NFL Power Rankings: Christmas Edition


It is the Overtime Heroics NFL Power Rankings Christmas edition, and boy is there some crazy things happening. We have teams needing a Christmas miracle and teams asking for a future playoff miracle. Then we have the kids watching as all the others get new playoff spots for Christmas while some of them get new coaches. What we have is the joy of making you miserable by ranking your team wrong for Christmas. Merry Christmas to all from the team here at Overtime Heroics.

Santa’s Power Ten

1. Baltimore Ravens(12-2) – The Ravens win again and have the shiniest new toy in the NFL in Lamar Jackson. Now Lamar should get some shiny new hardware. Ozzie Newsome spreading Christmas joy to Ravens fans even in retirement.

2. New Orleans Saints(12-3) –  77,163 yards thrown for… 6,848 passes completed…544 touchdowns…One Superbowl ring. Can Brees bring another ring to the bayou for Christmas?

3. San Francisco 49ers(12-3) –  The Patriots gifted the 49ers with Jimmy Garoppolo. The 49ers gifted Garoppolo with a monster deal. Garoppolo has gifted the 49ers fans with a Christmas miracle of a team.

4. Green Bay Packers(12-3) – The Packers are on the way to the Playoffs after a beatdown of the Vikings. With the division wrapped up, coach Lefleur then became Santa and gave them all Christmas Day off.

5. Seattle Seahawks(11-4) – The Seahawks lost Carson, lost Prosise, and Likely Duane Brown too but now they have Beast mode and he is a bad dude. I am a sportswriter, not a poet.

6. Kansas City Chiefs(11-4) – Put a beard on Andy Reid and he looks like Santa. Also, Reid better win the big one with Pat Mahomes at the helm.

7. New England Patriots(12-3) – Paint Bill Belichick green…well you know. 12-3 and at number seven I think I am getting coal for Christmas. Another Patriot SuperBowl appearance.

8. Minnesota Vikings(10-5) – The Vikings apparently were on the naughty list and got lumped by the Packers.

9. Buffalo Bills (10-5) – The Bills fans will enjoy a nice playoff appearance after a season of being the middle child. Even the middle child is noticed at Christmas.

10. Houston Texans(10-5) – The Texans have been bad and good and bad and good all year. Just so happens this week they were good again and we gifted a win and the division title. Then like a Christmas miracle JJ Watt will rise out of the ashes and probably get injured again.

Need a Christmas Miracle

11. Tennessee Titans(8-7) – The Titans were the hottest team in the NFL till the grinch came around and stole the last two games. Can Tannehill and the Titans find some Christmas magic and still get into the playoffs?

12. Pittsburgh Steelers(8-7) – The Dolphins gave the Steelers the best Christmas present they could ask for in Minkah Fitzpatrick. Who needs that first-round pick now.

13. Philadelphia Eagles(8-7) – The Eagles already unwrapped one gift already with a win over the Cowboys. Will another come their way in week 17?

14. Dallas Cowboys(7-8) – Jerry PLEASE!!!! Fire Jason Garrett before Dak and the rest of this team are in complete ruin. This will be on here until they fire Garrett or he wins a Super…sorry started laughing too hard. (It’s probably too late but I said it would stay) Will my Christmas wish for Cowboys fans come true?

15. Oakland Raiders(7-8) – The fact the Raiders STILL have a chance has me thinking Gruden and his goons are holding Santa hostage.

Playing out the String

16. Indianapolis Colts(7-8) – The Colts can gift someone else a playoff appearance for Christmas with a win. Also, Colts fans are getting coal for the thoughts about Andrew Luck right now.

17. Los Angeles Rams(8-7) – The Rams went from genius and Superbowl participant to out of the Playoffs. There is nothing Christmas can do for them.

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers(7-8) – The Bucs want no interceptions for Christmas. Not likely.

19. Chicago Bears(7-8) – The Bears may want a new quarterback for Christmas or maybe a new Head Coach? They still have a great defense.

20. Denver Broncos(6-9) – Did Santa already give the Broncos the best gift an NFL team can have? Who knows the kid has barely played.

21. Cleveland Browns(6-9) – The Browns needed to help themselves and just could not get it done. It’s ok Browns fans are used to the coal by now.

22. New York Jets(6-9) – Jets fans are much like Browns’ fans as they are used to coal. They have however played better in the second half of the season.

23. Atlanta Falcons(6-9) – Will Santa give the Falcons a new head coach this year?

24. Jacksonville Jaguars(5-10) – The Jags don’t need Santa they have Minshew magic, period.

25. Los Angeles Chargers(5-10) – The Chargers are in LA for Christmas and it sucks worse than what Bruce Willis dealt with in Die Hard. Your welcome Die Hard fans.

26. Carolina Panthers(5-10) – The Panthers are getting a coaching search for Christmas. Mike McCarthy under the tree?

27. Arizona Cardinals(5-9-1) – The Cards got there present in Kyler Murray last year. With two straight wins over the Browns and Seahawks, the Cards once again look like a team on the rise.

NFL Power Rankings Race for Number One

NFL Power Rankings

28. NY Giants(4-11) – Giants fans are hoping for a clean house for Christmas. Get it?

29. Miami Dolphins(4-11) – The Dolphins were out for the number one and fell short. In the end, this could be a blessing as they found their coach and showed they can win.

30. Detroit Lions(3-11-1) – The Lions may just get the greatest gift of all. A franchise quarterback back healthy and a top-five talent.

31. Washington Redskins(3-12) – The Redskins may get the gift of a Bruce Allen firing for Christmas. Also, have they found their quarterback?

32. Cincinnati Bengals(1-14) – We all know the gift that awaits the Bengals. They have now confirmed pole position in the NFL Power Rankings race for number one.

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  1. I’m an Eagles fan and all I can say is (Jerry please please keep Jason Garrett as the head coach of your team for another 2 more yrs it really helps out the Eagles big time.


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