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Browns Fire Kitchens. McDaniels, Roman among Early Candidates

The Browns officially fired Freddie Kitchens yesterday after a disappointing 6-10 season. They now head into the offseason looking for a head coach for the sixth time under owner Jimmy Haslam. The kicker? Haslem has only owned the team since 2012. Once again, Browns’ fans will start anew at head coach. With rumblings still out there regarding the front office, could John Dorsey be on the way next?

Freddie’s Demise

The demise of Freddie Kitchens as a wunderkind offensive coordinator to head coach was seen in game one of 2019 against the Titans. The Browns came out firing on the first drive, a trend of 2019, then stalled out the rest of the way, also a pattern. The Browns would finish that game with 19 penalties, three turnovers and one player tossed. That lack of discipline would carry throughout the season as the Browns would be the second-most penalized team in the NFL.

 It would also rear it’s ugly head with shouting matches on the sidelines between the head coach and his star players. The ultimate moment displayed was Myles Garrett and his attack of Mason Rudolph in the first Steelers game. All of this pointed to a coach over his head and a team no longer listening. 

Early Candidates

Josh McDaniels

It has been reported by Adam Schefter that the Browns have already sought permission to speak with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels(surprise!!) for the head coaching job. We all remember the Colts debacle, but when you win, and players perform, you get more chances in the NFL. McDaniels is an Ohio native, and NFL rumblings have him interested in coaching the Browns and young quarterback Baker Mayfield. This move could spell the end of John Dorsey if ownership needs to entice McDaniels with full control. 

Greg Roman

Schefter is at it again with the report that the Browns have also asked to speak with Baltimore’s Greg Roman. Why Roman? See Lamar Jackson. Roman has proven over the years that he can lead high powered offenses with multiple strong seasons with the 49ers, Bills, and Ravens. He would bring an emphasis on running the football with authority and building his attack to suit the quarterback running it. Should Roman be the hire, it would be a two-pronged effect as the Browns get a brilliant offensive mind, and they take that mind from the rival Ravens. A move to Roman could mean that the front office stays intact, for now.

What is next for the Cleveland Browns?

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