Who Should Win the Royal Rumble?


We are officially in Royal Rumble season, which means we can now start to speculate on who will win the big annual event.

I will try to do something different, and elaborate a quick storyline per wrestler that I pick to win the Rumble.

There will be three picks for the male rumble and three picks for the women’s rumble.

Let’s get started.

Royal Rumble Winner One: Drew McIntyre

The Chosen One, was once supposed to be the future of WWE, the next World Heavyweight Champion.

However, many things happened, Drew left the company and the hype was gone.

Fast forward a couple of years later, and McIntyre was back in NXT. He captured the gold and once again was back to rising to the top.

However, he has been in the main roster for quite some time now, and he has yet to win gold.

For the past few weeks, Drew has been doing a lot of promo/matches, where he interacts with the crowd.

Asking them if he should beat his opponents up a bit more, or hit another Claymore, etc.

This makes me believe that he could be teasing a face turn, but why would they turn him when he is such a good heel?


He is going to win the Royal Rumble!

Drew has the size, the strength and the talent to headline Wrestlemania, and face Brock Lesnar.

I for one, would be interested in seeing a Drew vs Brock match.

How I would book it:

I would continue to tease the face turn all the way up until the Rumble.

Have Brock Lesnar, literally eliminate most of his opponents immediately, to create a lot of heat.

Drew comes in around 20th and eliminates Brock, and goes on to win the Rumble.

Next day on Raw, McIntyre comes out to mention who he will face at Mania, and Brock shows up.

No talk, just a stare down, followed by a couple of F5’s. The feud is officially set.

Big man vs big man to main event Wrestlemania, wouldn’t Vince love this match?

Plus who better than to dethrone the Beast than the Chosen One.

Royal Rumble Winner Two: Kevin Owens

Rumors are flying that Kevin Owens will win the Royal Rumble.

Let’s face it, ever since he adopted the stunner and became a baby face, this has been the path for him.

He helped us get rid of Shane McMahon, he helped Team Ciampa win War Games, and he is now fighting against Seth Rollins.

And there is no better way to get him super-over than having him defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

How I would book it:

I would actually switch things up a little, and do the double elimination ending, with both feet landing at the same time scenario.

The feud with Seth Rollins and AOP can’t end this quickly, and what better way to have both of them keep things going than to face the Beast at Mania.

A triple threat match to main event WrestleMania would be a delight for fans around the globe.

Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar? Now that’s a headline!

Plus, it’s another way to either avoid Lesnar being pinned, or, to keep the Rollins and Owens feud going.

Royal Rumble Winner Three: Aleister Black

Aleister Black has been getting pushed since he left NXT.

He has lost only in tag team matches, and will probably take a loss vs Buddy Murphy sooner or later.

I understand that his push might be too soon, but who else does he have to face for the WWE Universe to take him seriously?

I’d say let him win the Royal Rumble and match up against Brock Lesnar.

Why Lesnar? Well, I believe it is to early to have the dream match against The Fiend. He needs more stories behind him.

He doesn’t have to beat Lesnar at Mania (maybe Murphy costs him the match), but at least let him headline it.

Black has all the tools, talent, and mic work to make his match at Mania, the match of the night.

How I would book it:

I’d have Roman, Murphy, Black and Corbin as my final four.

Corbin eliminates Roman, and as he starts celebrating, Black hits black mass, and eliminates the King.

Murphy quickly goes to eliminate Black, and tosses him over, and we get the he held on and is not eliminated part of the Rumble.

Aleister hits black mass, and wins the Rumble.

This actually allows for Murphy to interfere at WrestleMania and cost Black the title.

Maybe Brock goes for an F5, and knocks out the ref. Black hits his third Black Mass, goes for the pin and Buddy comes down to the ring.

He hits Murphy’s law, Lesnar comes to his senses, F5, and he retains.

Royal Rumble Winner Bonus Pick One: Tommaso Ciampa

Ciampa is back to get Goldie, but because he has been gone for so long, things have changed a lot in the NXT scenario.

And as much as I would love for Ciampa to face Adam Cole, I believe Keith Lee is next in line.

I would however, have Ciampa win the Royal Rumble, for one final match against Adam Cole.

Why would you not let two of your best superstars headline Wrestlemania, with a 20-30 minute match?

Adam Cole would still win the match, but it can be another way to elevate Ciampa, in order to move him to either Raw or Smackdown.

I could also play with the idea of Ciampa appearing on Raw and Smackdown to tease matches with The Fiend and Brock.

On Smackdown, he could call out The Fiend, Bray shows up, tells him that The Fiend is not interested in him, but he will fight him instead.

As far as the Rumble goes, maybe he eliminates Brock, therefore, having him show up on Raw and creating a confrontation.

However, Paul convinces Brock, that Ciampa is a nobody, and he is not worth their time.

Ciampa however, tells them, they are not worth his time, as he wants Goldie back.

Thus, after Ciampa loses to Cole at Mania, he can go after Brock.

Royal Rumble Winner Bonus Pick Number 2: Killer Kross

What better way to bring Killer Kross to WWE, than to put in his contract that he will win the Royal Rumble and go to Wrestlemania to face Brock Lesnar.

Plus, he also gets to be “closer” to Scarlett.

Kross comes out as the surprise entrant, maybe in the late 20s, and he eliminates Brock.

He then proceeds to win the Rumble, and shows up on all three brands.

The Fiend seems to be interested, but tells him that not at the moment.

Adam Cole, tells him he can have a match, but when he loses he goes to the back of the line.

Kross is interested, but says he has bigger fish to fry, and heads to Raw.

Killer Kross challenges Brock Lesnar to a Wrestlemania Fight. What a bigger and badder way to make your debut.

I would definitely support this scenario, and would love for it to happen. I do not see Kross winning at Mania, but at least headlining it would be ok.

This also opens the door, for Cain Velazquez to sneak into their feud somehow after Mania.

As Kross and Cain have some unfinished business from Triple AAA.

It could also give another wildcard to the match with having Cain be the special referee.

Royal Rumble Winner Bonus Pick Three: Shinsuke Nakamura

Let’s be real, Shinsuke’s time on Raw/Smackdown has been a disaster and a waste of time.

And even though I love his pairing with Cesaro and Sami, I don’t think that group is going to do anything at all.

That faction has so much potential, but they are not made for Raw or Smackdown.

However, if Shinsuke would win the Rumble, they could all go to NXT, and my how that would change everything.

Undisputed Era vs Nakamura, Cesaro and Sami, yes please!

The WWE loves to have multiple time Royal Rumble winners, so Shinsuke repeating would make sense for them.

What better way to have an incredible match at Wrestlemania than Adam Cole vs Shinsuke Nakamura.

This would also be a way for Nakamura, Cesaro and Sami, to stay on NXT, and finally get the push that they deserve.

Women’s Royal Rumble Winner One: Shayna Baszler

The queen of spades has had one of the most dominant runs in NXT since Asuka, and she has nothing else left to prove.

Shayna has the skills, the mic work and the ability to make an immediate impact on Raw and run to the top of the women’s division.

I mentioned on Twitter a few months back, that I would have her lose to Rhea Ripley, disappear her for a few months and,

Have her come back at the Royal Rumble to win it all.

She would then go on and face Becky Lynch at WrestleMania, and have Ronda Rousey get involved somehow.

Helping her friend win the title, and finally dethroning the Man.

This would then lead to another Becky vs Ronda feud, that would eventually set up a triple threat match for Shayna’s title.

However, with rumors of Ronda showing up at the Royal Rumble, I’d actually try and book this differently.

How I would book it:

There are two ways to book this:


I would have Ronda, Sasha, Shayna and Charlotte as the final four.

That would also leave a small pebble for the four horsewomen showdown down the road.

Ronda would first eliminate Charlotte, thus causing the queen to snap, and eliminate Ronda in the process.

(Leading to a match at Mania).

With the distraction, Sasha throws Shayna over, but she holds on. Banks celebrates, Baszler locks in the coquina clutch, and eliminates proceeds to eliminate the boss.


I would have Ronda, Sasha, Shayna and Charlotte as the final four.

Ronda and Shayna end up as the final two, and you have the both get eliminated at the same time ending.

Thus leading to a triple threat match at Mania vs Becky.

This can actually allow for Becky to retain her title, or for Ronda to win it back once again.

I personally would enjoy the first angle, but knowing WWE, I think they’d go with scenario number two.

Women’s Royal Rumble Winner Two: Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is one of my favorite wrestlers, and let’s face it, she currently is not doing anything of relevance.

She is Bayley’s best friend, but that is it.

Bayley is the champion, not her, and why isn’t the Boss the champion again?

If she won the Royal Rumble, this would give her the opportunity to get back to being the Boss, the main event, the superstar.

How I would book it:

I would have Banks win the Royal Rumble, and immediately show up at the start of Smackdown.

She would cut a promo with her heart towards Bayley, about how they have been best friends.

How she has supported and stood by Bayley, and watch her blossom as a champion.

However, Bayley has given a lot of “commoners” opportunities for her belt, but she has never given her a chance.

Moreover, both of them are the best in the world, and the best deserve to be champions.

Bayley comes out, and tells her she agrees with her completely, gives her a big hug and tells her that all she has to do is ask.

Sasha, smiles, looks at the camera and says “Ok, I’m going to ask, Becky Lynch, how about you and me headline Wrestlemania?”

Match is made, and Sasha comes out victorious, and we get an Eddie/Benoit moment at the end, with both champions hugging in the middle of the ring.

Women’s Royal Rumble Winner Three: Io Shirai

Let’s be real, Io Shirai is one of the best, if not the best female wrestler in the world.

She has all the in-ring skills and talent to be the next big thing in the WWE and this cannot go to waste.

On NXT, it could easily give a great feud between Rhea and Io, but I just don’t see Ripley losing that title anytime soon.

I would have Io win the Rumble thus sending her to Raw. (Even if it’s the wrong thing to do)

How I would book it:

There are two ways that this could be booked:


Have Asuka defeat Becky Lynch for the title, and book an Io vs Asuka match at Wrestlemania.

Wow, would that be a show stealer.

You could even make it a triple threat match.

One of them would certainly need a manager to make their feud more interesting, but once they get inside that ring, well….


Becky Lynch defeats Asuka, and says that she has beaten everyone.

Kairi Sane steps up and challenges Becky to a match on Raw, which The Man wins.

Post match, Io comes through the crowd, attacks Becky, challenges her to a match at Mania, and joins the Kabuki Warriors.

Io defeats Becky at Wrestlemania, thus creating a faction that holds all of the women’s titles.

Asuka, Kairi and Io at the top of the wrestling division. Yes please!

Women’s Royal Rumble Winner Bonus Pick One: Lacey Evans

This might not be the most popular choice out there, but bare with me.

If Asuka defeats Becky, this gives us our super heel champion, which happens to be from outside the U.S.

Down comes Royal Rumble winner Lacey Evans, the all american marine, old-fashion, lady like, perfect mom, role model.

If Lacey is built up that way, this could lead her to becoming a real fan favorite, and thus giving us a match between foreign heel vs American face.

It might sound a little crazy, but if done right, this could be huge.

Fans have always loved the foreign heel champion against the patriotic face.

And what a way to close out Wrestlemania, than with Lacey Evans waving the american flag, standing in the ring with the Women’s championship.

Final Comments

The main reason why I did not have anyone challenge The Fiend is because he is to busy at the moment.

His feud with Daniel Bryan and The Miz, gives us the perfect Wrestlemania match.

Plus, The Fiend can lose the title without getting pinned, and giving us more Miz vs Bryan.

I believe the WWE is pushing for Daniel Bryan to be champion once more, and this could be the way to do it.

It can also be a way for The Fiend to drop the belt, and actually say he is not interested in it at the moment, as he has other pending things he needs to finish.

Thank you again for stopping by, and I hoped you enjoy my scenarios.

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