What will Tom Brady do next season?


Tom Brady is 42 years old and is still aging every single day. What will Tom Brady do next season? Retire? Go to another team? Stay with Patriots?

Tom Brady Retiring – Likely

Tom Brady has been with the New England Patriots for his whole career. He has recently sold his home, and so has his trainer. Brady could comfortably retire tomorrow, but I don’t think he wants to. Brady has said it is ‘unlikely’ he will retire this season. I believe he could retire, but only if his health or his wife’s decision to move forces him to retire from playing football.  

Tom Brady Leaving in Free Agency – Unlikely

Brady could honestly leave in free agency this season. Josh McDaniels is leaving most likely this season, and it would be hard for Tom to build another relationship with an offensive coordinator. If McDaniels leaves, then I would not be surprised if Brady follows him wherever he goes. Bill Belichick and Brady’s relationship has not been great in recent years. They have had arguments on if Brady should keep his trainer which has diminished the relationship between them both. This could be another critical reason Brady could leave in free agency.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady Stays with the Patriots – Most Likely

Brady is most likely to stay with the Patriots after this NFL season. If the Patriots add some weapons around Brady, that will help a lot. Brady has been with New England his whole career, and I believe he wants to retire always a Patriot. It wouldn’t make sense for him to go to the Chargers or some other big name. If he stays here, Belichick will attempt to put together another Super Bowl contending roster and show the world the dynasty is still alive.

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