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Cub Swanson Talks on the Perception Change of MMA and Comeback

This month I had the privilege of interviewing UFC veteran, Cub Swanson. Currently fighting in the featherweight division, Swanson last won against Kron Gracie via unanimous decision. In the fan-favorite slugfest, Cub was dominant throughout, landing an astounding 135 significant strikes.

Unfortunately while participating in Quintet grappling, Cub suffered a torn ACL and partial tear in the meniscus. Swanson realizes that a long road waits for him, however, he continues to fight forward. 

That is something I admired about Swanson’s character. Takes stuff as it comes, no excuses, and not giving in. Cub Swanson took the time to answer these questions after his injury, showing you that he is truly a man of the people.

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What motivates you to get out of bed and train?

Cub: “In the beginning, I guess it was the fear of falling back into old habits. Then it turned into a fear of potential opponents training harder than me. And now I guess it’s the fear of being surpassed by younger hungry fighters”.

How did you first get into Jiu-Jitsu, and how did it impact your life?

Cub: “I found Jiu-Jitsu by chance. I was looking for some structure in my life to keep me from partying. It immediately became the most important thing in my life and I allowed it to make me a confident, determined person”.

You have participated in Quintet before, do you plan on continuing in it after retirement?

Cub: “I competed in many grappling competitions in the first few years of training and I had done a team submission event, but it was my first Quintet event”.

Photo by Hans Gutknecht, Los Angeles Daily News/SCNG

Being the UFC veteran you are, how has the outlook on MMA and becoming a fighter changed over the years?

Cub: “The perception of MMA has changed drastically over the years. When I started it was something people thought criminals and gang members did lol. But after the first Ultimate Fighter aired. It quickly became the cool thing to do”.

Your last fight was against Kron Gracie in which you won a unanimous decision. Was there anything specific you learned during that fight? How will it help you in the future?

Cub: “What I wanted to accomplish in the Kron fight was that I wasn’t washed up like some critics were starting to say. Also if we are going back to the start of our first encounter. I would say that I wanted people to know that my story was just as important as his. I’m not a sacrificial lamb. My career and my story are just as important.”

Who do you think is a good fight option for you right now? And when do you plan to fight again?

Cub: “My next fight is rehabbing this knee injury I’m getting. It’s going to be tough but it’s another chance to show people I control my destiny and bumps in the road won’t break me. I will fight in 2020!”

I’m sure that all fight fans will deeply miss the presence of a veteran like Cub Swanson in the octagon while he is out. I wish him a speedy and productive recovery and my thoughts and prayers go out to him. Also big thanks for making this article possible while you’re in recovery.

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