LaFamilia: OTH will be My Forever Home

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Hanging with A Hero
Thanks Tony

The Beginning

In 1981, I was born in the middle of ANOTHER Successful University of Kentucky basketball season. Our Coach was Joe B Hall, who was 4 years off his 1st (and our 5th ) National Championship, yet only 3 years from his last game coaching his beloved UK Wildcats.

The rabid Kentucky fan base, at least 2 national titles away from adopting it’s moniker of #BBN, was focused and ready for a border war with Ohio St just 1 day away. Meanwhile, My mother, a Tennessee fan that I will apologize for now, was chiding her baby brother with Go Buckeyes commentary. As a tween aged young boy, with dreams of wearing UK Blue, his responses were of frustration and angst. My indoctrination into fandom, debate, and the family that is UK Hoops was in full swing.

Growing up, I innately thwarted my mother’s attempts to turn me to the dark side (that Orange side). My UK fandom growing with each season, even through CRUSHING disappointments like “THE SHOT”. Yes, I do sill hate Laettner.


As I grew up, I realized that my UK stardom was not going to take place on the court. I think this sunk in, officially, while playing Pickup with some of those UK legends on the Blue Courts. Did I hold my own? In spite of scoring 20ppg for one season of prep ball, I was barely worthy of rebounding their pristine jumpers.


These anecdotes into my fandom are offered to hint at the lifelong LOVE between myself, and the greatest College basketball program of all time, (UCLA had 1 decade). While I cannot tell stories of my athletic feats wearing that beloved Blue and white, I can bring to YOU a glimpse into the stories of those that did, or do, grace the court of Rupp Arena. This truth has landed with me joining the staff of Overtime Heroics.

I have had the opportunity to write for various outlets, join Uk greats for sports forums, and so many more wonderful opportunities. Yet, this burgeoning POWER known as Overtime Heroics feels like home. Honestly, it already feels like La Familia!

Discuss this, and everything to do with sports at the Overtime Heroics Forums.

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