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Happy new year, and welcome to a new episode of OTH NFL Fans: Packers edition. Where we take the time to find the biggest NFL fans around the world and love to share their stories. A place where we look for the biggest NFL fans around the world and share their stories.

To begin the decade, we start with a Green Bay Packers fan: Maggie Loney. A writer for CheeseheadTV and a Podcaster for PackADayPodcast. She is a die-hard, season ticket holder, Packers fan, married to a Browns fan.

OTH NFL FAN: Who is Maggie Loney?

Maggie grew up in Kenosha, a city that has a 70/30% split between Packers and Bears fans, located in the southeastern border of Wisconsin, right by Illinois.

“A lot of people in my family are Bears fans, but my parents are Packers fans, and when I grew up, I was always a big fan.”

She mostly remembers the fun rivalries growing up, especially in elementary school during rivalry week.

During high school, she was present for the Favre era but was too young to really appreciate what was happening.

“I do have to point out that there are pictures of me, with a Favre jersey, growing up!”

It was her junior year that she really began to jump into football.

It was the 2006-2007 season, that started it all, the beginning of the Rodgers era:

“I got to witness the Packers in the Super Bowl, and that has to be the most exciting year of football I have ever experienced!”

Her favorite players are Jerry Kramer and Bart Starr (as well as most of the players during the Lombardi years) and B.J. Raji!

  • Jerry Kramer, because I love the history of the team, and he reflects the persona of the entire team.
  • Bart Starr, the gold standard is the Lombardi era team.
  • B.J. Raji

Maggie has always had a passion for writing, but not necessarily about sports.

“I knew I liked football, but it wasn’t until the 2010 season, that it really got me invested into making it more than just being a fan.”

That season was the beginning for Maggie, as she would really become a student of the game. She currently has an entire bookshelf with books about the history of the team, player biographies, etc.

“When I have the opportunity, I sit down to read and research as much as I can.”

Maggie became a season ticket holder for the first time this year. She tries to share the wealth with her friends and family.

“I usually go to two or three games per season, this year was no exception and I tried to give my family an opportunity to go as well.”

Her Packers memories

Maggie has a lot of great memories as a Packers fan. Her favorite though is a game she attended in 2017, an overtime game in Lambeau Field vs. the Bengals. Geronimo Allison made a big catch down the sideline that led to a field goal victory. She also enjoyed the Panthers game from this past season because it was snowing heavily, and that was unexpected.

“The drive home was terrible, but snowing in Lambeau was amazing! I always associate the Packers with snow, so it was an incredible moment.”

As far as a favorite moment, it is the B.J. Raji interception during the NFC Championship game:

“That was a huge one, it solidified my love for the Packers and made me want to do more than just watch the team.”

Other great memories include the 2018 week one comeback:

“It felt like something unreal, that might not happen again statistically!”

The Hail Mary’s:

“The whole house was asleep, and we tried to not wake anyone up, but when it happened, we rushed to wake them up, and dragged them to watch the replay.”

Regular season game against Cleveland in 2017:

“Like I mentioned earlier, my husband is a Browns fan, it wasn’t a good game, but witnessing the comeback to tie it and go to OT and win it was very special.”

Her worst memories include the obvious, all the missed opportunities to be playoff or Super Bowl contenders.

“If I had to pick a game, it would probably be the NFC Championship against Seattle. I got to finally believe the team could make it to the big game, and then that happened.”

As far as tailgating goes:

“I don’t do a lot of tailgating, but I’ve gotten to stay at the Cheesehead TV house, it has been a blessing. Aaron and Cory, are both great hosts. and I did get Double Doink cupcakes once!”

Packers theme wedding at Lambeau

Maggie is one of those lucky fans, that was able to make one of her dreams come true.

I will let her tell this part of the story to make it more special:

“My husband and I got engaged in 2017 at Disney, and I discovered through ads on the Packers website, that you could have a wedding at Lambeau field. We looked into it, and we got married on the offseason, on March 23rd! It was 50 degrees that day, and we got married under the scoreboard.

“Our ceremony was like five minutes long and then we moved into the fourth level of the club area and that’s where the reception and dinner were held.”

“The cool part was that because we booked it there, we were able to go all around the stadium and take pictures. They even let me do a Lambeau leap! All of the photos by Brian + Lindsey photography. We also did a mini tailgate for the food: Mini brats, hot dogs, potato salad and a carbon station, and people raved about the food. We didn’t know if the tailgate feel would fit the Lambeau atmosphere, but everyone enjoyed it. It was perfect!”

Packers memorabilia and collectibles

Since Maggie is a writer and podcaster, she has had the opportunity to meet and interview a couple of players:

“I got to interview Justin McCray, former Right Guard, reached out to him during training camp, got to be friendly with him when he first started. Wrote a story about his career, because he wears 64 and was starting that game, the same night Jerry Kramer was inducted in the HOF.”

She has also met a lot of players at signings or meet and greets:

  • Geronimo Allison: Signed a picture of him diving into the end zone for a TD against the Bears.
  • Dave Robinson: When I met him, he gave me a hug and let me put his Super Bowl ring, I didn’t ask him, he just gave it to me, very cool guy!
  • Jerry Kramer: Met him a week before traveling to Canton for his induction, I got to shake his hand and congratulate him in person.
  • B.J. Raji: I told him he was my favorite player and he let me shake his hand, it engulfed mine, and that made him laugh a lot.
  • Kenny Clark: Cool story, my husband told him he was a Browns fan, and Clark shook his hand and told him he had never met one in person, pretty fun.

As far as memorabilia and collectibles, she has an old school Bart Starr mini helmet. She got that a few months before he passed away. Several Jerry Kramer autographs in her office. A Justin McCray jersey she received after the interview. Last but definitely not least, the B.J. Raji jersey, which she received from her husband.

Final Thoughts

On Favre leaving the Packers:

Since Maggie grew up during the Favre transition, it didn’t resonate a lot with her when he left.

“I couldn’t really understand what was going on. I remember in middle school when he became a Jet, it really sucked, but at least it was the AFC. When he became a Viking, I realized the significance of what he did.”

She is now glad that the relationship has been amended these past few years. She even took her dad for his retirement game.

Mike McCarthy:

Maggie supports his signing with the Cowboys:

“They wanted someone to come in with a winning pedigree and Super Bowl experience, he is good for that culture.”

She believes that with the talent on the roster he is inheriting, they can be a competitive team for a long time.

“It does suck that he went to Dallas, I would have loved him to go to the AFC though, made it easier to root for him.”

Thank you again for stopping by, and we hope you enjoyed Maggie’s story. You can follow her on Twitter @MaggieJLoney

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