3 Trades To Push The Miami Heat Into Contention


In this article I breakdown 3 potential Miami Heat Trades that could help the Heat in different ways. I could see Pat Riley getting antsy and making a big swing for a top player or even adding a veteran wing at the trade deadline. The Heat have many tradable contracts as we approach the trade deadline. Miami may feel they need to add an all-star (or better) to push this team into contention. These are some potential Miami Heat Trades that would excite Heat Nation greatly.

The “Immediate Contention” Trade

Justise Winslow shooting a floater over Karl-Anthony Towns
Via USA Today

This is the most unrealistic and outlandish of the trades you’ll see in the article (due to the Jimmy beef). But let’s just see what would happen if the Heat just went completely “all in” right now. Karl-Anthony Towns is reportedly not thrilled playing for another lottery-bound Minnesota team. Per Ethan Strauss of the Athletic, the Warriors are looking into KAT’s situation, with multiple team executives saying Towns is “unhappy” playing with the Wolves.

In this trade Miami is giving up 2 great rookies, Winslow on a great contract and Olynyk to make the salaries work. This along with 2 picks could bring back the kind of haul Minnesota would potentially take for Towns.

The Heat would be able to put the perfect type of big and wing around Towns to set him up for success. Bam Adebayo and Jimmy bring the defensive prowess and offensive ability. This along with Town’s sheer talent would catapult Miami into immediate contention now and in the future. Giving Pat Riley one of the most talented young big men in the league with time to build around him would be so exciting.

The “Win Right Now” Trade

Kevin Love driving with Bam Adebayo defending
Via NBA.com
  • Cavaliers Trade: Kevin Love

When LeBron leaves in free agency Cleveland is abysmal for years after. The team won 19 games in both the 2011 and 2019 season (the years after LeBron left). Not much is changing with this team for now and they need to build for the future.

Miami has struggled to rebound this season. This year they are 15th overall in rebounding. Miami is unable to create a lot of second-chance opportunities due to this and rank 22nd in the league in this category.

The duo of Love and Adebayo would give the Heat length and size they desperately need. Currently Adebayo and Love both rank in the Top-10 of defensive rebounding. This addition would help the Heat set the pace of the game. In the playoffs when Miami is matched up against Philadelphia, Milwaukee or Boston this length and size would be huge for us.

The “3 and D Upgrade” Trade

Kelly Olynyk and Robert Covington going for a lose ball
Via Getty Images

In a December Bleacher Report article by Eric Pincus it was stated by a former GM that, “The Minnesota Timberwolves are believed to be shopping both Jeff Teague and Robert Covington”. Miami is a team that will be in many trade conversations leading up to the February 7th trade deadline. I expect them to try and add either an all-star or a plug and play player who they can play in the 4th quarter. This trade fixes the latter and allows the Heat to have the flexibility for another trade.

Covington is a career 36% 3-point shooter who the Heat can play in the last 5 minutes of a playoff game. Right now I worry about the Heat playing Derrick Jones Jr or Tyler Herro in crunch time. In the regular season, the Heat can get away with it, in the playoffs, we need more experienced players. While the loss of Derrick Jones hurts, Covington could potentially start and make a huge impact.

If the Heat make a trade like this where they give up no picks we could still acquire another All-Star. If we decide to add Love along with Covington we would be a dominant defensive force. Miami Heat trades are definitely a possibility and it gets us excited to speculate.

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