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Antonio Brown’s Downfall

Antonio Brown’s downfall is one for the century. He was once revered as the best wide receiver in the game. To go even further, he was one of the best the game had ever seen. Brown did not attend a big-name college school, but rather he went to the University of Central Michigan. Here he amounted 11,263 receiving yards to go along with 75 receiving touchdowns. Brown would eventually be chosen as 195th pick in the sixth round of the NFL draft. This is when is NFL saga would begin. However, this article will not look at his career as a whole. But rather it will look at the reasons behind his downfall and why he is no longer in the league.

Brown’s Final Days as a Steeler

The relationship between Brown and the Steelers began to quickly deteriorate after they failed to make the playoffs in 2018. This is when Antionio Brown’s downfall began. The Steelers had made the playoffs in their last four seasons. However, their inability to qualify for the postseason made things worse for the Steelers and Brown. In March of 2018, Brown would demand a trade from the Steelers. The team complied and shipped him off to Oakland where he signed a three-year 50-million-dollar contract with 30 million dollars guaranteed. In return, the Steelers would receiver the right to Oakland’s third and fifth-round draft pick.

A Short-Lived Raider Career

His early time in Oakland had gone relatively well considering Brown’s hot-headed nature. There were not any storylines to be told and he kept to himself. However, things took a turn for the worst when Brown suffered frostbitten feet. Brown used a cryotherapy chamber but failed to use the proper footwear to prevent such an injury. This would land Brown an injury designation and out of training camp until his injuries had healed.

Next came the grievance Brown had with the NFL over the banning of his football helmet. Just days after returning to practice from his frostbite injury, Brown had serious issues with the league taking away his helmet. The helmet that Brown wanted to use was the Schutt Air Advantage, but the league would not give up any ground. On July 30th, Brown would file an official grievance in an attempt to keep his football helmet. Eventually, Antonio Brown would return to the Raiders but would soon take another hiatus from the team after he lost his filed grievance. Brown would then file another grievance against the league regarding his helmet on August 25th. He would also lose this fight to keep his helmet. At this point, the relationship between the Raiders and Antonio Brown would turn sour.

Browns Issues with GM Mike Mayock

As a result of Brown’s off-field issues, GM Mike Mayock reasonably gave out fines and expressed his displeasure of Antonio Browns’ behaviors and actions. This would lead to the redaction of Brown’s 30 million-dollar guarantee in his contract. In response, Brown would fire back in the form of an Instagram post which would attract nationwide negative attention. Brown slated to play in Week One against the Broncos, however, issues with head coach John Gruden kept this from happening. Antonio Brown would once again take to social media to express his displeasures with the team. He would also include a recording of a conversation with Gruden. Eventually, Oakland would release Brown on September 7th.

Brown Signs with the Patriots

Brown would then be signed by the Patriots on September 7th. This seemed like a place where Brown could resurrect himself and his career. With fist ballot Hall-of-Famer Tom Brady as the quarterback and means-business men in Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft, Brown should excel. However, before his Patriot career could even take off, Brown was slapped with a lawsuit by physical trainer Britney Taylor. Taylor stated that over the past three years, Brown had sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions. The Patriots were made aware of this and took the accusations seriously.

Still Brown found a way to play in the Patriots Week Two matchup against the Dolphins. Brown finished this game with four catches and 56 yards receiving to go along with one touchdown catch. Overall, this was a great first game for Brown with all things considered. Brown would be released by the Patriots on September 20th, 13 days after being signed.

Off-Field Shenanigans

Since Brown’s departure from the NFL, he has had lots
of time to devote to social media as well as other activities. One of the best
decisions he has made was returning back to school. On September 23rd,
it was learned through Brown’s social media that he would be returning to
Central Michigan and enroll in online classes to complete his degree. However,
he has also been able to find himself back in the news because of his social

He has had multiple tirades since his dismissal from the NFL, many of which were related to the allegations of sexual assault under NFL policy. In the span of about five days in December, Brown had two meltdowns that he took to social media to discuss. He also took shots at Vince McMahon and his XFL league by stating that he would be shocked if the league lasted more than a few weeks.

It is clear that Antonio Brown must be the center of attention and requires everyone to know that he is being wronged and is still as he quotes, “the best sixth-round pick of all time”, as he stated on December 18th. Whether we see this man back in the NFL will be a question surrounding the NFL. This may not be the conclusion of Antonio Brown’s downfall, but for now, it seems to have settled. But one thing is for certain, Brown will be lavishly living as he watches the postseason from his theater room in his $6.6 million dollar Miami home.

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