Mariners Turn to “Let the Kids Play”

Ken Griffey Jr. featured in MLB's "Let the kids play" ad.

The Rebuild

I supported our rebuild from the get-go. In my opinion, close calls in recent years have just made our postseason drought even more painful. Especially because of our depleted farm system, which puts even worse years visibly on the horizon. Dipoto chose the perfect time to start a rebuild, in hindsight. He was able to make impact moves, to get prospects that would totally transform our farm system. As well as the future of the franchise, which starts when we let the kids play.

Everyone by now knows the rebuild started when it did, due to our teams aging core. The post-trade performance of many of our key departures only confirms that logic. With no expectations since, excitement has been nearly impossible to justify. However, I’m not sure I’ve ever been more excited for an upcoming Mariners season than I am right now, despite still having zero expectations. That’s also considering I was 5 the last time we made the playoffs.

The Kids

In 2020, we’ll finally get to see players in the first wave of our rebuild truly make their mark. After hitting 6 home runs and breaking up two no-hit bids in his first 10 career games, you have to be looking forward to seeing what Kyle Lewis can do in a full season. How couldn’t you be excited to see some defensive gems from our 2017 first-round draft pick, Evan White? White, who recently signed a 6-year deal, is expected to debut in 2020 with a chance to make the team out of spring training.

It’s also nice to know it’s not only Seattle fans who will be watching Jarred Kelenic, to see if he will reach his lofty goal of debuting in 2020. Not to mention his even loftier 2022 prediction, which every Mariners fan desperately needs to come true.

The Future

We still shouldn’t be expecting results tomorrow. It’s a long process after all. However, we legitimately have pieces to look forward to. Even though right now, we are still just hoping for continued development, we still have a brighter future than we have had in a long time. That being said, while we are still in the cellar, I can’t wait to see the kids play.

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