Chavez Jr. Swindles Boxing Again


Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. quit.

He quit on his fans; on his country; on boxing, and on his father. Don’t @ me.

I can just imagine Julio Cesar Chavez, Sr. walking into the television studios to record the next Golpe a Golpe boxing segment and his co-workers looking at him like…

Damn, dawg.

They might not shake their heads or even say anything about it – at first, at least. Hell, they might try to avoid the subject altogether. Maybe they would fare better in waiting for him to bring up the sensitive matter of his son quitting before the sixth round against Brooklyn native, Danny Jacobs, this past Friday night in their super middleweight bout – but rest assured, they’re thinking of it. Make no mistake about it: he quit. The alluring element about this whole Junior “thing” is that it’s not even Senior’s fault.

Debatable Dedication to the Sport

Junior never seemed to take boxing very seriously, anyway. Conceivably he could have done something different in life, but being around boxing and a world-famous father who proudly carried Mexico into the ring with him every single time he climbed those stairs no doubt influenced him. Maybe Junior is more cut out for tennis. Or golf. Swinging a nine iron instead of ten-ounce gloves might suit him better. Unless, of course, he twists his ankle on the fifth hole and retires for the day.

Maybe it would save Chavez, Sr. some heartache from the crew at work.

What we got this morning?

Hey, good morning, campeon. We’ll be discussing the Harrison-Charlo rematch, Canelo went shopping, and Mikey Garcia’s new contract.

Mikey, again? Why?

Because he’s Mikey.

Okay, cool. Y’all see Junior’s fight?

What fight? Junior had a fight? You want some coffee? Made a fresh pot. Hey, Osuna, bring the champ some of that java, please, sir.

Damn, dawg.

A Father’s Love

Maybe Senior is still proud of his son in the way that fathers are proud of their offspring no matter what. Perhaps he thought he could win. He expressed his sentiments after the fight while standing at Junior’s hospital bed, essentially tweeting that his son was winning but, alas, the dreaded headbutt and broken nose combination is the reason they were preparing for surgery instead of a title run. Well, he didn’t use alas. Or title run. And he better not never ever not never fix his mouth to say title run in the same sentence with my son, Junior.

This is not the first time Chavez Jr’s heart and dedication to boxing has come into question. His performance against Canelo Alvarez in May of 2017 was garbage. Basura. So was his fight against Sergio Martinez in 2012. I’m not even going to go into the controversy surrounding his two failed drug tests. For this fight, he missed weight by nearly five pounds (five pounds!), was fined a cool mil (a third of his reported $3 million purse), and still lost. All that weight for what? Back home we used to say, “You big for nothing.” On top of that, he was the one complaining during the match. Usually, when two people are fighting, the one who is always complaining is the one who doesn’t want to fight. Just how it is. Shut up and fight.

Danny Jacobs’ Role

Give proper credit to Jacobs for causing the harm that eventually caused Junior to cave in. He admitted that Chavez, Jr. gave him a good scrap for two rounds, then he proceeded to figure him out. What happened next caught Jacobs by surprise just like everyone else. I take that back. Not everyone.

“I honestly didn’t think he was going to quit. I honestly just thought that he was looking for a way for the referee to take away points,” Jacobs said. “I’m not a guy who like to touch gloves, I’m not a guy who likes to say I’m sorry. This is a fight. I like to fight. But I was just like, bro, c’mon, alright, here you go, I’m sorry. I don’t want to headbutt you, c’mon let’s just fight. If you want to get it on, let’s get it on. I was a little sympathetic a little bit as well, but at the same time, I just wanted to fight.”

The thing was, Junior didn’t. Sorry, pops.

No maybe about that.

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