NWA Powerr Review: 01/07/20

Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner is in the NWA building!

We are back, with another episode of NWA Powerr, and we start things off with Tim Storm.

Interview with Tim Storm


“The NWA Television title has been the workhorse title in history, and I would be proud to represent the company.”

“This is a unique situation, there are six people moving forward via the tournament.”

“For me personally, there are two open invitation spots, which means, my opponent could be a legend.”

“It could even be someone from another promotion.”

And here comes Kamille and she has the mic.


“I don’t know why you are out here, and I really don’t care.”

“How can Nick be the face of the company and no-show up a main event for these people?”

“Who do you represent?:

Someone in the crowd shouts: “A Coward”

Tim: “Is he a coward?”

And he gets slapped by Kamille.

Post-Interview & Comments

Tim was really hyping up the NWA fans, which was very cool.

He spoke about always doing what’s best for them and giving them what they want.

Kamille showing up after Tim kept talking about Nick was fun, and that slap in the end just adds more to the overall feud.

Good start to the show.

The NWA TV Title Tournament Continues

NWA TV Title Tournament Draw: Zane Dawson will be taking on Dave Dawson next week.

Zicky Dice vs Caleb Konley is next.

Very fast pace to start the match with Konley throwing Zicky around.

He is able to land a couple of dropkicks and Dice has to go to the outside to re-group.

Caleb is able to land a nice leg sweep, follows up with a senton, but can only get a two count.

Konley is fired up, he lands a huge kick to the head, goes to the top rope but misses the moonsault.

Dice hits the Snake, Rattle, and Roll, and advances to the next round.

Post-Match & Comments

Caleb looked very impressive throughout the match and dominated almost all of it.

Zicky got minimum offense, but was able to avoid the moonsault and hit his finisher for the win.

He seems to be getting a push, but I do not see anyone besides the Question Mark winning this tournament, so I will keep my comments to the minimum.

Aaron Stevens & Question Mark Interview

Here we go, the highlight of the week! The two top performers in wrestling at the moment.


“With the training that I have received from my Sensei, I now know the best need the titles.”

“We have a student-teacher bond, and the Question Mark is a 10th-degree black belt in Mongrovian karate.”

Question Mark:



“He will be the first 10th degree TV Champion, and we will become the Tag Team Champions as well.”

“When I find the right opponent, I will put this title on the line, but in the meantime,

All the gold is coming to us, because we deserve it!”

Question Mark:


Post-interview & Comments

These two guys are amazing, I loved every single line from this interview.

Aaron Stevens is gold on the mic, and The Question Mark, even better.

I really hope they get all the titles, it would be incredibly entertaining.

Somehow I feel, that when they get to face Nick Aldis or whoever is holding the world title, their partnership will end.

Until then, let’s continue to enjoy the moment.

Thunder Rosa vs ODB

Match stats and Rosa with the early advantage, hitting several knees to ODB’s mid-section.

ODB quickly counters and starts slapping Rosa on each corner.

However, this only seems to anger Rosa, and she lands a huge kick to the face of ODB.

The match suddenly turns into a strike exchange, but Rosa lands a dropkick and the NWA crowd is loving it.

She then locks in a headlock, but ODB is able to get out and we are back to a slugfest.

Rosa with another kick, goes to the top rope, tries a cross-body but gets caught, and is hit with a fallaway slam.

ODB is now going to the top, but she misses a double ax-chop, Rosa goes off the ropes and connects with a drop-kick.

1, 2, nooo!

Thunder Rosa is now going to the top rope, double stomp to the back, and this match is over!

Post-Match & Comments

Yes! What a victory! Thunder Rosa looks better by the week!

She is one of my favorite wrestlers at the moment, and she has all the skills to be at the top.

I really enjoyed this match. A lot of back and forth, with both competitors really going at each other.

I know Melina will probably get the first shot at Kay’s title, but Rosa sure looks like a future champ.

Maybe Belle costs Melina the title, and with that feud happening, we get Rosa vs Kay.

Interview with Nick Aldis


“I bet you really want to ask me about Kamille, don’t you?”

“Kamille is no longer my insurance policy, and I told the truth, she is a member of Strictly Business.”

“Like all the members of our team, we look out for our own!”

“Tim is just a relic in my rearview mirror, his time is gone.”

“You want to talk about another relic, Ricky Morton.”

“Tonight, I am wrestling Ricky Starks and I will prove that I am an athlete that will beat him in six minutes.”

“Plus, I am the national treasure, and I have professed the greatness of Starks, but tonight.”

“Starks gets made at the hands of the national treasure in less than six minutes.

Six Minute Exhibition Match is Next

The match starts with a cocky Nick Aldis, who is just wasting time as he thinks he doesn’t even need six minutes to win.

Aldis then turns a powerslam into a suplex, showing incredible power, but can only get a two count.

The champ hits a fallaway slam at the midway mark of the match, but can’t take Starks down.

However, Starks is able to counter with a sling blade, hits a dropkick off the top rope, but can only get a two count.

Aldis seems to have had enough and goes outside the ring, but Starks jumps to the outside and hits a tope.

He sends Aldis back in the ring, climbs the top rope, but misses a moonsault.

Nick then locks in the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf submission hold with one minute remaining.

Ricky has not tapped, and there are thirty seconds left in the match, can he do it?

The bell rings, and Ricky did not tap.

The Champ thinks he won, but the ref says it’s a draw.

Post-Match & Comments

Ricky Morton comes down to the ring and grabs a mic and asks the fans if they want five more minutes.

Nick declines and says Starks was saved by the bell.

Morton then challenges Aldis to a five-minute match.

Aldis declines and walks to the back.


Nick Aldis is such a great champion, his character is really entertaining.

He plays the cocky heel but still knows how to make you laugh.

The match itself was very entertaining, with Starks getting a couple of near falls.

As Nick said, Starks is a future star.

I am not sure, I want to see a feud with Ricky Morton.

However, it will probably have to do more with the Wild Cards going for the titles than anything else.

I really don’t know who Nick’s next opponent will be.

Hopefully Marty Scurll.

NWA Powerr Main Event

Eli Drake and James Storm vs Colt Cabana and Mr. Anderson vs The Wild Cards.

However, they call for the Wild Cards, and they do not come to the ring.

Match will start as a regular tag match.

Eli and Colt start the match, with Drake getting the early advantage.

Storm tags in, but Colt and Anderson are working very well together and are dominating the match.

With the NWA crowd behind him, Storm is able to counter and tag in Eli.

Drake lands a big powerslam and does the E-L-I- Drake perfect elbow, but can only get a two count.

Eli goes for a strike but misses and this allows Anderson to take advantage of the match.

Ken and Colt are still dominating the match, but Eli counters with a jawbreaker and a dropkick.

The NWA crowd is fired up, they want to see the tag, but Anderson takes out Storm on the outside.

This allows Colt to hit the superman pin, but can only get a two count.

Anderson thinks it was three, he grabs the ref and gets disqualified.

Post-Match & Comments

Colt can’t believe what just happened and starts arguing with Anderson.

Anderson tries to leave the ring, but Colt goes after him.

He keeps arguing with Ken, but nothing happens and they head to the back.

And here comes Strictly Business!


“The Wild Cards were not in this match, because I have the power to giveth and to taketh away.”

“I am God, and we decided that it was not in our interest to have them involved.”

“Let’s address the dinosaur in the room, and I would like to invite the Rock n Roll express to the ring.”

“I have a business proposition for you: Team Aldis vs Team Morton, six-man tag match.”

“Stakes at an all-time high, if your team wins, you get a shot at the gold.”


“I will take up on your offer, so get your stooges, and we will have ourselves that match.”


“You seem to have everything confused. I don’t want you to be in the match, and I won’t be in the match.”

“My team will be the Wild Cards and Scott Steiner.”

“Big Poppa Pump is here!”

The show goes off the air, as we see Scott Steiner posing in the crowd.


Well, I was going to give my comments on the match, but with those two new announcements, my mind is somewhere else.

I guess we are going to get a Ricky Morton vs Nick Aldis world title match.

I don’t see how this is not going to happen. Aldis never mentioned that if they won, Wild Cards would get a title match.

And with Scott Steiner joining the team, I really don’t see how Morton’s team won’t win.

What is Big Poppa Pump doing at NWA? So many free agent wrestlers and you get him?

Hope we get to see a promo by him next week!

Overall it was a good show.

Stevens and Question Mark did their thing, Rosa won, and Nick Aldis was his good old self.

I can’t wait for next week.

Thanks for stopping by, see you next week!

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