Nolan Arenado Latest Rumors in Atlanta


The award-winning Nolan Arenado of the Colorado Rockies has been in multiple rumors this offseason. Teams that have been attached to him include the White Sox, Rangers, and the Braves. The biggest of these rumors of late have been about Atlanta. Already having many young talented players in their lineup, why wouldn’t you try to sign the two-way all-star?

The biggest setback from a deal is the uncertainty of Josh Donaldson. Josh played very well for the Braves last season and the team is in need of a corner. Getting Nolan won’t come without a price, however, Atlanta has a system that could gather interest from Colorado. 

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Donaldson could be all that is holding back Atlanta from a potential blockbuster trade. The Braves have certainly established a great offense surrounded him and the defense isn’t bad either. However, the Braves have plenty of competition for Donaldson, putting a return to Atlanta in jeopardy. There is no doubt that the Braves are keeping Arenado on close tabs.

Nolan Arenado finished the year making a case for being the best 3rd baseman in the league. He earned yet another All-Star appearance along with his 7th Gold Glove. The thing Nolan values most of all is winning, and the Rockies just didn’t do that last year. Colorado had high hopes coming into the 2019 season having their starting pitching on the rise. However, Kyle Freeland didn’t produce the numbers he did last year, causing him to spend some time in the minors. Injuries also played a factor in the frustrating year for the Rockies. The misfortunate happening caused Colorado to never compile any momentum.

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On the other hand, the Braves finished first in the NL East, capping off a fantastic regular season. If only they could have done that in the postseason. Atlanta went home early as they lost a blowout at home against the St. Louis Cardinals. The offense was spinning its wheels and didn’t get the job done in Game 5. This is definitely an Atlanta team and fanbase eager to run deeper in October.

Atlanta could compete for Arenado with the assets they possess. Two top 100 minor league players include a couple of pitchers, which we all know Colorado is in need of. Ian Anderson and Kyle Wright both have solid numbers across the minors. These two could attract interest and be amazing trade pieces in this situation.

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Also in Atlanta’s farm system, #11 Cristian Pache (OF) and #23 Drew Waters (OF) could both be of service for the Rockies. Colorado has older outfielders in the likes of Charlie Blackmon and Ian Desmond. In one of the toughest outfields in the entirety of baseball, a little more mobility will certainly help. The pitching is the main attraction here, but both would improve the roster in Denver. 

Now for the reality check, a deal with landing Nolan Arenado is very slim. He has loyalty in Denver and just signed a massive contract, which registered as the biggest Colorado has dished out. The Rockies are most likely not going to waste a contract like that.

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