st. I have some people in mind that I think would be good match ups, but ultimately I will face whoever they put in front of me.

Q: Last question, you fought at flyweight in your debut and this upcoming bout is at straw weight. You’ve also fought at various weights in your amateur career. What weight class do you see yourself pursuing and at what weight do you feel your best at? 

A: I only fought at flyweight for my debut because it was 2 weeks notice and my opponent said she couldn’t make 115 in that time. I would like to fight at Strawweight for the rest of my career because I feel like I have advantages being so tall in a smaller weight class.

Thank you to Miranda for taking the time to answer some questions, good luck to you and your team at UFC Busan this Saturday, December 21st.

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