Why Miami Heat should move on from Kelly Olynyk

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This pains me to write because since the moment Kelly Olynyk signed in the summer of 2017 I’ve been his biggest supporter. I always thought Olynyk’s game fit in great with today’s new style of basketball. But this season I’ve realized that maybe it’s best to move on from Olynyk before his contract expires next summer. Here’s why Miami Heat should move on from Kelly Olynyk.

The last two weeks have told a story about Olynyk’s season. He is very inconsistent and struggling to get into the rotation as of late. In last night’s win over the Trailblazers, Olynyk didn’t even touch the floor as the Heat coasted to a win. In the last nine games, Olynyk has only played double-digit minutes in three of these games. I’d say the main problem he is having would be on the defensive end.

This is a huge problem with the lack of depth the Heat currently posses due to injury and other Dion Waiters related banishment issues. Defensively he struggles to stay on the court against the bigger faster forwards. Teams such as the 76ers just cause a nightmare for Olynyk as he becomes a liability. Don’t get me wrong some nights when he has it going Olynyk is a deep threat off the bench that could provide a spark.

Last night James Johnson ended up taking all of Olynyk’s minutes which I think makes a huge statement. Johnson ended up playing 22 minutes scoring 12 points in his first game since November 27th.

If one move had to be made with this current Miami Heat roster I think Kelly Olynyk is the odd man out. Of course, Dion Waiters is first on that list but the chances of him being moved are slim to none. This roster I believe needs a big man capable of defending the interior and possibly stretching the floor just a bit.

If the Heat decides to part ways with Olynyk before the February trade deadline, I have two preferred options.

Option One for the Miami Heat

I think this is the best and most realistic option, but Pat Riley and Andy Ellisburg should inquire about Dewayne Dedmon. Dedmon has publicly voiced his desire to be moved from Sacramento this season. I think he fits in perfectly as a role-player off the bench that stretches the floor and defends the interior, two things Miami would love. I don’t know the exact deal that would get this done but you would think the price shouldn’t be too high on Dedmon. The only flaw to this would be his salary extending into 2021 aka The summer of Giannis.

Option Two for the Miami Heat

Another big man that I would love to see in a Miami Heat uniform is Aron Baynes. He’s having a breakout season with the Suns who started off hot but have fallen off as of late. He flourished While Deandre Ayton missed the due to his suspension. I don’t see why the Suns would trade him but again I think he is a perfect fit for this team. He is a rugged interior defender who is never afraid to put his body on the line for team success. Baynes would be a great addition on a team-friendly deal making just five million next season before hitting free agency.

If Olynyk doesn’t get moved I can still see him being a part of this team in some capacity. I’ve always been a fan of his unusual game but I just think he needs to improve his consistency.

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