Top 25 Most Impactful Canucks of the Decade

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For the first 25 days of December I counted down the top 25 most impactful Canuck players of the 2010’s. These Vancouver icons were ranked based on their statistics, impact on the city and overall play during their time with Vancouver. Rankings were mainly focused on the player’s Vancouver tenure during the 2010’s only, prior seasons with the team made little impact to the rankings.

25. Chris Higgins (2011 – 2016)

Former Canucks’ left winger Chris Higgins (20) celebrating after a goal | Photo Credits: Canucks Army

Statistics: 314 GP, 62 G, 80 A, 142 PTS

Chris Higgins was a mainstay on Vancouver’s forward group during their greatest seasons of the decade. He was a key piece in Vancouver’s greatest playoff run and gave five hard-fought years to the Canucks franchise. During the fall of 2019, it was announced that Higgins was returning to the Canucks organization in a player-developmental role. It will be interesting to see how he can impact the team in this upcoming decade.

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24. Brandon Sutter (2015 – Present)

Vancouver Canucks’ assistant captain Brandon Sutter (20) battling for loose a puck | Photo Credits: Jeff Vinnick

Statistics: 210 GP, 42 G, 41 A, 83 PTS

Thus far, Brandon Sutter‘s Canucks tenure has been tainted by constant injury. With this being said, he has stuck with the team during some of the their toughest times in the history of the organization. Not only has Sutter been around for the past five seasons, he has been a leader for younger, inexperienced players to lean on. Although he hasn’t taken the Canucks on a playoff run, Sutter has stayed with Vancouver and has remained loyal during tough times. Sutter’s loyalty, leadership and defensive prowess have earned him the twenty-fourth spot on this list.

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23: Mikael Samuelsson (2009 – 2011)

Former Canucks’ forward Mikael Samuelsson (26) | Photo Credit: thehockeynews.com

Statistics: 155 GP, 49 G, 57 A, 106 PTS

Swedish winger Mikael Samuelsson only spent two years in a Canucks uniform. With that being said, he played some of the best hockey of his career in Vancouver. Samuelsson spent the majority of his Canucks tenure on the second line where he found success. This success would be an integral part of why the Canucks would take home their first President’s Trophy in franchise history. Samuelsson had 30 goals on arguably the greatest Canucks team in franchise history. For these reasons, Mikael Samuelsson has earned the number twenty-three spot on the top 25 Canuck players of the decade.

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22. Mason Raymond (2007-2013)

Former Canucks’ winger Mason Raymond (21) | Photo Credit: John Russell/Getty Images

Statistics: GP 374, G 80, A 98, PTS 178

During his time in Vancouver, Mason Raymond developed what it took to be a successful middle-six winger on a high-end team. Canucks fans have many fond memories of him. From his patented spin-o-ramma to his two hat-tricks against Calgary. It is safe to say Raymond left his mark on both the team and the fans. For these reasons Mason Raymond is the twenty-second most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s.

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21. Sami Salo (2002-2012)

Former Canucks’ defenceman Sami Salo (6) | Photo Credit: Daily Hive

Statistics: 566 GP 74 G A 162 PTS 236

Sami Salo was a crucial part of the Canucks team for the better part of a decade. His shot was an absolute rocket and was able to lead. Salo served as an assistant captain while in Vancouver. If this list wasn’t just based on a specific decade Salo would likely be placed much higher. With this being said, Sami Salo is the still twenty-first greatest Vancouver Canuck of the 2010’s.

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20. Radim Vrbata (2014-2016)

Former Canucks’ winger Radim Vrbata (17) skating onto the ice | Photo Credits: NHL.com

Statistics: 142 GP, 44 G, 46 A, 90 PTS

Although Radim Vrbata stayed in Vancouver for only two seasons there were definitely some positive takeaways. Vrbata signed with Vancouver during the 2014 off-season in an attempt to rejuvenate an aging roster. This strategy worked in the short-term. Vrbata would habe a very good first season and was undeniably one of their best players heading into the 2015 postseason. Radim Vrbata’s fairly successful brief stint has earned him the number twenty slot on this list.

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19. J.T. Miller (2019-Present)

Canucks Advent
Newly acquired Canucks’ forward J.T. Miller (9) celebrating after scoring a goal | Photo Credits: DK Pittsburgh Sports

Statistics: 39 GP, 14 G, 22 A, 36 PTS

Miller has made an instant impact on this maturing young roster. Continued success from him may contribute to the first Vancouver playoff appearance in five years. If he can help take them that far. Regardless, Vancouver has looked better than they have in several seasons. He has been a massive factor in this newfound success. For these reasons J.T. Miller is the nineteenth most impactful Canucks player of this decade.

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18. Quinn Hughes (2019 – Present)

Canucks’ defenceman Quinn Hughes (43) during a home game | Photo Credit: sportsnet.ca

Statistics: 43 GP, 3 G, 27 A, 30 PTS

Similarly to the 19th ranked player on this list, Quinn Hughes has played slightly over half a season in Vancouver. In this 43 game span Quinn Hughes has exceeded all expectations that were placed on him when he was selected seventh overall in the 2018 Entry Draft. Quinn Hughes has simply mesmerized fans with his dizzying spin-moves and offensive presence on the powerplay. As each NHL game passes for Hughes, he seems to take another step in a positive direction. For these reasons, Quinn Hughes is the eighteenth most impactful Canuck of this decade.

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17. Jannik Hansen (2007-2017)

Former Canucks’ winger Jannik Hansen (36) celebrating | Photo Credit: Canucks Army

Statistics: 565 GP, 105 G, 130 A, 235 PTS

Drafted in the ninth round and born an uncommon hockey country he defied all odds. The ‘Danish Army Knife’ Jannik Hansen competed in Vancouver for the better part of this decade. The key-phrase there is ‘compete’. Hansen was never the most skilled player on the ice but he was versitle, humble and definitely knew how to compete. With all he gave to the Canucks organization, it is safe to say that Jannik Hansen has been the seventeenth most impactful Canuck through the 2010’s.

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16. Christian Ehrhoff (2009-2011)

Former Canucks’ defenceman Christian Ehrhoff (5) pumping up the crowd | Photo Credit: canucksarmy

Statistics: 159 GP, 28 G, 68 A, 96 PTS

Christian Ehrhoff only had a two-year campaign in Vancouver, however it was filled with success. In these two seasons, Ehrhoff was able to establish himself as one of the greatest offensive defenders in franchise history. While having Ehrhoff on the roster Vancouver was able to win four playoff series. Christian Ehrhoff was an key member of one of Vancouver’s best teams in their most prosperous era. Without him, many could argue that Vancouver may have never made the Stanley Cup Finals in 2011. For these reasons, Christian Ehrhoff is the sixteenth most impactful Canuck of the decade.

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15. Ryan Miller (2014-2017)

Canucks Advent
Former Canucks’ goaltender Ryan Miller (30) reaching out to glove the puck | Photo Credit: National Post

Statistics: 150 GP, 64 W, 68 L, 16 OTL, .914 SV %, 2.69 GAA

Ryan Miller was a huge part of Vancouver’s final playoff appearance in 2015. Without a goaltender of his caliber, the postseason may have not been an attainable destination. Although they were not able to make it in the following two seasons, without Miller it could’ve been a lot worse. Miller came to Vancouver to try and help jumpstart an aging organization. With a playoff appearance under his belt and a few hard fought seasons, Ryan Miller is the fifteenth greatest Canuck of this decade.

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14. Jacob Markstrom (2014 – Present)

Canucks’ goaltender Jacob Markstrom (25) pouncing on the puck | Photo Credits: vancourier.com

Statistics: 213 GP, 89 W, 88 L, 26 OTL, .913 SV %, 2.72 GAA

Jacob Markstrom has grown into a serviceable starting goaltender for the Canucks. Some nights he is more than that and will even put up 40-plus saves. Markstrom improves each season. If he can keep this up, he just might be able to take Vancouver back to the postseason. Jacob Markstrom has been and is the fourteenth most impactful Canucks player of the decade.

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13.Cory Schneider (2008 – 2013)

Former Canucks’ goaltender Cory Schneider (35) bracing for a shot | Photo Credit: canucksarmy.com

Statistics: 98 GP, 55 W, 26 L, 8 OTL, .927 SV %, 2.20 GAA

Cory Schneider was an absolute brick-wall while in blue and green during his short lived tenure.  At age 27 Schneider left Vancouver proud of what he accomplished in Vancouver. With less than a hundred games played, he won 55 times and recorded 9 shutouts. With a Jennings Trophy and incredible stats, Cory Schneider is the 13th most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s.

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12. Dan Hamhuis (2010 – 2016)

Former Canucks’ assistant captain Dan Hamhuis (2) | Photo Credits: CBC

Statistics: 389 GP, 23 G, 119 A, 142 PTS

Shown through actions both on and off the ice, we know that Dan Hamhuis was a leader in Vancouver. He was one of their greatest defencemen in their most prosperous era in franchise history. On the ice, Hamhuis was rock-solid defensively and could put up points when the team needed it. He was a Stanley Cup Finalist, an Olympian and an assistant captain. Dan Hamhuis is twelfth most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s

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11. Kevin Bieksa (2005 – 2015)

Former Canucks’ defenceman Kevin Bieksa (3) analyizing the play | Photo Credit: dailyhive.com

Statistics: 597 GP, 56 G, 185 A, 241 PTS

The story of Kevin Bieksa is assuredly an unlikely one. From a fifth round pick to a top-four stud on the blue-line, Bieksa loved to defy odds as a Canuck. Bieksa was an underdog, a scrapper and a leader for the Canucks. His career defining moments came in the form of big hits, fights, off the ice antics and of course his iconic goal in 2011. For these reasons, among others, Kevin Bieksa is the eleventh most impactful Canuck of the decade.

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10. Brock Boeser (2017 – Present)

Canucks’ right winger Brock Boeser (6) | Photo Credits: vancourier.com

Statistics: 179 GP, 72 G, 81 A, 153 PTS

After joining Vancouver in the 2014 offseason, the most praised tool in Jim Benning’s kit was his drafting ability. During the first round of his second draft (2015) in Vancouver he showed the legitimacy of his draft picks. He selected Brock Boeser at 23 who at the time seemed like an average pick. However, Brock turned out to be a steal at pick 23. A steal who light it up in college hockey before contending for a Calder in the NHL. Now a key member of the current Canucks roster, Brock Boeser is the tenth most impactful player throughout this decade.

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9. Christopher Tanev (2010 – Present)

Canucks’ defenceman Christopher Tanev (8) letting a shot go during warm-up | Photo Credit: dailyhive.com

Statistics: 484 GP, 22 G, 88 A, 110 PTS

For the entirety of the 2010’s Chris Tanev has been a constant on the Vancouver Canucks roster. From President’s Trophies and Swedish twins to lottery picks and aspiring superstars, Chris Tanev has been through it all. Since joining the team in the 2010-11 season as an un-drafted signee he has maintained a calm, loyal asset to the Canucks franchise. The defensive defenceman never hesitates to lay down his body to defend the goaltender. Positionally sound, and not one to take unnecessary penalties; Chris Tanev is the epitome of a defensive top-4 defenceman and is the ninth most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s.

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8. Alexandre Burrows (2005 – 2017)

Canucks Ring of Honour Inductee Alex Burrows (14) | Photo Credit: prohockeyrumoursandtrades.com

Statistics: 822 GP, 193 G, 191 A, 384 PTS, 1066 PIM

Alex Burrows embodies the ultimate underdog for Canucks fans. It’s a story as old as time itself – an unlikely hero outworks the odds and captures the hearts of the masses. Burrows had to fight and claw for every second of ice time that he earned in Vancouver. He wasn’t drafted, he wasn’t even supposed to make the AHL. The Quebec native climbed through multiple leagues to make it the NHL. While in the NHL, Burrows would make his way through the lineup. From fourth line grinder to first line winger on the best team in hockey; Burrows was a warrior. With the greatest goal in Canucks history and a spot in the Ring of Honour, it is safe to say that Alex Burrows is the eight most impactful Canuck during this decade.

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7. Alexander Edler (2006 – Present)

Canucks assistant captain Alex Edler (23) | Photo Credit: sportingnews.com

Statistics: 843 GP, 98 G, 287 A, 385 PTS

Alex Edler has been a cornerstone of the Vancouver Canucks organization for over a decade. Furthermore, the Swedish defenceman has always shown loyalty and appreciation for the franchise. Through some of the team’s best seasons winning Presidents Trophies to some of their worst, picking in the draft lottery. He has been with the Canucks through all of it. Even now, approaching 2020 he still is a top-pairing defenceman running the blue-line.  His longevity and overall impact on the Canucks’ blueline have proved him to be the seventh most impactful Canuck of this decade.

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6. Bo Horvat (2015 – Present)

Canucks’ captain Bo Horvat (53) battling for the puck | Photo Credit: sportsnet.ca

Statistics: 416 GP, 108 G, 143 A, 251 PTS

During this current season, Bo Horvat was named captain. He has won a career best 55.5% of his faceoffs so far and has even scored his first career hat-trick. Bo has played well on the second line with many different wingers. Although Vancouver sits on the outside of the playoff bubble mid-way through the season, fans are optimistic. This is the best team Vancouver has had since 2014-15 and Horvat is a huge part of that. He has worked tirelessly as a Canuck through the years and has made massive improvements. Bo Horvat is Vancouver’s captain and the sixth most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s.

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5. Elias Pettersson (2018 – Present)

Canucks’ forward Elias Pettersson (40) | Photo Credit: NHL.com

Statistics: 110 GP, 46 G, 61 A, 107 PTS

Through his first two seasons Elias Pettersson has played very well. At this moment he is the team leader in points and goals. Pettersson has 18 goals with 41 points. This is an impressive total to have through 39 games. If the sophomore Swede can maintain over a point per game it would surely make analysts and fans excited. Pettersson is looking to continue running the Canucks offence and is aiming to push them into a playoff spot. For his phenomenal play only a season and a half into his NHL career, Elias Pettersson is the fifth most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s. He will likely lead this team’s offence for years to come.

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4. Ryan Kesler (2003 – 2014)

Former Canuck forward Ryan Kesler (17) | Photo Credit: nhlpa.com

Statistics: 655 GP, 182 G, 211 A, 393 PTS

With a Selke Trophy it is hard to deny Ryan Kesler a spot on this list regardless of how Canucks fans felt about his departure. Kesler is one of the greatest two-way forwards in Canucks history. He was instrumental in bringing two President’s trophies and a conference championship home. Ryan Kesler is the fourth most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s.

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3. Roberto Luongo (2006 – 2014)

Canuck goaltender Robeto Luongo (1) making a pad save | Photo Credit: vancourier.com

Statistics: 448 GP, 252 W, 137 L, .919 SV%, 2.36 GAA

Although he spent more time in Florida than Vancouver, his best seasons came as a Canuck. Roberto Luongo holds several goaltender franchises records and has had the biggest impact out of all of the Canucks goalies. Luongo wasn’t just an average goaltender, he was a franchise goaltender who was instrumental in some of the greatest seasons that Canucks fans have ever witnessed. For these reasons, Roberto Luongo is the third most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s.

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2. Daniel Sedin (2000 – 2018)

top 25
Canucks forward Daniel Sedin (22) | Photo Credit: TSN.ca

Statistics: 1306 GP, 393 G, 648 A, 1041 PTS

During his time in Vancouver, Daniel Sedin brought so much to the Canucks roster. Him and his brother are generally considered the two best Canucks of all time. If Daniel hadn’t missed as many games as his brother he may have sat atop this list. Daniel was an elite goalscorer and a great leader. For these reasons among others, Daniel Sedin is the second most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s.

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1. Henrik Sedin (2000 – 2018)

Top 25
Former Canucks’ captain Henrik Sedin (33) | Photo Credit: NHL.com

Statistics: 1340 GP, 240 G, 830 A, 1070 PTS

It is hard to argue the fact that Henrik Sedin is one of the greatest Canucks in franchise history. He brought them their first Art Ross and President’s Trophies. Henrik captained the Canucks for the better part of a decade. He earned Vancouver their only Hart Trophy and helped take them to the Stanley Cup Finals for the third time. For these reasons, Henrik Sedin is the most impactful Canuck of the 2010’s

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