NFL Mock Draft 2020 (2.0)


The next OTH NFL Mock Draft is here. A lot has happened since the last mock draft. Tua’s injury, Heisman Trophy winner, and the College Football Playoffs are set in stone. As we begin Bowl play, let’s take a look who gets selected in the first round.


1.) Cincinnati Bengals

Austin Morris-Joe Burrow, QB, LSU
Not much of a shocker here to start the NFL Mock Draft. The only reason this has changed for me is because of what has happened with Tua. The Bengals are showing they want to move on from Dalton, so I believe that the most evident option is to draft Joe Burrow and start rebuilding their team.

Nick Luba-Joe Burrow, QB, LSU
Bengals need a franchise Quarterback, and Joe is that guy. He’s a great leader and can do it all.

Christian S. Rauh-Joe Burrow, QB, LSU
I am all aboard the Joe Burrow train. The Heisman Trophy winner has had one hell of a season, and topping it off with the first overall pick would be a storybook ending. Bengals desperately need a franchise guy, and Joe is it.

2.) New York Giants

Austin Morris-Chase Young, DE, Ohio State
There are a lot of needs for the Giants in the upcoming draft. Receiver help is a considerable need, along with secondary help. But here Young is an incredible athlete that if you are in New York’s spot, you cannot pass on getting such a dominating playmaker. Chase Young and Dexter Lawrence are going to be dominant on that defensive line.

Nick Luba-Chase Young, DE, Ohio State
Chase young is the best player in this draft class, and with the Giants already have their QB and RB of the future, this pick is a no brainer.

Christian S. Rauh-Chase Young, DE, Ohio State
Young is the most athletic guy in the draft, arguably the player with the most upside. Adding him to the rebuilding Giants’ defense would solidify that core for years to come.

3.) Washington Redskins

Austin Morris-Andrew Thomas, OL, Georgia
The Redskins believe that Haskins is their guy. Understandably so. The potential is there. To create success and build a team around him, I think it starts with the offensive line and building that wall of protection around him. Thomas is a phenomenal lineman who should be a top-five pick.

Nick Luba-Jerry Jeudy, WR Alabama
Jerry is an impact player that can help the Redskins very poor offense right away. He and Hawkins can build a great Dynamic

Christian S. Rauh-Jeffrey Okudah, CB, Ohio State
The Redskins need a lot of help, and I believe they will go with the best available. To me, that’s Okudah. The Ohio State Corner can be a shut down defensive back on day one. I like him here at 3 to Washington.

4.) Miami Dolphins

Austin Morris-Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
The Dolphins have three picks in the first round. I believe that here they will use their first to take a QB. Rosen is not the future, and Fitzpatrick certainly isn’t either. Herbert may have just what it takes to start week one, and the Dolphins can use their other picks to build around him.

Nick Luba-Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
This pick is all about what the Dolphins feelings are on Herbert. Are they in love with this guy, or would they instead take Tua later or wait until Trevor Lawrence. I still think Herbert is the Right pick for them

Christian S. Rauh-Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia
The Dolphins are in an obvious rebuild, with three first-round picks, I believe they will focus on the offensive side of the football. With that being said, they find their anchor on the offensive line in Andrew Thomas. The tackle out of UGA is a force and will become an instant starter right off the bat for the Dolphins who moved on from Tusil this season.

5.) Detroit Lions

Austin Morris-Jeff Okudah, CB, Ohio State
There are not many corners that I have seen, like Okudah. He is an absolute ballhawk, and he is an annoyance for receivers. The Lions need depth, and they lack talent at the corner position, and the Lions would have to be crazy to pass on Okudah here. Okudah to the Lions!

Nick Luba-AJ Epenesa, EDGE, Iowa
AJ adds some pass rush to the Lions that they have been lacking. Detroit’s defense struggled to get penetration, and this kid can help with that on year one.

Christian S. Rauh- Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama
Of course, we couldn’t have a mock without a Bama player in the top 5, right? In this mock, I have Jeudy barely holding on to the streak and heading to Motor City at 5. Jeudy is the best receiver in a deep wideout draft. Detroit needs to help Matt Stafford, and a young receiver like Jerry Jeudy would be a stellar fit.

6.) Arizona Cardinals

Austin Morris-Jerry Jeudy, WR, Alabama
The Cardinals outside of the aging Larry Fitzgerald don’t have much receiver help. To me, the move that makes sense is for them to get Jerry Jeudy out of Alabama. The Cardinals need an offensive lineman, but I don’t see one worth reaching for at that spot. It makes sense to grab a receiver like Jeudy, who can make plays for the team and be a reliable target for Kyler Murray to throw to.

Nick Luba-Grant Delpit, S, LSU
Currently, Opposing QBs love playing the cardinals due to their weak secondary. They get so many yards thrown on them. Delpit has high foot IQ and reads the offensive play very quickly and then reacts.

Christian S. Rauh- Derrick Brown, IDL, Auburn
Brown is a game-changer when it comes to defending the run. While the Cardinals are still building up at multiple positions, adding a big-time pass rusher to clog up the middle like Brown would be genius. Brown has the potential to develop Aaron Donald type statistics in the NFL.

7.) Jacksonville Jaguars

Austin Morris-Isaiah Simmons, Hybrid, Clemson
The Jaguars need some help on the defensive side of the ball, and Isaiah Simmons is a guy who can help with that. He is a hybrid player who can play either Safety or Linebacker. He is a freak athlete who can help a defense in so many ways with his abilities. Jaguars get a steal here and boost their defense.

Nick Luba-Yetur Gross-Matos, Edge, Penn State 
With the loss of Ramsey, they need a dynamic defender, and Yetur is that guy. He is so vicious and quick off the edge and a nightmare for any QB that decides to hold onto the ball too long.

Christian S. Rauh- CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma
The Jaguars are in a weird spot regarding the Quarterback position. To fully help the situation, adding a receiver for the future would be ideal. Foles large contract doesn’t seem to be going anywhere for the Jaguars, might as well give him someone reliable to throw it to.

8.) Atlanta Falcons

Austin Morris-Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn
The Falcons have had one of the worst pass rushing attacks and defensive lines this season. It makes a lot of sense for them to draft Derrick Brown out of Auburn. He is a nightmare for offensive lines, and he requires a double team. Selecting him could take some pressure off of Vic Beasley. Brown and Grady Jarrett would be a nightmare combo for the Falcons’ interior defensive line.

Nick Luba-Jeffery Okudah, CB, Alabama 
Atlanta’s Secondary is a gold mine for opposing quarterbacks to go downfield. Okudah will help that on day one.

Christian S. Rauh-Isaiah Simmons, LB, Clemson
Simmons is my favorite prospect in the entire 2020 draft. The athletic ability of Simmons puts him in his own tier. His versatility makes him a smooth transition to linebacker or safety. This would be an excellent fit for Atlanta, as their defense has been hurting this season on multiple fronts.

9.) New York Jets

Austin Morris-CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma
It’s no lie that the Jets need a lot of help on the offensive side of the ball. Defensively, they are not too shabby, but the offense needs a lot of help. It’s clear that the Jets believe in QB Sam Darnold, so if that is the case, the Jets must build around him. Lamb is a great route runner and explosive receiver. I can easily see him giving defenses headaches and helping Darnold out a lot.

Nick Luba-Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
Darnold and Bell need blocking, and this 6’6” 310 point monster fits that need. Even with his size, he is a freak athlete and so explosive with his upper body knocking defenders off balance.

Christian S. Rauh-Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa
Sam Darnold and the company has proven that they can compete if they protect him from limiting his pressured decisions. Adding in Wirfs would be an excellent pick for the Jets to continue to protect there hopeful franchise Quarterback. Jets fans may not like the pick in Vegas, but its very ideal moving forward.

10.) Los Angeles Chargers

Austin Morris-Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa
The Chargers need to find some help for their pass protection. There are questions about the future of Philip Rivers, but I don’t see them reaching for a QB in this spot. Burrow and Herbert are gone. Second round? Definitely, but not here. Tristan Wirfs is a great offensive lineman who will provide some help to a struggling offensive line, and hopefully be a great lineman for the future of the team.

Nick Luba-Tristan Wirfs, OT, Iowa
Whether it’s Rivers or another QB, they need time in the pocket, and right now, they don’t have that. Tristan is 322 pounds, but he is so agile and nimble on his feet. He engages quickly and drives through his opponent

Christian S. Rauh-Grant Delpit, S, LSU
The Chargers have a Quarterback that is at the end of his career, and it looks like it over for Phillip Rivers in Los Angeles. Still don’t see the Chargers using their first-rounder to take a quarterback, especially if Delpit is still there. Adding Grant could bring Chargers fans to the Rodney Harrison days all over again. What LAC needs more than anything is fan support, and I believe this pick would suffice.

11.) Denver Broncos

Austin Morris-AJ Epenesa, Edge, Iowa
The Broncos need some help in a lot of places, but it seems that they need some help on their defensive line. Derek Wolfe is in the last year of his contract, and it would be wise to begin to find a replacement. Epenesa is a talented defensive lineman who should provide the needed help to a line that is going to be depleted due to free agency.

Nick Luba-Derrick Brown, DT, Auburn
Adding Brown would be a steal for the Broncos and would fit Vic Fangio’s physicals defensive style. He knocks around o-linemen with his insane upper body strength

Christian S. Rauh-AJ Epenesa, Edge, Iowa
The Broncos struggled with the pass rush this season and would be blind if they didn’t see Epenesa waiting for them at 11. AJ is a fantastic Edge rusher who would make an immediate impact for Vic Fangio and the Broncos Defense.

12.) Carolina Panthers

Austin Morris-Austin Jackson, OT, USC
The Panthers desperately need some help on their offensive line. Combined this season, the offensive line has allowed around 50 sacks in total. Injuries have not helped the Panthers at all, but it shows the need they have for depth. The intentions for the Panthers for this upcoming draft will be made more apparent after free agency, but right now, they could not go wrong with this pick.

Nick Luba-Isiah Simmons, OLB Clemson
Simmons can do it all on the field and does it all at a high level. He would be perfect next to Keuchly or can be converted to a corner.

Christian S. Rauh-Kristan Fulton, CB, LSU
Fulton is a well-rounded corner that could help Carolina move forward after the recent firing of Ron Rivera. Fulton can keep up with deep threats and would be an excellent asset for the Panthers future.

13.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Austin Morris-Javon Kinlaw, DT/NT, South Carolina
Tampa Bay needs some help on their defensive line, especially on the interior, and one of the better linemen in the draft is Javon Kinlaw out of South Carolina. Kinlaw is a monster of an interior lineman who could cause some issues for opposing offenses. And with Suh ending a one year contract, it’s plausible to see them spending a first-round pick on a defensive tackle.

Nick Luba-Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU
Tampa has a lot of needs, but cutting down the points scored on them is the main one. Fulton has elite athletic ability and explosive covering speed. His mechanics are strong, and he’s just an overall solid corner.

Christian S. Rauh-Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama
Whether its Winston or a free agent addition under center next season for the Bucs, the protection needs to improve. Wills would be a step in the right direction for a struggling Tampa Bay team.

14.)Philadelphia Eagles

Austin Morris -Grant Delpit, S, LSU
The Eagles need some help with the Safety position. Age and the end of contracts are making the position of Safety seem like a pretty big need. I think it would be smart for the Eagles to take Grant Delpit out of LSU. He is a beast of a Safety who should be able to come in and make an immediate contribution.

Nick Luba-Trevon Diggs, CB, LSU
Eagles have been all over the play, but a significant weakness is covering the deep ball. They get beat deep all the time Trevon Diggs can help stop that on day 1. He always knows where the ball is and positions himself perfectly to disrupt the receiver

Christian S. Rauh-Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama
To me, drafting a WR is a no brainer. Ruggs is a fantastic receiver and could be a game-changer right from the first snap. I like his intangibles with the play of Wentz. This is an excellent fit for the Bama wideout.

15.) Oakland Raiders

Austin Morris-Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma
The Raiders need a linebacker. Badly. Murray is one of my favorite linebackers in the draft. He is fast, hard-hitting, and instinctive. He brings a type of swagger that fits right in with Gruden and the culture of the Raiders. Expect him to contribute week one if Oakland drafts him…soon to be Las Vegas.

Nick Luba-Javon Kilnaw, DL, South Carolina
Javon retuning for his SR season was smart because he has added several attributes that now put him a potential first-rounder. He has a great first and second step and always know what to do next.

Christian S. Rauh-Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson
The Raiders moved on from Antonio Brown, and the rotating turnstile of wideouts haven’t solidified all season for Derek Carr and company. Plug Higgins into Gruden’s system, with a second-year Josh Jacobs? I like the Raiders’ chances in the AFC West in its first year in Vegas.

16.) Indianapolis Colts

Austin Morris-Raekwon Davis, DT, BAMA
There are a lot of needs the Colts need to address in this draft. QB, interior D-Linemen, interior O-Linemen, receiver depth…the list goes on. I believe the Colts need to draft for the interior. The answer to me is Raekwon Davis out of Alabama. Davis is a big and strong interior lineman that would be a massive help for the Colts defense. He is a little raw, but his issues are coachable.

Nick Luba-Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado
There are a few ways the Colts can go here, but I think Laviska can add some much need Receiving depth.

Christian S. Rauh-Justin Herbert, QB, Oregon
Herbert falls down my board a little bit, and that’s due to his rough outing against Arizona State. The play throws a few questions about his play and his potential in the league. However, The Colts could pull the trigger and start a position battle with Jacoby Brissett next year.

17.) Cleveland Browns

Austin Morris-Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama
With talks of Odell wanting out of Cleveland, it could be possible that the Browns would go after a receiver. Ruggs III is a phenomenal receiver out of Bama who has done a great job working with Jerry Jeudy to slice and dice defenses to bits and pieces. This would give Baker a reliable target to throw to.

Nick Luba-Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin
Browns need an anchor on that I-line, and Tyler would be that guy. He is a workhorse and always fights snap to whistle. He has the size, toughness, and mechanics to start and be an impact on day one.

Christian S. Rauh-Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
The Browns need help on the offensive line to allow Baker to get the ball to his dynamic weapons such as OBJ, Chubb, and Landry. Although I’m not the highest on Leatherwood, I see him still going in the first round.

18.) Oakland Raiders (From Chicago Bears)

Austin Morris-Tyler Biadasz, OG, Wisconsin
With their second pick in the first round, the Raiders will address their offensive line and try to help build for Carr and Josh Jacobs. Tyler Biadasz will be a great addition to continue to build around this offense, who has a lot of potential. Josh Jacobs is the runner of the future for the Raiders, so it would be wise for them to get a run blocker who can help make some substantial holes for him. Biadasz has been blocking for Jonathan Taylor for some time, so it would make sense to draft a guy who is used to blocking for a great runner.

Nick Luba-CeeDee Lamb, WR, Oklahoma
What’s not to like about CeeDee Lamb? This kid is a speedster, freak athlete and has an excellent catch radius. He is perfect for a Gruden led offense.

Christian S. Rauh-Trevon Diggs, CB, LSU
The Raiders pick twice in the first round due to the Mack trade. Oakland (Vegas) could use some help in the secondary, and I believe Mayock will take a playmaker like Diggs. His mechanics, especially premiere hip speed, could be the X-Factor for the Raiders secondary.

19.) Tennessee Titans

Austin Morris-Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn State
The Titans need some help on the outside. With the resurgence of Tannehill at Tennessee, I don’t think they will go QB first round. I think they will address their need for an edge rusher. Yetur Gross-Matos would be a reliable pickup for this team. He is an experience edge rusher. I see him being a massive addition to this Titans team, adding some much-needed depth and youth to their defensive line

Nick Luba-Henry Ruggs III, WR, Alabama
Titans have questions at QB, but no matter who they have next season, they need help at wide receiver. Ruggs is a good fit next to brown on the line. They both have elite speeds and can blow by any corner vertically. This would open up the field in a big way for Tannehill

Christian S. Rauh-K’Lavon Chaisson, Edge, LSU
Helping the Titans pressure the QB would be an ideal selection for a Mike Vrabel lead defensive squad. Chaisson could roll into the Titans system with ease next year.

20.) Jacksonville Jaguars (From L.A. Rams)

Austin Morris-Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson
Whether or not Foles is the starter or not, the Jaguars need depth and talent at the receiver position. Tee Higgins is a phenomenal receiver who has the explosiveness the Jaguars need to add to their arsenal on offense. Their receiving core is mediocre at best, and he would be a huge help and addition to make them more of a threat on the offensive side of the ball.

Nick Luba-Tee Higgins, WR, Clemson 
Higgins his a big wife about but is still very agile. He adds a big target for Minshew/Foles. They would now have two wideouts around 6’4-6’5. That would create a very dynamics receiving core

Christian S. Rauh-CJ Henderson, CB, Florida
Losing Jalen Ramsey was something that was somewhat expected, but still, hurt as the season moved to an end in Jacksonville. In a draft without Tom Coughlin and possibly more personnel in the front office, the Jaguars have the opportunity to start fresh. Adding in a top-end corner is very smart, moving forward.

21.) Dallas Cowboys

Austin Morris-CJ Henderson, CB, Florida
The Cowboys need a lot of help in their secondary, both at Safety and Cornerback. CJ Henderson is one of the better corners in the draft who is good at man coverage, even with his smaller size. He is the guy you want to cover slot receivers and receivers who have high speed. Henderson would be quite a grab for the struggling Boys.

Nick Luba-Julian Okwara, Edge, Notre Dame
Cowboys have many decisions this offseason, but this draft adding some explosiveness on defense is an obvious choice. Julian is an extreme, explosive d end who as the ability to shed blockers.

Christian S. Rauh-Javon Kinlaw, IDL, South Carolina
Michael Bennett has turned into an excellent addition for Dallas this season, but he isn’t in plans for the Cowboys. Kinlaw can step in and be a massive asset for a struggling Dallas defense.

22.) Miami Dolphins (From Pittsburgh Steelers)

Austin Morris-Terrell Lewis, EDGE, Alabama
The Miami Dolphins have back to back picks in this scenario, and I feel like in this case that they will go to the defensive side of the ball. Terrell Lewis is a talented EDGE rusher from the University of Alabama. If the Dolphins are going to be in a rebuild, it won’t hurt to add some help on the defensive side of the ball.

Nick Luba-Jedrick Wills, OT, Alabama
If they do draft Herbert, they need to get him coverage, and Wills is that guy. He knows exactly how to use his strength and has a strong base with elite hand speed.

Christian S. Rauh-Tua Tagovalioa, QB, Alabama
I’m moving Tua down this far as my wildcard of the first round. I wholeheartedly believe that he will be a Miami Dolphin come April, but I think they take a risk and wait for there second pick in the first round.

23.) Miami Dolphins (From Houston Texans)

Austin Morris-D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia
The Dolphins have a receiver, they have a QB, and now they get one of the best RBs in the draft. D’Andre Swift has been one of the most reliable cogs in Georgia’s offense. He is quick, explosive, and fun to watch. Miami will be loaded up with weapons in this draft.

Nick Luba-Curtis Weaver, Edge, Boise State
Chris Weavers has shot up the draft board. He is very raw, but this kid is a sack machine and would be perfect for what the Dolphins need.

Christian S. Rauh-D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia
Moving on from Kenyon Drake and having suspensions in the backfield, the Dolphins are in need of a running back. Flores is the perfect coach to build the culture of a rebuild, and adding in a quick, explosive running back with a high ceiling would be perfect for the Dolphins to end the first round.

24.) Minnesota Vikings

Austin Morris-Alex Leatherwood, OT, Alabama
The Vikings have a lot of talent, but one area that they could progress at is protecting their QB. Cousins is the guy in Minnesota, and he is making everyone pay for sleeping on him. Alex Leatherwood has jumped up draft boards as of recent, and he has been a great lineman for the Crimson Tide. He is drafted and will have an immediate impact.

Nick Luba-CJ Henderson, CB, Florida
CJ would add a very disruptive corner to the Viking defense. He is always getting his hands in the right place and the right time and disrupting the receivers catching ability.

Christian S. Rauh-Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama
The Vikings defense has been solid throughout the entire season but will look for depth this late in the first round. McKinney could be a fantastic addition to pair with Harrison Smith.

25.) Buffalo Bills

Austin Morris-Laviska Shenault, WR, Colorado
The Bills need some receivers to build around Josh Allen. Allen is the guy in Buffalo, and he needs weapons. Laviska Shenault would be a great addition. Shenault would do well with such a great QB. Shenault also is intense, physical, and explosive. More creativity to get open would be excellent from him, but I do not doubt that McDermott and the Bills will find ways to use him in their offense.

Nick Luba-Marvin Wilson, DL, Florida State
Bills have a great defense, and Marvin adds to that. He plays smart football, not making many mistakes. He also is always working towards the ball.

Christian S. Rauh-Yetur Gross-Matos, Edge, Penn State
The Bills defense has been lights out this season, top-five throughout the entire season. With that being said, defensive end Jerry Hughes is aging, and Shaq Lawson’s contract is expiring, an Edge rusher is a need in Orchard Park. Gross-Matos fits the Bills culture entirely and would be wreak havoc next to Ed Oliver on the defensive front.

26.) Kansas City Chiefs

Austin Morris-Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin
The Chiefs don’t have a running threat. LeSean McCoy only signed a one year deal with KC, and Damien Williams has been average at best. Jonathan Taylor would be a massive addition to this team. He is explosive, quick, and a threat with the ball in his hands. This would be a smart pick for the Chiefs.

Nick Luba-D’Andre Swift, RB, Georgia 
This fit couldn’t be any better. Swift is a an elite playmaker and can change the game quickly. He is tenacious and would fire perfectly next to Mahomes.

Christian S. Rauh-Jonathan Taylor, RB, Wisconsin
The Chiefs could use a powerful and reliable running back to work in tandem with Mahomes. Taylor had a college career to remember and would fit into Andy Reid’s offensive powerhouse scheme quite nicely.

27.) Seattle Seahawks

Austin Morris-Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise State
The Seahawks have needed some threats in the pass rush. Acquiring Clowney was a great pickup, but I feel they need more. Curtis Weaver is a guy I think they would have a hard time passing on. Weaver is a sack machine, sitting at 13.5 sacks this season! This type of pass-rushing talent would be hard to pass on if he is here when Seattle gets there.

Nick Luba-Jaylon Johnson CB, Utah
Johnson is a good pick for Seattle simply because he is a smart, tenacious Corner that would thrive on that defense.

Christian S. Rauh-Raekwon Davis, IDL, Alabama
Davis remains the best available for a defensive pass rush for the Seahawks.

28.) New Orleans Saints

Austin Morris New Orleans Saints–Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama
The Saints need some help to their secondary. It is one of their weaknesses, and Trevon Diggs can help with that. He is a great man coverage corner. He is physical, energetic, and he is a ball hawk. This would be a hard player to pass on if you are the Saints.

Nick Luba-Bryce Hall, CB, Virginia 
The Saints like players that are well rounded and can make an impact in every area, and that’s Bryce Hall.

Christian S. Rauh-Tyler Biadasz, IOL, Wisconsin
The Saints should continue to build up the protection for Brees, Bridgewater, or whoever is under center for the Saints next season. Adding in Biadasz would improve the run blocking for Kamara moving forward, a guard who protected Johnathan Taylor in college.

29.) New England Patriots

Austin Morris-Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia
The end of Tom Brady’s career approacheth soon. Who will take over the helm? A guy who would be suited for the job would be Jake Fromm out of Georgia. Fromm has potential, but he needs to sit and learn for a bit before he is thrown into the fire. Who better to learn under than the greatest quarterback of all time? Fromm is going to be the guy of the future for New England.

Nick Luba-Raekwon Davis, DT, Alabama
Raekwon is 6’11 308 and knows how to use his size to his advantage. His tackle radius is insane, and he could be a solid fit in New England.

Christian S. Rauh-Creed Humphrey, IOL, Oklahoma
While Tom Brady is declining in performance, it’s tough to determine if they will decide to move on from the greatest quarterback of all time, adding in an interior lineman to improve the offense would be ideal for the Patriots.

30.) Green Bay Packers

Austin Morris-Malik Harrison, ILB, Ohio State
The Packers need some help at the interior linebacker position. Malik Harrison has been a monster Mike for the Buckeyes. He is instinctive and has a nose for the ball. In 2018 he had 81 total tackles, and this season he is a top tackler on the Buckeyes’ defense. This would be an excellent pickup for the Packers.

Nick Luba-Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama
This is a controversial pick, but just like they drafted Rodgers to be Favre’s successor, they need to start thinking about that again. This would be perfect because Tua is recovering, and this would give him time to be 100% and grow into the role.

Christian S. Rauh-Laviska Shenault Jr., WR, Colorado
The Packers are hurting for the Receiver help. With the new offensive scheme, adding in an explosive guy like Shenault would be an impressive fit for Rogers’s twilight tour.

31.) San Francisco 49ers

Austin Morris-Xavier McKinney, S, Alabama
The 49ers have a significant need at the Safety position. McKinney is the type of Safety who can do it all. He can play man, zone, stop the run, etc. He is versatile and would be an excellent addition to a 49ers defense, which is already big and bad. I find it hard to believe that the 49ers would pass on a guy with his talent.

Nick Luba-WR Tyler Johnson Minnesota
Tyler adds a weapon for Jimmy G. The Niners have an Elite defense but are still lacking on offense.

Christian S. Rauh-Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma
The 49ers defense has been very impressive this season, but I believe they will continue to improve on it. Adding in Murray to help solidify the middle tier between Bosa and Sherman would make a lot of sense.

32.) Baltimore Ravens

Austin Morris-Anfernee Jennings, OLB, Alabama
The Ravens need to start the continuation of changing the guard on their defense. A smart start would get a guy like Anfernee Jennings. Jennings is a quick, durable, and intuitive outside linebacker who would bring a lot to the table and help with making the Ravens defense even better.

Nick Luba-Travis Etienne, RB, Clemson
Travis is perfect to pair with Mark Ingram. Travis has the lighting speed and is an elite game-changer, and Mark Ingram Is a powerhouse that grinds our yards.

Christian S. Rauh-Dylan Moses, LB, Alabama
The Ravens linebackers are all young and inexperienced. However, they have been impressive. The Ravens will still look to add to this position and add in Moses from Alabama. Moses, who arguably would be a top 10 pick if it wasn’t for an injury, would be a steal for an already exciting Ravens squad.

OTH NFL Mock Draft-2.0

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