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Razorbacks Recruiting History

As it stands, the Razorbacks have four commitments in the class of 2020. Although only one has put ink to paper, Musselman has the program on track for its highest recruiting rank in recent memory. Over the last 5 seasons under Mike Anderson, the Hogs have had an average national recruiting rank of 71.6. This included only two 4-star freshman, Jimmy Whitt and Daniel Gafford. Now, Arkansas is on pace for a top 10 recruiting class, made up entirely of 4-star recruits. The Razorbacks rank in at 7th on Rivals and 5th on 247 Sports.

2020 Recruiting Class

Next year’s freshman class is expected to be made from homegrown talent. The class and their hometowns include: Moses Moody, Little Rock; Jaylin Williams, Fort Smith; KK Robinson, Bryant; Davonte Davis, Jacksonville. Although two of the four recruits are playing their high school ball out of state, Musselman has shown his dedication to retaining Arkansas guys.

Razorbacks Recruits Player Breakdown

Moses Moody

Moses Moody, 6’5 SG, National No. 45

Moody is the Hogs highest current commitment checking in nationally at No. 45. He is a long, smooth wing with an easy jump shot. Although he does not boast awe inspiring athleticism, he has the frame and length to become frightening on both sides of the ball. Moody is currently projected to be a late 1st round pick on the 2021 NBA draft.

Jaylin Williams, 6’9 F/C, National No. 69

For an undersized Razorbacks squad, Williams will bring instant relief on both ends of the court. He rebounds tenaciously on both sides of the ball and has good instincts. Although he runs the floor well, Williams still has room for growth in his offensive repertoire.

KK Robinson, 6’0 PG, National No. 72

What Robinson lacks in height, he makes up for in athletic ability. He is a solid leaper and uses it to his advantage when attacking the rim. However, the offensive-oriented guard relies heavily on his shooting and scoring. He has work to do to become an elite play maker.

Davonte Davis, 6’4 PG, National No. 98

Davonte, nicknamed Devo, fits the mold for a Razorbacks-style defender. He is a tall and lanky guard that has all the tools to be an elite pest defensively. Devo attacks the rim well but leaves something to be desired in both his shooting and ball security.

Help on the Horizon?

The Razorbacks currently have 12 of their 13 available scholarships distributed for the year. Many of these went to incoming transfers like starting guard Jimmy Whitt. Because of his desire to be active in the transfer portal, the question remains why Musselman has not yet handed out his final roster spot. Many Razorback fans believe he is holding out hope that his team could gain a superstar in January. With a national rank of 39, Kyree Walker has yet to make his decision on where he is going to play basketball this season. The options that seem most likely include playing overseas or joining either Arkansas or Western Kentucky for one semester before entering the 2020 NBA Draft. With the Razorbacks off to a scorching start and Musselman retaining some flexibility in his scholarship distribution, Arkansas could be seeing a welcome addition sooner rather than later.

kyree walker photo

2020-21 Scholarship Picture

Of the 13 scholarships available, 12 have been awarded to players on the current roster. As mentioned before, the 13th scholarship could be reserved for Kyree Walker’s decision later this year. Even if he does come for the remainder of the season, it is clear that his plan is to enter the 2020 NBA draft regardless of where he plays next. Therefore, he should not affect the scholarships next season. The team currently has 3 seniors, Adrio Bailey, Jimmy Whitt, and Jeantal Cylla. After the seniors leave, there will be 9 players under scholarship next season.

The 4 recruits currently committed will max out the scholarships at 13. The question comes with whether or not Isaiah Joe leaves early for the NBA draft. If he does, will Musselman pursue a 5th recruit? Will he explore his JUCO options? Or will he choose to work with what he’s already got?

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