Cowboy Cerrone’s Blatant Key to Victory, UFC 246

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UFC 246 will kick off 2020 as the first UFC card of the year. This wasn’t even a scheduled event, until Conor McGregor burst onto the scene. This is another way of showing that the UFC is still heavily controlled by the Notorious. However, UFC legend Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone could change all of that in Las Vegas, Jan 18th. 

Cowboy Cerrone is finally getting his shot at McGregor in UFC 246. A money-making fight that is much deserved for the UFC veteran. McGregor hasn’t fought in the octagon since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov back in October of 2018. In fact, he only has two UFC appearances in the past three years, making the record holder Cowboy Cerrone the more active fighter by far.
Despite the activeness, defeating the former double weight champion won’t be a cake walk. However, Cowboy Cerrone has a blatant advantage over McGregor which could end the fight and send even more money over his way.

Donald has always been an excellent striker, especially with his kicks. When you look back at his previous fights, how much bouts has his kicks controlled the entire fight? The answer is, a lot. Just take a look at the impressive knockouts he has dished out over the years, his kicks are no doubt some of the best in UFC history. He’ll need to showcase his striking when facing off with Mystic Mac, as Conor also is an impressive striker himself.

These kicks are exactly his precious key to victory on January 18th under the brightest of lights. The reason being is that McGregor hasn’t fought a kicking sensation as Cowboy. This brings up a blatant question burning in fight fan’s minds. Can Conor McGregor defend the unique striking that Donald Cerrone has to offer? We all know McGregor’s ground game won’t matchup with the Jiu Jitsu of Cowboy, however, Cerrone has stated that the fight will be trading blows from the feet. He wants to deliver the fans with what they all came to see, and it is evident what that is.

All Cerrone needs in UFC 246 is put simply, precious time. Conor will certainly bring the pressure early with his high octane striking. But as we have seen time and time again, he has had issues with his cardio. Cowboy being the more experienced fighter will look to take the fight to the deeper rounds, before he goes in for the kill. Mixing up his punches and kicks will keep McGregor guessing and could open up for a nasty blow. However as stated earlier, none of these kicks or punches will get through an energized Mystic Mac.

In a recent statement, Conor’s coach John Kavanah said that this is the best he has seen McGregor. The old Mystic Mac could very well indeed be back this year, with all of his greatness. And it couldn’t have come at a better time, as this fight determines the rest of his career. McGregor has three fights on his calendar with the UFC, but UFC 246 determines all of these and if they are even a possibility. With many people believing that Cowboy has more ways to win this fight, the odds open as an underdog for the Notorious Conor McGregor.

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