What the First BMF Title Defense Could Look Like


The BMF title was introduced last November when Jorge Masvidal defeated Nate Diaz in an epic card. Masvidal, a huge breakout star for the UFC last year, is yet to defend his unique belt. However, rumors and predictions are now beginning to swirl that the first defense could come in 2020. The talk has now shifted to the Notorious Conor McGregor, as he has stated his interest in the belt. As it stands with Jorge, that is mighty fine.

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On Monday, Jorge Masvidal was brought on the Ariel Helwani ESPN fight show where he made this statement. Masvidal said that he would rather have a bout with McGregor rather than challenging welterweight champion, Kamaru Usman. Which I mean who wouldn’t love to have a huge payday and also a chance to take out the UFC’s biggest star?

Then there is another option for Jorge Masvidal in his defense, a rematch with Diaz. After the MSG bout, Nate Diaz expressed that he was stepping away from the game once again. However, as fans know, you can never predict the future of a guy such as Nate. At the beginning of 2020, Diaz posted on social media that has fans not counting him out of fighting this year. These are the two clear options that if everything plays out, one man will challenge for the title. 

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What Has to Happen for McGregor to Get Jorge Masvidal

This is not something that will happen right away, however, as McGregor has a fight to win at UFC 246. Winning against Donald Cerrone is the most crucial moment in the superstar’s career. Dana White has said Conor wants three fights in 2020, but the other two must be kept on hold. White, in an interview with ESPN reporter Brett Okamoto, said that Conor must win first before he even thinks about setting up other events. Dana also said he personally doesn’t like the idea of the fight, however, it is clear that McGregor has and will pull strings.

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Nate Has Proved Something to All of Us

As of right now, McGregor is the more likely option, but don’t count out the unpredictable Stockton character. Nate can and will fight at any moment if the terms are correct for him. Diaz also has to buy into fighting, rather than being caught up in other activities. A lot of people, including McGregor, feel like we were robbed of the final rounds of the fight. Masvidal looked dominant against Stockton’s finest and was clearly winning the fight while Diaz suffered a great deal of damage. Regardless, Jorge Masvidal walked away as the BMF champion after being strapped by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Amongst all this, however, Diaz has shown us that he is capable of fighting at any time and still be on the top of his game, leaving him as an option to never count against. 

Right now McGregor and Diaz are on two opposite ends of the equation, despite being tied together with the BMF belt. Conor has big plans to revamp his career with his 2020 campaign, while Diaz has nothing lined up at the time. Jorge Masvidal has put himself in a position where the two have to come to him. Let’s see how this new belt will play out as the UFC future continues on.

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