My Journey In The Sports Betting World 12/23


Sports Betting World 12/23: Now that I’ve been betting on the outcome of sports games for several weeks, I am not learning as many lessons. Now it’s more of a time to practice what I’ve learned and stay afloat. There are still things to learn, but they haven’t been as gut-wrenching lessons as the prior ones.

Over the last 6 days, I have doubled my money. I learned to find some games and props that I like and stick to them. If I lose a bet, I don’t try and win my money back on the next bet, but to roll with what I have.

I capitalized on some bets I loved,  like the Virginia game total under, once again. I’ve also had some super close calls. I don’t normally like prop bets because anything can happen, however, some are too good to pass up.

Easy Wins and Close Calls

I had to roll with Jameis Winston throwing at least one interception. Not only did he throw a pick-six on his first pass, he threw another interception on his next possession. That was a quick win.

Last night, I decided to roll with Anthony Davis scoring more than 31 points and recording more than 10.5 rebounds. LeBron James was out for the game so I figured the Lakers would lean heavily on their star big man.

At the end of the third quarter, Davis appeared to hyperextend his knee. He came out of the game and allowed the trainer to take a look. As he sat on the bench with 27 points and 10 rebounds, I was now worried that he would now be out for the game.

I would never wish for a player to re-enter the game and risk making an injury worse. They are human beings after all and deserve rest sometimes. With that being said, you didn’t see me in a corner crying as he checked back in the game.

All I needed from Davis to cap off a good night was five more points and a rebound. Soon after rejoining his teammates, Davis had a layup. Then a three-pointer to give him 32 points. That was one of my prop bets ending successfully. Now I just needed a rebound. Sure enough, before taking the rest of the night off, he pulled down one more rebound, giving him 11 on the night.

I had now won my final two bets of the night and Davis’ knee was no worse than it was when he originally hurt it. Thank you Anthony, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Don’t Lose Your Perspective

I haven’t had a losing day in more than eight days, last Saturday being my most recent. However, as a fan of sports, you can’t get lost in this. You have to enjoy betting on games. When it goes from being fun to being stressful, you know you have become too involved and need to walk away.

Fortunately, all of my losses have been small, as I have learned my lesson. Not to beat a dead horse, LOUISVILLE. I also have learned to enjoy the game, no matter what happens. It’s okay to be excited about winning, but you can’t let winning and losing dictate your day.

Athletes Are People Too

Sports Betting World 12/23: No athlete or team is out to ruin your day or lose you money. As I mentioned earlier, they are all human beings. Social media is great where we can interact with players, coaches, fans, and so forth, but some people can be cruel.

The athletes’ job is to play the sport they are there to play at the best of their ability. They are not there to make sure you win your bets. Keep that in mind before you go to social media and harass someone for not scoring a touchdown or making a shot. They are people just like the rest of us.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and that you all have a great week. Happy holidays to all. Let’s have a great week. Yes, even Louisville.

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