416ix Hoops: Kyle Lowry’s Triple-Double Led the Raptors to the Win


Kyle Lowry’s Triple-Double Led the Raptors to the Win

The Toronto Raptors headed down to Motown last night. This game was a battle. Kyle Lowry’s triple-double led the Raptors to the Win in Motor City. The Raptors did extend the lead to 18 during the game. In the fourth quarter, the offense seemed to dry up. I say this because the offense was 2 for 15 during the fourth.


Again Fred VanVleet was not in the lineup last night. The Raptors did not miss their star point guard. Toronto did, however, have some setbacks in this game. Marc Gasol left the game with a left hamstring injury. The Raptors, at times, struggled with the screen and roll game and Defensive assignments. That will have to tighten up.

Norman Powell also received a shoulder injury. This setback will genuinely test the Raptor’s depth. The Raptors do have the next man up mentality. The bench of this team is arguably the best in the league. There is no deeper team than the Raptors.it also helps that Nick Nurse is an incredible coach.

Toronto Raptors offense

The Toronto Raptors offense was humming last night. The Raptors had 27 assists on 53 made shots for 43 percent from the field along with shooting 13 for 35 from behind the arch for 37 percent. So the ball kept moving last night. The Raptors also had 12 offensive rebounds, allowing for 15 second-chance points. Here are the main contributors from last night.

Kyle Lowry’s triple-double

Kyle Lowry had a night to remember. Lowry had 20 points 10 assists and ten rebounds in 39 minutes. Kyle did this on a miserable shooting night, going 5 for 17 from the field. On the positive side, he did shoot three for six from three, which is 50 percent. Despite his poor shooting from the field he still managed a triple-double.

Serge Ibaka also played a crucial role in tonight’s game. He had 25 points and 13 rebounds in 31 minutes. Ibaka played valuable minutes down the stretch in the fourth quarter. He was clutch with 14 points and 7 boards in the third quarter alone.


OG Anunoby had a fantastic game last night. Anunoby was fully engaged last night. OG Anunoby scored 19 points on 58 percent shooting. Additionally, OG was two for five for 40 percent from behind the arch. I liked how he allowed himself to flow with the offense.

Moreover, OG continues to impress me with his maturity on the court. More specifically, how he plays hard. You can not teach that 

Pascal Siakam was the engine of this offense. Siakam scored 26 points in 35 minutes, which is efficient. He gave the defense several different looks. Furthermore, Pascal would drain a three one possession. In the next possession, he would get the ball in the post. I like how Pascal Siakam used his whole arsenal last night. As a result, the defender didn’t know what was coming.


The Toronto Raptors defense played well last night. There were many positives, even with the absence of Marc Gasol. Pascal Siakam was a force on the defensive end with four blocks. He fueled the defense. In addition to blocks, the Raptors forced 15 Pistons turnovers for 17 Raptors points. The one negative is the points in the paint. Andre Drummond was feasting in the paint last night. Especially now that Marc Gasol is injured, the Raptors have to figure that part out.

After the dust settled, this was an excellent Raptors win. Despite some injuries, the offense was still lethal. Defensively the Raptors are sound. Ideally, they should work on defending the points in the paint.

The Raptors (19-8) will host the Washington Wizards (8-18) Friday. Tip off is set for 7:30 pm Eastern.

Kyle Lowry’s triple-double led Raptors to Win

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