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Top 3 Cubs of the 2010s

This article, I think, is the perfect way to look back at the past decade. These are my top 3 Cubs players that made the 2010s decade great. There are many players that have worn the Cubs uniform in the past decade, but these 3 players, we should never forget their career here as a Cub. Many great players will be left out because this top 3 was very hard to narrow down. A top 10 might have been a better option but I wanted to highlight some of the best players we have had. So with that I would like to bring up some honorable mentions. Kyle Hendricks, Kyle Schwarber, Kris Bryant, Jon Lester, Starlin Castro, Alfonso Soriano, and a personal favorite, Aramis Ramirez. Now the Top 3 Cub players that made the 2010s a great decade for Cubs baseball.

Anthony Rizzo

When people will remember this decade for the Cubs, Anthony Rizzo will be the “Papa Bear” of these Cubs. Anthony Rizzo has been the leader for this Cubs team and started his career as a Cub in 2012. Since then, he has been a leader not only in the rebuild but as well as the championship team that won it all in 2016. Let’s not forget the 2015 postseason run they had. I’ll go more into that with another player on the list but thank you Rizzo for giving Cub fans a great captain to cheer on. Only one other Cub can really rival Rizzo as the most memorable Cub of the decade. However, at the end, Rizzo will always be remembered with a Cub on his jersey.

Javier Baez

Okay, some people are going to argue recency bias with Baez. Still, this man will be remembered in this decade for the Cubs. This man had everyone’s eyes glued to the screen when he played and rightfully so. His defense is amazing and the flashy plays are just something else. His playoff moments alone should also put him alongside the top Cub players for the decade. The HR he hit in the 2016 NLDS against the Giants truly exploded Wrigley Field. For the first time, fans believed this might be the team to win it all.  With the recent news of Baez being on the cover of the new MLB The Show game, and him only being 27, Baez will (fingers crossed) make the list of being remembered as one of the top Cub players in the 2020s.

Jake Arrieta

Without a doubt in my mind Jake is one of the top Cubs in the past decade. Not having him as a part of the top Cubs remembered this decade is a straight travesty. He had incredible performances in the 2015 and 2016 season. Those seasons alone puts him up as one of the top Cub players of this decade. I love Kyle “The Professor” Hendricks, but Arrieta deserves this spot on the list. Winning the 2015 Cy Young and having two no-hitters, one against the Dodgers, and one against the Reds, is the icing on the cake for Arrieta’s career as a Cub. Even though he went to Philadelphia, he will always be apart of the Cubs history.

Those are my Top 3 Cubs of the 2010s, who would you put up here?

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