A True Ireland Workhorse: Will Fleury


I had the pleasure of interviewing the very definition of the two words “hard work.” Will Fleury, hailing from Ireland, took time out of his busy schedule and answered a few questions. Fleury responded on topics everywhere from his motivation to his expectations on Bellator Dublin. 

Next year Bellator will make its return to Ireland on February 22nd. Fleury is of those fighting that date, and it should be a great show. 

Throughout this interview, he showcases what it means to be a true workhorse. That is something I deeply admire about his character. I really can relate to some of the responses and I’m sure you can also.

Photo by MMA Insider

What got you interested in combat sports, and how did that transition into a spot on Bellator?

Will: “Being born a little bit insane helped nourish a fascination with combat/contact sports. As soon as I saw MMA, I was hooked. Got the spot on Bellator from working my balls off and going 4-0 as a pro after going 7-0 as an amateur”.

What would you say motivates you the most as you progress through your career? Why does this motivate you?

Will: “Getting better is my biggest motivator because stagnation s***ty and good things when you constantly seek genuine improvement”.

What is it like to be trained out of the highly talented and popular SBG Ireland Gym?

Will: “It’s pretty cool, it’s like a hub of knowledge for European MMA that we can all draw from and contribute to. I feel pretty privileged to have it in Ireland”.

You’re coming off a loss to Norbert Novenyi Jr. at Bellator 227. Is there anything specific you took away from that fight? How will it help you in the future?

Will: “Specifically don’t let your opponent hit you with 15 overhand rights. Not doing that in future should ensure I’m not a vegetable in my 50s”.

Bellator has announced its return to Ireland on Feb. 22. Give me your thoughts on your matchup with Justin Moore. What can fans expect from you here?

Will: “He’s strong before he gasses, but he will gas. You can expect a flying knee when he does”.

What do you ultimately want to accomplish in Mixed Martial Arts?

Will: “I’m looking to continuously challenge myself and improve through those challenges until I’m satisfied with myself. Might take a while.

I’d like to thank Will for taking the time for this interview. This article was truly all made possible by him. I wish him the best moving forward and a great fight at Bellator Dublin.

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